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Interior Design

Jenny G.    
Thames & Hudson    
1262 руб
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Никому не давайте своих книг, иначе вы их уже не увидите. В моей библиотеке остались лишь те книги, которые я взял почитать у других.
Телефон "Книга", 23x15x6 см.
Работает в тональном/пульсовом режиме. Беречь от попадания влаги. Материал: пластик. Размер: 23x15x6 см. Основные функции: 1. FSK / DTMF.
409 руб
Раздел: Оригинальная бытовая техника
Чехлы для коляски с поворотными колесами Bambola, 4 штуки.
Чехлы на коляску помогут Вам поддерживать чистоту в Вашем доме. После прогулки надеваются на колеса коляски и плотно удерживают грязь и
309 руб
Раздел: Чехлы для колес
Микрофон "Пой со мной! Песенки веселых мультяшек".
Этот микрофончик светится под музыку, а на каждой его кнопочке записано 5 любимых песенок, включая «Тридцать три коровы»,
314 руб
Раздел: Микрофоны
SPA-DE, Vol. 4: Space & Design - International Review of Interior Design ACC Distribution
2004 руб
Small Shops: Interior Design (English & Spanish) Monsa
2561 руб
Modern Interior Design Page One
Whatever the size of a room, the prevailing concepts are balance and harmony - characteristics which, given the hectic pace of life today, make the home a place where people will feel comfortable.
5 руб
Interior Design Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
These solutions are functional, enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants, and are aesthetically attractive.
1191 руб
SPA-DE Vol. 12 Space & Design - International Review of Interior Design Spa-de ACC-distribution titles Matsumoto G.
2504 руб
The Great Lady Decorators: The Women Who Defined Interior Design, 1870-1955 Rizzoli (RCS MediaGroup) Lewis A.
Soon other women followed, known collectively (for their privileged backgrounds) as the Lady Decorators.
3714 руб
The Fundamentals of Interior Design Fundamentals AVA Publishing Dodsworth S.
The Fundamentals of Interior Design takes the subject of interior design and explains the essential concepts in a logical and engaging way, effectively communicating the excitement, emotion and possibilities of the discipline.
1136 руб
Drawing for Interior Design Portfolio Skills Laurence King Publishing Plunkett D.
This book will be an invaluable inspirational and practical resource for interior design and architecture students and practising interior designers alike.
1362 руб
Basics Interior Design. Retail Desi AVA Publishing
This book discusses the retail space in relation to its environment, and introduces methods of manipulating space and objects to create an exciting commercial interior.
1168 руб
Interior Design Review. Volume 19 teNeues Martin A.
This book is an unbeatable source of inspiration, highlighting the current trends in international interior design.
4699 руб
Wonderwall Case Studies. Works by a Global Interior Design Firm Gestalten
Masamichi Katayama s Wonderwall studio combines a truly Asian approach to retail with a global outlook that has resulted in worldwide success and influence.
5176 руб
Альбом (на англ. яз. ) - 188 с. Paris rooms Portfolios of 40 Interior Designers: Massachusetts: Rockport Mudge S.
3200 руб
Michael S. Smith (Interior Designer) Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
He has been the White House decorator since 2008 and is responsible for the 2010 makeover of the Oval Office.
1315 руб
Letterhead and Logo Design 11 Rockport Publishers Design A.
1206 руб
German Design Award 2011 Die Gestalten Verlag German D.C.
The book not only provides insight into the work of current leaders in the field, but through its selection of winning design ideas, it also anticipates which challenges design will face in the future.
4599 руб
Super Suite Interior. World Premier Hotel Design ACC Distribution
In London, the famous Claridge s Hotel has a Royla Suite that s used by the British Royal Family so often that it s been given the nickname ' Buckingham Palace Annex' . During a two-week period when President Reagan stayed in the Presidential Suite in new York s landmark waldorf Towers, the floors above and below his suite were kept empty, and the ceilings, floors and walls were carefully checked for listening devices. it is said that for security reasons, Reagan slept in an adjoining room, rather than the master bedroom.
3688 руб
Artistic Interiors: Designing with Fine Art Collections Abrams Suzanne L.
Exploring more than a dozen residences, Lovell takes the reader on a journey through homes with sumptuous interiors, finely crafted details, and exceptional collections.
4471 руб
Northern Delights: Scandinavian Homes, Interiors and Design Gestalten Fexeus E.
A current generation of designers from these countries is consciously building upon local sustainable design traditions and further developing them in a way that is consistent, intelligent, and reflects an unerring sense of style.
4138 руб
Design Parts Sourcebook: Rock and Street Culture (+ CD-ROM) Rockport Publishers Oilshock D.
1063 руб
Index Design 2003: Упаковка и этикетка: Каталог: Выпуск 2 - 192 с. ~94.01.27 065 М: Индекс Дизайн & Паблишинг
1000 руб

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