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On Air: The Visual Messages And Global Language Of MTV

Формат:      Страниц 224
     твердый переплет
Die Gestalten Verlag    
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This authoritative volume presents a broad range of projects with information on the artists, briefings and releases. This comprehensive book documents both the best in recent MTV designs and campaigns from around the world and the station' s visionary influence on the design of the future. On Air is the definitive collection of the broad range of visual art created for MTV including clips, program trailers and it' s own brand advertising. It includes _classic and contemporary work done for stations in Asia, Europe and the Americas that was previously unseen outside of the local market for which it was created, plus groundbreaking visuals that have yet to air. By continually challenging young, not-yet-known artists, animators and filmmakers to create images for its worldwide network of stations, MTV also functions as a catalyst for the creative expression of our time. DVD containing a vast selection of unparalleled motion graphics, on-air designs and clips from MTV stations around the globe. In order to include moving images, the book is accompanied by a 70-min. In addition to cutting edge images, it contains exclusive interviews with Brent Hansen (President of Creative & Editor in Chief, MTV Networks International), Cristiá n Jofré (Senior Vice President of Creative) and other creative masterminds at MTV, along with texts by the Creative Directors from the local MTV stations worldwide. They provide insight into the creative development within the separate regions and markets that all have their own flavours and touches but always maintain their core identity, as well as how they have evolved from ' music television' into a global multimedia empire. The combination of its rich graphic visuals and innovative design with texts written by international guest authors including the acclaimed English writer Mark Tungate, make On Air an inspiring portrait of one of the most inventive and successful companies the world over. The scope, quality and exclusivity of the shown work make the book a must-have for a wide range of creatives and professionals alike. Since its inception MTV has played an eminent role in defining the visual culture of several generations on a global scale.
Светильник "Плазма №4".
Размер светильника: 19х11х11 см. Диаметр лампы - 9 см. Плазменный светильник в виде шара на подставке, при включении создаёт внутри
1078 руб
Раздел: Необычные светильники
Доска Mikado для обработки рыбы, складная с рыбочисткой.
Пластиковая складывающаяся доска для чистки и филировки рыбы, в комплекте, скребок для снятия рыбной чешуи. Размеры: 48x15/25 см.
827 руб
Раздел: Пластиковые
Чехол-органайзер для спинки авто "Happy Baby".
Чехол-органайзер – аксессуар, просто незаменимый во время поездок на автомобиле, благодаря множеству вместительных карманов. Помимо
699 руб
Раздел: Прочее

Globalstar: спутниковая система персональной связи
Вокодеры, установленные на земных станциях, включают в свой состав эхоподавители. Качество передачи речи при этом, по средней оценке мнений (MOS) , эквивалентно цифровым сотовым системам. Цифровые данные передаются со скоростью до 9600 бит/с, что заметно выше, чем в ССПС Iridium (до 2400 бит/с). Вероятность ошибки при этом не превышает 10-6. Предполагаемыми абонентами Globals ar станут люди, совершающие частые поездки и нуждающиеся в глобальной беспроводной коммуникационной системе. Для реализации ССПС Globals ar в 1991 году компаниями Loral Aerospace Corpora io (Нью-Йорк) и QUALCOMM I corpora ed (Сан-Диего, шт. Калифорния) был создан консорциум Globals ar Limi ed Par ership. В него вошли также ведущие международные фирмы — производители спутниковых систем и телекоммуникационного оборудования — Elsag Baily (Италия), Ale ia (Италия), Alca el (Франция), Hyu dai Elec ro ics I dus ries (Южная Корея), DACOM (Южная Корея) и операторы связи — Fra ce elecom (Франция), Air ouch Commu ica io s (США), Vodafo e Group (Великобритания).

Air Supply 'Forever Love' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 88197 BMG
929 руб
Open Air Y поколение Амфора эМСи Ч.
169 руб
Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster Anchor Books Кракауэр Д.
498 руб
On The Air! Student's Book Cambridge University Press Sadow
5 руб
Paddington Takes Air HarperCollins Publishers Bond M.
517 руб
Trading in air: mitigating climate change through the carbon markets Инфотропик Медиа Gutbrod M.
Chapter III explores emissions reduction projects under Article 6 of the Kyoto Protocol and, among other things, uses Russia' s approach to implementing JI projects as an illustration. Chapter IV considers the future of climate regulation after 2012. The book is an indispensable working tool for regulators, market participants, and other parties interested in climate regulation. Chapter II discusses the legal framework under the UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol. "Trading in Air" provides a comprehensive insight into opportunities and challenges to achieve greenhouse gas emissions reductions through the carbon markets, with a focus on transition economies. Chapter I tracks the evolution of the global carbon markets.
598 руб
Dead Air Little, Brown and Company Iain B.
After a wedding breakfast, people start dropping fruits from a balcony on to a deserted car park below.
495 руб
Evaluation of Driver Fatigue on Truck Seats. Comparison of Air-Inflated and Foam Seat Cushions During Field Testing Книга по Требованию Chris B.
Based on these results, we find that air-inflated seat cushions have advantages in terms of subjective measures of comfort, support, and fatigue.
2385 руб
Nutrient Flow, Ventilation, and Air Quality Control Study of High-Rise Hog Building. Книга по Требованию Huawei S.
This book conducted a theoretical and experimental study to evaluate the performance of an HRHB including nutrient losses from the system, indoor air movement, ammonia distributions in the animal space, and ammonia emissions.
2769 руб
On-Air Promotion als Instrument der Imagevermittlung. Eine empirische Untersuchung der Fernsehsender Das Erste, ZDF, RTL, Sat.1 und ProSieben Книга по Требованию
Dabei werden insbesondere die Markenelemente Logo, Claim und Corporate Color des Senderdesigns betrachtet.
2784 руб
Evaluation of Air Quality Management Plans for PM10 Control. Jakarta Case Study Книга по Требованию Sri H.B.
Therefore, this book attempts to evaluate the effect of air quality management plans to control PM10 concentration using atmospheric dispersion model, AUSPLUME.
2416 руб
MM5/WRF-CAMx4 application to the aerosol abatement strategy Research of air aerosol dispersion using numerical modeling system. Книга по Требованию Mikhail T.
A new numerical approach to locate optimal position of a new observation site is provided in the book.
3234 руб
This book, therefore, offers a unique perspective on the understanding of tobacco use and its related policies in the U. S. . The findings in this book unearth some critical issues in the fight against tobacco use and should be useful for those in academe, students interested in health policy, legislators, anti- tobacco groups, private and government officials addressing health policy issues.
2416 руб
Numerical Analysis on Subsurface Contamination and Remediation: Natural Attenuation, Air Sparging, and Thermal Enhanced Venting Multiphase Flow and Multispecies Transport in the Subsurface. Книга по Требованию
To enhance our understanding, numerical studies are performed on (i) multiphase flow and multispecies transport of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), (ii) biological transformations of contaminants, (iii) in-situ air sparging (IAS), and (iv) thermal enhanced venting in the subsurface.
2784 руб
Urban Air Quality Modelling. A Neuro-Fuzzy Approach Книга по Требованию Suresh J.
CO and NO2 have been analyzed using Neuro-Fuzzy models.
2784 руб
Planungs- und Organisationshilfen. fuer die Open-Air Veranstaltung "Abend der Begegnung" am Beispiel des 97. Deutschen Katholikentags Osnabrueck, Mai 2008 Книга по Требованию Vera J.
Der beschriebene Ablauf des Katholikentags in Osnabrueck sowie die Erlaeuterungen des Genehmigungsprozesses, der Vorgehensweise der Platzplanungen und der Rahmenrichtlinien sollen dem Leser einen genauen Uberblick und ein detailliertes Bild verschaffen.
2416 руб
Air Pollution Management in the surrounding areas of coal-fired TPP. Pollution control, Air Pollution Monitoring and Environmental Management Книга по Требованию ATUL P.S.
A very little academic literature exists on how to manage or control these pollutants in the surrounding areas of an Indian coal-fired power plant.
2416 руб
Brazilian Squadron Commanders' Perceptions Organizational Accidents in an Air Force. Книга по Требованию
Three research hypotheses have been formulated and answered.
2784 руб
On the Border of Legal and Illegal. Women Open-air Market Traders in the Republic of Moldova Книга по Требованию Mihaela D.S.
Similar factors triggered women? s high participation in the informal sector in the CIS countries, such as shortage of jobs in the formal sector, women? s limited access to the private sector, accompanied by cuts in social benefits in the result of socio-economic reforms.
2008 руб
Design and Performance Evaluation by Simulation of a Medium Access Protocol for Aviation A Medium Access Protocol for Aeronautical Air-Air Communication. Книга по Требованию Rudolf D.
It was especially designed for aeronautical air-air communication.
2416 руб

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