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The Age of Social Catastrophe Lenin, Stalin and Hitler:

Формат:      Страниц 720
     мягкая обложка
Robert G.    
Random House    
1360 руб
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The reverberations of this gargantuan struggle are felt everywhere to this day. Central, of course, to the catastrophe were the dictators Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler and this book makes unprecedented use of recently opened Russian and German sources to explain how their pursuit of utopian - and dreadfully flawed - ideals led only to dystopian nightmare. The book provides a powerful social-historical account of all three dictatorships and carefully documents their similarities and differences. This remarkably ambitious book tells the story of the great social and political catastrophe that enveloped Europe between 1914 and 1945. In a groundbreaking work Robert Gellately makes clear that most comparative studies of the Soviet and Nazi dictatorships are undermined by neglecting the key importance of Lenins role. The author rejects the myth of the ' good' Lenin and demonstrates his centrality in the unfolding drama. In a period of almost continuous upheaval society was transformed by two world wars, the Russian Revolution, the Holocaust and the rise and fall of the Third Reich. It traces the escalation of conflicts between Communism and Nazism and shows how the vicious rivalry between Stalin and Hitler led inescapably to a war of annihilation and genocide. Combining a powerful narrative with profound analysis, acclaimed historian Robert Gellately argues that these tragedies are inextricably linked and that to consider them as discrete events is to misunderstand their genesis and character.
Глобус политический рельефный диаметром 320 мм.
Диаметр: 320 мм. Масштаб: 1:40000000. Материал подставки: пластик. Цвет подставки: черный. Шар выполнен из толстого пластика, имеет один
918 руб
Раздел: Глобусы
Набор "Водный Мир" №3.
Игрушка для ванной состоит из поля, на котором расположены: водяная мельница для проточной воды (из крана), водяная мельница с ручным
1289 руб
Раздел: Игровые и разнопредметные наборы
Цветные карандаши Giotto "Stilnovo Bicolor Ast", 12 штук, 24 цвета.
Цветные карандаши двухцветные. Количество штук в упаковке: 12. Количество цветов: 24. Толщина стержня: 3,3 мм.
327 руб
Раздел: 13-24 цвета

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Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin Random House, Inc. Timothy S.
1190 руб
Young Stalin Orion Books Simon S.M.
This enthralling biography that reads like a thriller finally unveils the secret but extraordinary journey of the Georgian cobbler' s son who became the Red Tsar. What forms such a merciless psychopath and consummate politician? Was he illegitimate? Did he owe everything to his mother - was she whore or saint? Was he a Tsarist agent or Lenin' s chief gangster? Was he to blame for his wife' s premature death? If he really missed the 1917 Revolution, how did he emerge so powerful? Born in poverty, exceptional in his studies, this charismatic but dangerous boy was hailed as a romantic poet, trained as a priest, but found his mission as fanatical revolutionary. The secret world of Joseph Conrad-style terrorism was Stalin' s natural habitat, where he charmed his future courtiers, made the enemies he later liquidated, and abandoned his many mistresses and children.
1030 руб
Hitler's Spy Chief Орион Bassett R.
459 руб
Lenin Macmillan Publishers Service R.
537 руб
Shostakovich and Stalin Little, Brown and Company Solomon V.
This proved dangerous under the autocratic Stalin, who perceived himself to be an erudite critic of modern culture.
870 руб
Stalin's Ghost Macmillan Publishers Martin C.S.
Not only an original and deeply humane thriller, Stalin’s Ghost is also a wonderful evocation of the emerging New Russia.
406 руб
In the Bunker with Hitler Orion Books Bernd F.V.L.
He was released in January 1948.
472 руб
Young Stalin Orion Books Simon S.M.
Stalin remains one of the creators of our world - like Hitler, the personification of evil.
1058 руб
Lenin in Exile Conspirator: Random House, Inc. Helen R.
It is an unrivalled portrait of Lenin in the making.
1168 руб
Stalin's Children Bloomsbury Publishing Owen M.
On a midsummer day in 1937, Boris Bibikov kissed his two daughters goodbye and disappeared.
535 руб -30% 374 руб
Lenin: A Biography Macmillan Publishers Robert S.
Robert Service has written a calmly authoritative biography on this seemingly unknowable figure.
1228 руб
From World War to Cold War, 1939-1953 Stalin's Wars: Yale University Press Geoffrey R.
By means of an integrated military, political, and diplomatic narrative, the author draws a sustained and compelling personal portrait of the Soviet leader.
1169 руб
Zur filmischen Darstellung von Geschichte. Eine Analyse des Films Hitler - Eine Karriere von Joachim C. Fest und Christian Herrendoerfer Книга по Требованию
Per Definition ist Geschichte der Ablauf und Zusammenhang allen Geschehens, das an Raum und Zeit gebunden ist, sowie der Prozess ihrer bewussten Aneignung durch den Menschen.
2008 руб
Good Bye Lenin! Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Directed by Wolfgang Becker, the cast includes Daniel Bruehl, Katrin Sass, Chulpan Khamatova, and Maria Simon.
1191 руб
Lenin Prize Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
During the period from 1935 to 1956, the Lenin Prize was not awarded, being replaced largely by the Stalin Prize.
1599 руб
Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The dust jacket summary asks, "Were World Wars I and II — which can now be seen as a thirty-year paroxysm of slaughter and destruction — inevitable? Were they necessary wars? Were the bloodiest and most devastating conflicts ever suffered by mankind fated by forces beyond men’s control? Or were they products of calamitous failures of judgment? In this monumental and provocative history, Patrick Buchanan makes the case that, if not for the blunders of British statesmen — Winston Churchill first among them — the horrors of two world wars and the Holocaust might have been avoided and the British Empire might never have collapsed into ruins. Half a century of murderous oppression of scores of millions under the iron boot of Communist tyranny might never have happened, and Europe’s central role in world affairs might have been sustained for many generations. Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War: The book was released in May 2008. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World, is a book by Pat Buchanan.
1843 руб
Antisemitism and Joseph Stalin Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
While communist leaders including Joseph Stalin have publicly denounced antisemitism, instances of antisemitism on Stalin' s part have been witnessed by contemporaries and documented by historical sources. In 1947, Stalin joined the United States in supporting the creation of Israel, and supported Israel in the 1948 Arab–Israeli War with weaponry supplied via Czechoslovakia and encouraged his supporters to serve in the Israeli armed forces. Despite his recognition of Israel in 1948 and support from Israel' s Mapam party, many campaigns and purges were organized at home that were antisemitic in nature.
2416 руб
Stalin, Joseph Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
Stalin launched a command economy, replacing the New Economic Policy of the 1920s with Five-Year Plans and launching a period of rapid industrialization and economic collectivization.
2213 руб
Lenin Peace Prize Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1329 руб
Adolf Hitler Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
Im Laufe des Jahres 1933 wurden alle anderen Parteien verboten oder zur Selbstaufloesung gedraengt.
1740 руб

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