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Английский язык для языковых вузов

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Английский язык для языковых вузов

Airspeak. Coursebook (+ CD-ROM)

Формат:      Страниц 224
     мягкая обложка
Fiona R.    
646 руб
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The exercises develop operational fluency in routine and non-routine situations. - Includes MP3 CD with 6 hours of audio material (CD can be played on PCs. MACs and most modern CD players). - Helps prepare for ICAO Level 4 in English. - Designed for self study and classroom use with answer/check sections. - Extensive practice in listening and speaking skills. Based on authentic and simulated recordings, this fully updated edition of Airspeak gives pilots systematic practice in this area. Effective use of standard ICAO phraseology is an essential part of safe radiotelephony communications.
Подгузники Pampers "Premium Care Mini" №2 (80 штук, экономная упаковка), 3-6 кг.
Уникальный пористый слой, имеющий структуру пчелиных сот, эластичные застежки, уникальный бальзам, «дышащий» внешний слой. В течение дня
1095 руб
Раздел: 0-5 кг
Копилка декоративная "Дружок", 12,5x10x12 см.
Копилка декоративная. Материал: полистоун. Размер: 12,5x10x12 см.
392 руб
Раздел: Копилки
Полка для специй или домашней аптечки.
Удобная полка для хранения специй и лекарств легко собирается и регулируется в соответствии с размерами вашей кухни или ванны. Удобная
727 руб
Раздел: Полки напольные, стеллажи

Проблема пользования нелицензионными товарами
Содержание: I Введение II Используемая математическая модель Основные положения Замечания III Факторы, учитываемые при оценке товаров. IV. Сравнение двух товаров по описанной выше методике. I. Введение Данная проблема очень остро проявляется в наше время. В основном это касается видео-, аудиокассет, аудио-, и компьютерных компакт дисков (далее CDA и CD-ROM). Потребителю нелицензионные товары, сделанные нашими китайскими и польскими братьями, обходятся дешевле. Разница в ценах на лицензионные и нелицензионные аудио- и видео кассеты меркнет по сравнению с разницей цен на CD-ROM. Будем надеяться, что правительство прекратит данное безобразие и искоренит нелегальное распространение нелицензионных товаров, наносящее большой ущерб фирмам по производству программного обеспечения и киностудиям. Пока же вопрос о нелегальном распространении нелицензионных товаров остается открытым, поэтому перед потребителями, как частными лицами, так и юридическими, стоит проблема выбора между лицензионными и нелицензионными товарами. К сожалению, в большинстве случаев потребитель склоняется к нелицензионным товарам. Как правило, определяющим фактором при таком выборе является цена.

Курс английского языка для студентов языковых вузов (Coursebook for Upper Intermediate Students): Учебное пособие для студентов, обучающихся по специальностям направления 'Лингвистика и межкультурная коммуникация' и специальности 'Международные отношения' ISBN 5-472-00607-4 Экзамен Ермакова М.В.,Ястребова Е.Б.,Владыкина Л.Г.
Содержит обширный аутентичный текстовой материал по актуальным проблемам современного мира, тщательно отобранный активный словарь и систему упражнений к нему.
349 руб
New Proficiency Gold Coursebook Pearson Education Ltd.,Longman Group UK Limited Wilson J.,Newbrook J.
598 руб
Wavelength Intermediate: Coursebook with free Reader Pearson Education (Longman) Burke K.
It combines a strong grammar syllabus with a contemporary approach to build confidence and motivate students.
595 руб
Move. Pre-Intermediate. Coursebook (+ CD-ROM) Macmillan Publishers Maggs P.
This work presents communicative syllabus that helps students to express themselves through English.
1898 руб
Get On Track to FCE (First Certificate in English). Coursebook Pearson Judy C.
Teaches strategies for Reading, Listening and Writing/ ■ Presents the functions needed for success in FCE Speaking/ ■
1077 руб
Enterprise 3. Coursebook. Pre-Intermediate. Учебник Enterprise Express Publishing Virginia E.
The course provides systematic preparation for all the skills required for successful communication both in written and spoken form.
1496 руб
Language Leader Elementary. Coursebook (+ CD-ROM) Language Leader Pearson Ian L.
The CD-ROM contains listening activities, grammar and vocabulary exercises, dictionary work and a writing section. It contains: - Motivating and informative texts which improve reading and listening skills - Scenario lessons that focus on key language and work towards a final communicative task. - Systematic grammar and vocabulary practice with extensive recycling and frequent review units - A strong focus on study skills encouraging independent learning - A stimulating and comprehensive writing syllabus After every 3 units there is a review spread which practices the language that has been taught.
1487 руб
Market Leader Advanced (New Edition). Coursebook (with Multi-ROM and Audio CD) (+ CD-ROM) Market Leader Pearson David C.
1867 руб
Market Leader Pre-Intermediate (New Edition). Coursebook (+ CD-ROM) Market Leader Pearson David C.
Incorporating articles from the Financial Times (c) newspaper, Market Leader has authentic texts, effective case studies and a wide range of components.
1814 руб
Premium B2 Level. Coursebook + Exam Reviser Premium B2 Pearson Araminta C.
1506 руб
Premium C1 Level. Coursebook with Exam Reviser (+ CD-ROM) Premium C1 Pearson Elaine B.
1506 руб
Global Elementary Coursebook Macmillan Publishers Lindsay C.
Filled with intellectually-engaging content, Global enables students to learn through English and about English in its most international form.
1876 руб
English Unlimited. Starter. Coursebook with e-Portfolio (+ DVD) English Unlimited Cambridge University Press Doff A.
English Unlimited is a six-level goals-based course for adults.
1278 руб
Lifestyle Pre-Intermediate Coursebook and CD-Rom Pack (+ CD-ROM) Lifestyle Pearson Vicki H.
As well as dealing with how people communicate at work, it also helps learners interact effectively outside of the work environment, enabling them to get things done' in a variety of situations. Informed by speech act research, conversational analysis and intercultural research, Lifestyle teaches useful people skills language' . This language will help students avoid misunderstanding and communication breakdown enabling them to develop good work and social relationships in their everyday lives. *Built on a solid syllabus of grammar, vocabulary, speaking and listening, the course is straightforward and easy to use with clear learning aims. *Regular Review units recycle language throughout the course *Functional language is presented in a cross-cultural context helping learners to avoid communication breakdown.
1476 руб
Advanced Coursebook with E-Portfolio (+ DVD) English Unlimited. English Unlimited Cambridge University Press Adrian D.
Teaching natural, dependable language, with CEF goals at its core, it brings real life into the classroom and gives learners the skills and strategies to communicate confidently outside it. Explore sections provide the extra ingredients for enhancing communicative ability, further developing speaking and writing skills through authentic texts.
1278 руб
Intelligent Business Advanced Coursebook/CD Pack (+ Audio CD) Intelligent Business Pearson Tonya T.
Connect to the business world on the Companion Website, with free weekly articles from The Economist, and many more free resources.
1716 руб
Global Intermediate: Coursebook Pack Macmillan Publishers
Global is a new six-level general English course for adult learners.
2256 руб -5% 2143 руб
A coursebook for English-Arabic translation Novice Translators' Guide. Книга по Требованию Antar A.
Throughout the units and lessons of the course, the translator' s abilities will be enhanced and good translation products will be attained. Modern studies in the field of linguistics, psychology and translation studies, however, have shown that translation is a mental activity that requires knowledge and practice. Through training on these skills, a novice translator can find his way and plant his feet firmly on the land of translation. This course is meant as a first training guide to novice translators and students who need translation in their academic work. As a mental process, translation can be divided into certain skills. Many people find it difficult to translate; some think that translation is a talent and that a translator is born not made.
2626 руб
Market Leader Intermediate Coursebook and DVD-Rom Pack (+ DVD) Pearson David C.
1083 руб
CD-ROM. Cutting Edge Intermediate New Edition Coursebook/CD-Rom/My Lab Access Card Pack
MyCuttingEdgeLab is a powerful online teaching and learning tool.
1506 руб

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