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Шахматы. Шашки

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Шахматы. Шашки

An Aggressive Orening Repertoire for the Clud Player

Формат:      Страниц 230
     твердый переплет
Русский шахматный дом (Russian Chess House)    
406 руб
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Самый серьезный изъян телевизора в том, что у него нет второй страницы.
Глобус "Двойная карта" диаметром 320 мм, с подсветкой.
Диаметр: 320 мм. Масштаб: 1:40000000. Материал подставки: пластик. Цвет подставки: черный. Мощность: 220 V, может использоваться в
1075 руб
Раздел: Глобусы
Масленка "Mayer & Boch".
Масленка с крышкой сохранит сливочное масло свежим как в холодильнике, так и на обеденном столе. Наша масленка будет украшением вашего
488 руб
Раздел: Сырницы, масленки, лимонницы

Ролевые игры на уроках английского языка
Найпростіші завдання підходять для низького, або достатнього, рівня умінь. Наприклад: You are Phil. ake a i erview wi h Joh y Ball. Ask him abou his life a d career. Учень А. You are Joh y Ball, foo ball ma ager. Here some fac s of your biography. A swer he ques io s of your par er. Da e of bir h - 23 Oc ober, 1968 i Birmi gham Was a foo ball player - May 1985- Ju e 1990 Go married - 15 Sep ember, 1989 Moved o America - 1990 Became a ma ager - 1991-2003 Учень B. Під час проведення цієї гри з учнями 6-Б класу середньої школи № 97 було помічено, що учні захоплено працюють з цим завданням, використовують усі , засвоєні ними раніше , мовні зразки , лексичні одиниці та граматичні структури. Зникла зніяковілість деяких учнів, страх зробити помилки чи вимовити неправильно слово. Навіть учні з низьким рівнем знань небоязко грали ролі на одному рівневі з учнями з достатнім та високим рівнем знань. Різнорівневі завдання для учнів в іграх і є реалізацією особистісно-орієнтованого підходу, адже здійснюється заповнення прогалин у вихідному рівні володіння учнем іншомовним мовленням, активізація та стимулювання навчальної та навчально-виховної діяльності учнів, розвиток впевненості у власних силах у учнів та з'являється відчуття духу змагання, що сприяє пізнавальній мотивації .

When Systems Create Crises. An Institutional Approach to the Causes of Banking Crises in the United States and Japan Книга по Требованию Lars K.O.
They have occurred in most developed and developing countries for centuries.
1894 руб
An Illustrated History of The USA Pearson
1291 руб
An Industrial History Of The American People Книга по Требованию Joseph R.H.M.
5 руб
An approach for examining the third-person effect hypothesis. theoretical reconstrucition focused on comparing others Книга по Требованию Irkwon J.
In conclusion, communication researchers should account for the variance of the third-person perception by the comparison target when they predict which behavior to examine as a measurement of the behavior third-person effect.
2747 руб
Educating Managers for the Global Knowledge Economy. An Action Research into the International Masters Program in Practicing Management (IMPM) Книга по Требованию D. T.M.
This action research studies the International Masters Program in Practicing Management (IMPM) as a cross-cultural management learning program.
3215 руб
Modeling Audio Data for Multi-criteria Query Formulation. With an Application Scenario in the Medical Domain Книга по Требованию Tizeta Z.
The proposed generic audio repository model can handle a general audio as well as a sub-repository model that can manipulate speech through its constituent units.
1997 руб
The Gothic Subculture. An Empirical Investigation of the Psychological and Behavioral Characteristics of Its Affiliates Книга по Требованию Sasha B.
The Goth subculture’s relative uniqueness among adolescent crowds is consistent with modern theory about adolescent peer groups and adolescent identity development.
2769 руб
Carbon Release from Tropical Montane Forest Trees. Study along an Elevation Gradient in the Southern Ecuadorian Andes Книга по Требованию Alexandra Z.
Extending over a large altitudinal range, changes in structure and functionality of tropical mountain forests (TMFs) are mainly driven by increasing cloud frequencies and high atmospheric humidity with increasing elevation.
3215 руб
Cyclone Wind Analysis and Disaster Planning. An Integrated Approach for the Bangladesh Coast Книга по Требованию
Wind and storm surge are crucial factors in the determination of how much damage occurs in the coastal areas in association with any tropical cyclone.
2416 руб
Optimizing an Oracle Database on the Database and Application Level. An Application Developer's Perspective Книга по Требованию
Their performance is imperative for the company to be competitive.
2784 руб
An Empirical Analysis Using the Example of the Capitals of the Nine Austrian Provinces Perceptual Differences of Urban Destination Websites. Книга по Требованию Karin W.
However, even though there are numerous guidelines as to how to make a website successful, the provider and the user may have different perceptions of the website. “It’s you! ” - In 2006 the Time Magazine declared the Internet user the Time’s Person of the Year.
2784 руб
Humorous and Iconic Memory of an Art Event. Reading the Rural-Urban Divide in the Memory of Assos International Performing Arts Festival Книга по Требованию Ozguel A.
Through tracing the exciting, humorous and joyful moments in the festival narratives, the interaction between the festival and the everyday life in the village was explored.
2416 руб
Raging Minds. An experimental investigation into the cognitive mechanisms of violence Книга по Требованию Dominik R.
3234 руб
An exploration of recidivism. The shared experience of incarceration through feature film Книга по Требованию Johnathan M.
This book, based on reaction papers and survey data at a Texas Department of Criminal Justice unit of incarceration, focuses on feature films as true depictions of crime and incarceration, explores select feature films to modify attitudes that lead to recidivism and examines the shared experience of those serving time behind bars.
3234 руб
The Construction of a Discursive Frontier in British Politics Globalization Discourse as an Instrument of Policymaking. Книга по Требованию Jonathan L.
This book presents a genealogy of economic globalization discourse and its influence on the Blair and Brown Labour governments.
3234 руб
Organizations, Executives and External Coaches An Exploratory Study Investigating the Perspective of the Social Agents: RHETORIC AND REALITIES IN EXECUTIVE COACHING. Книга по Требованию Marcos A. A. F.
Data analysis aims to provide answers to the research question "How do different social agents perceive EC programs sponsored by their own organizations? Are there (in)congruencies among these perceptions? " Results point out that there is no congruence in the perception of the goals of taking on an EC program; in the perception of the typical features of an EC program, participants reportedly equating coaching to mentoring and primarily to counseling activities; there is no congruence in the reports of EC stages as well of result assessment and monitoring.
2008 руб
An Anthropological Study of the Causes and Effects of Trade-Concentration in the Medium Sized City of Citlalicalli Changing Structure of Food Retailing in Mexico. Книга по Требованию Jayant A.
The following questions are addressed: whether trade-concentration had occurred in the field-site; if yes, what were the causes; and, what were the effects of retail concentration on preexisting food retailers.
2784 руб
This trend of growing share of developing countries kept on increasing till 1999-00, but it came down to 30 per cent during 2001-02.
3234 руб
An Environmental History of the Illinois River. Agriculture, Urban Development, and Recreation in Northwest Arkansas and Northeastern Oklahoma, 1818-2005 Книга по Требованию Robert K.
Due to rapid urban development and runoff from poultry and cattle farms in northwest Arkansas, the River has been severely impacted by algae blooms, declining tourism, and an increasing socioeconomic polarity between northwest Arkansas and northeastern Oklahoma.
2008 руб
The Book of Enoch the Prophet, Tr. from an Ethiopic Ms. in the Bodleian Library, by R. Laurence Книга по Требованию Enoch
957 руб

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