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Boost! 2 Writing. Student Book (+ Audio CD)

Jason R.    
Pearson Education (Longman)    
426 руб
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Boost! Writing 2 is part of a 4-level series for junior learners, that uses clear models and simple writing activities to develop effective writing skills. - Age-appropriate and cross-cultural topics - Writing practice that builds from sentences and paragraphs to full length passages - Integrated skills practice is included at the end of each unit - Each book includes an audio CD
Чехол-органайзер для спинки авто "Happy Baby".
Чехол-органайзер – аксессуар, просто незаменимый во время поездок на автомобиле, благодаря множеству вместительных карманов. Помимо
699 руб
Раздел: Прочее
Детская горка, цвет: красный/желтый, скат 140 см.
Для активного летнего отдыха вам пригодится пластиковая горка Долони. Горка изготовлена из яркого пластика и украсит любую детскую комнату
2200 руб
Раздел: Горки
Магнитная игра для путешествий "Волшебный лес".
Уникальная логическая игра-головоломка для отличного времяпрепровождения и тренировки ума. Имеет компактное игровое поле с магнитными
530 руб
Раздел: Игры на магнитах

Устройства записи информации
Поэтому было решено, что компакт-диск должен быть рассчитан именно на 74 минуты звучания, а точнее, на 74 минуты и 33 секунды. Так родился стандарт, известный как “Красная Книга” (Red Book). Когда 74 минуты пересчитали в килобайты, получилось 640 Mb. Специалисты же Philips определили минимальные требования к качеству записи звука и регламентировали, например, такие характеристики аудио компакт-дисков, как их размер, метод кодирования данных и использование единой спиральной дорожки. Две вышеназванные фирмы сыграли также ведущую роль при разработке первой спецификации цифровых компакт-дисков - так называемой “Желтой Книги” (Yellow Book), или просто CD-ROM. Она послужила основой для создания компакт-дисков с комплексным представлением информации, то есть способных хранить не только звуковые, но и текстовые и графические данные (CD-Digi al Audio, CD-DA). При этом привод, читая заголовок диска, сам определял его тип - аудио- или цифровые данные. В этом формате, однако, не регламентировались логические и файловые форматы компакт-дисков, поскольку решение данных вопросов было полностью отдано на откуп фирмам-производителям.

Boost! 1 Writing. Student Book (+ Audio CD) Boost Pearson Education (Longman) Jason R.
426 руб
Boost! 1 Writing. Teacher's Edition Pearson Jason R.
524 руб
Библиотека программиста C++ Boost Graph Library. Библиотека программиста Питер Сик Дж.
Содержит развернутое описание BGL, демонстрирует примеры приложений к реальным задачам.
271 руб
Reading Writing Skills Upper-intermediate resource book. Natural English. Oxford University Press Baigent M.
1190 руб
A guide to reading and essay writing for undergraduates and taught postgraduates Write Great Essays! Students-friendly guides Open University Press Levin P.
5 руб
Black's Medical Dictionary (Writing Handbook) Black’s Bloomsbury Publishing Dr H.H.N.
This reference presents over 5000 definitions and descriptions of medical terms and concepts.
1804 руб
Cambridge First Certificate Writing Teacher's Book Cambridge University Press MacAndrew
Activities within each themed unit lead towards a fully updated exam-style task which enables students to use their newly acquired writing skills and to familiarize themselves with the exam.
5 руб
Exploring Through Writing Student's Book Cambridge University Press Raimes A.
The Student&s Book provides a thematically arranged collection of photos and readings, with topics ranging from culture and society, to environmental concerns, to work and family. It features a guide to the 21 most common grammar problems, with self-tests and exercises. It also contains information on research papers, documentation styles, and essay examinations. An anthology of readings, and a handbook of grammar troublespots all in one volume.
1006 руб
Writing 2 Student's Book Cambridge University Press Littlejohn
671 руб
Writing Skills Student's Book Cambridge University Press Coe
Text types covered are: letters (both informal and formal), reports, brochures, journalistic articles, instructions and stories.
543 руб
Writing from Within Student's Book Writing from Within Cambridge University Press Kelly
Through a range of exciting activities, this book draws on students' world knowledge, beliefs and personal perceptions to teach various aspects of the writing process. Every unit in the Student' s Book contains brainstorming activities, analysis of models, activities focusing on organization, and pre-writing, writing, and post-writing activities.
548 руб
Cornerstones for Writing Year 1 Teacher's Book (+ Audio CD) Cambridge University Press Bennett
Accompanying CD supports writing development through speaking and listening, role play, music and movement. - An easy to follow five-step approach to writing with activities clearly marked for three different levels of ability. - Full coverage of the National Literacy Strategy and National Curriculum writing objectives and Developing Early Writing guidance. - An accompanying CD supports writing development through speaking and listening, role play, music, movement and dramatic presentation.
3711 руб
Cornerstones for Writing Year 3 Poster Pack Cambridge University Press Green
4030 руб
Cornerstones for Writing Year 4 Teacher's Book Cambridge University Press Green
3402 руб
Cornerstones for Writing Year 6 Overhead Transparencies Pack Cambridge University Press Green
4441 руб
On Writing Hodder&Stoughton Stephen K.
On Writing offers unique insight into Stephen King' s life and work, as well as inspiring advice to everyone who reads it. King tells readers how he got to be a No. 1 bestseller for a quarter of a century with fascinating descriptions of his own process, the origins and development of, e. g. Carrie And Misery. On Writing is a delightful Pandora’s Box - find out what books and films influenced the young writer, his first idea for a story, the true life tale that inspired Carrie. Citing examples of his work and those of his contemporaries such as Grisham, Chandler and JK Rowling King gives an excellent masterclass on writing - how to use the tools of the trade from building characters to pace and plotting as well as practical advice on presentation. For the first time, here’s an intimate autobiographical portrait of his home life, his family and his traumatic recent accident.
459 руб
College Writing Teacher's Book Macmillan Publishers
605 руб
Skills for FCE (First Certificate in English) Writing Teacher's Book Macmillan Publishers Malcolm M.
1253 руб
Writing Composition 3 Pupil's Book Macmillan Publishers Fidge L.
533 руб
Writing In Paragraphs Student's Book Macmillan Publishers Zemach D.E.
1784 руб

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