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Princess Colors & Shapes (+ Audio CD; количество томов: 6)

401 руб
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Look around you! The world is full of different shapes and bright colors! In this charming collection of board books featuring the Disney princesses, you will learn about colors, identify shapes, and play a musical, read-along CD with a touch of magical Princess fun!
Шкатулка ювелирная "Moretto", 18x13x5 см.
Оригинальная шкатулка сохранит ваши ювелирные изделия в первозданном виде. С ней вы сможете внести в интерьер частичку
701 руб
Раздел: Шкатулки для украшений
Игра настольная "Барбосики".
Быстрее всех накормите своего щенка. Выберете щенка, возьмите карточку с заданием. Засыпьте собачьи галеты в механическую миску, нажмите
758 руб
Раздел: Игры на ловкость
Противень "Mayer & Boch", мраморная крошка, 39 см.
Противень MAYER&BOCH изготовлен из высококачественной углеродистой стали с антипригарным мраморным покрытием. Толщина изделия составляет 6
606 руб
Раздел: Противни

Компьютерной программе Visio v.4.0
В меню I ser входят команды: Page – свойства страницы, Field – свойства объектов (относительно категории, полей и формата), Lo us o es Field – настройка параметров для системы Lo us o es, Pic ure – вставить картинку, Microsof Graph – вставить диаграмму, Objec – вставить в Visio особые объекты (рисунки из других программ, клипы и т.д.). Меню Forma включает в себя следующие команды: Li e – свойства линии, Cor ers – углы изгиба, Fill – заполнение, Shadow – тень, Fo – тип шрифта и его параметры, Paragraph – определение параграфа, abs – позиция табуляции, ex Block – вставить текстовой блок, S yle – стиль, Defi e S yles – параметры стиля, Layer – уровень, Pro ec io – защита (не позволяет менять контрольные точки), Double-Click – настройка двойного щелчка мыши на объекте, Behavior – настройка программы (делятся на категории I erac io S yle, Selec io Highligh i g, Resize Behavior), Special – специальные параметры объекта. В меню ools входят команды: Spelli g – проверка правописания, Alig Shapes – выравнивание объектов (форм) по горизонтали и вертикали, Dis ribu e Shapes – распределитель форм, Co ec Shapes – подключение форм, Ce er Drawi g – установка цента, Upda e Alig me Box – модификация выделенных форм, Ru Add-o – добавление таблиц с заданными параметрами, Color Pale e – цветовая палитра, Shape Repor – форма сообщений, Pro ec Docume – защита документа (с помощью пароля), Ruler к ним применимы все возможности графического редактора VISIO, в том числе добавление объема, заливки и фона, а также вращение, изменении.

Princess Colors (+ Audio CD) Studio Mouse Chelsea G.G.
Belle sees an orange cat sleeping in the sun.
231 руб
Colors, Shapes & More. Grade PreK Preschool Basic Skills Scholastic Levy A.
For use with Grade PreK.
462 руб
The Correspondence Between Princess Elisabeth of Bohemia and Rene Descartes Other Voice in Early Modern Europe Chicago University Press Princess E.
The letters are essential reading for anyone interested in Descartes' philosophy, in particular his account of the human being as a union of mind and body, as well as his ethics. They also provide a unique insight into the character of their authors and the way ideas develop through intellectual collaboration. Philosophers have long been familiar with Descartes' side of the correspondence. Now Elisabeth' s letters - never before available in translation in their entirety - emerge in this volume, adding much-needed context and depth both to Descartes' ideas and the legacy of the princess. Lisa Shapiro' s annotated edition, which also includes Elisabeth' s correspondence with the Quakers William Penn and Robert Barclay, will be heralded by students of philosophy, feminist theorists, and historians of the early modern period.
793 руб
Look Lift Learn Colors and Shapes Simon & Schuster Maureen R.
Innovative, welcoming, and featuring valuable ideas, this is the perfect book to captivate and entertain young minds.
231 руб
Flashcards - Colors and Shapes
397 руб
The Princess Diaries (на англ.яз) ISBN 978-0-380-81402-2 0-380-81402-1 HarperTrophy Кэбот М.
349 руб
Diana, Princess of Wales by Mario Testino at Kensington Palace Taschen Mario T.
The selection of about seventy photographs includes many unseen images which, alongside previously published images, fill in the untold story of the shoot. Features include: * Foreword by Graydon Carter, editor of Vanity Fair. * Introduction by Meredith Etherington-Smith, who played a major role in arranging the sitting in 1997. * Interview with Mario Testino conducted by Hamish Bowles.
830 руб
Colors Scholastic Inc S.
Each shaped board book features foil accents and touch-and-feel textures throughout.
164 руб
Princess Dress: Бумажная кукла Талант
49 руб
Princess. Meals (+ Audio CD; количество томов: 4) Studio Mouse
Издание полностью на английском языке.
363 руб
American English Primary Colors 1 Vocabulary Cards Cambridge University Press Hicks
The topics in the Pupil' s Books encourage children to think about the world around them and, at the higher levels, are linked to other subject areas in the school curriculum. This approach makes language learning more meaningful and memorable. Regular revision pages, and "I can" sections in the Activity Books allow children to evaluate their own progress, giving them a real sense of achievement. The Songs and Stories Audio Cassette/CD can be used in the classroom or at home and is a fun way of providing extra practice. Delightfully illustrated Vocabulary Cards are also available to practise the target language. The Starter Level, for children in the early stages of literacy, provides a full year of work and focuses on listening and speaking. Level 1, which can also be used by complete beginners, is for children who are ready to deal with all four skills. This exciting four-level course is packed with fun activities. Right from the start, children are fully involved in thinking for themselves, doing things themselves, and making things themselves.
1122 руб
American English Primary Colors 3 Activity Book Cambridge University Press Hicks
The course encourages children to think about the world around them and, at the higher levels, to make connections with other areas of the curriculum.
413 руб
American English Primary Colors 4 Teacher's Book Cambridge University Press Hicks
Right from the start, they are fully involved in thinking for themselves, doing things for themselves and making things themselves, all of which is underpinned by a strong structural syllabus. The Student' s Books have engaging stories, puzzles, games, songs and chants, and craft activities. The course includes Activity Books, Teacher' s Books, Class Audio CDs, Songs/Songs and Stories CDs, and Vocabulary Cards.
947 руб
Constant Princess HarperCollins Publishers Gregory P.
430 руб
The New Big Book of Colors HarperCollins Publishers
3116 руб
Flashcards: Colours and Shapes (x36) Ladybird Books
258 руб
The Princess Diaries: Book 2 (+2 CDs) (+ Audio CD) Macmillan Readers Macmillan Publishers Cabot M.S.
Mia' s grandmother immediately starts making arrangements for a grand state wedding - greatly upsetting Mia' s mother. Then Mia' s mother and her fiance go missing. . . To add to her problems, Mia finds herself falling in love with her best friend' s brother Michael. As if the fact that her mother is marrying her algebra teacher isn' t bad enough, Mia then manages to announce the engagement on live television.
765 руб
The Princess Diaries 6: Sixsational Macmillan Publishers Cabot M.
346 руб
The Princess Diaries: Mia Goes Fourth Macmillan Publishers Cabot M.
280 руб
The Princess Diaries: Princess Files Macmillan Publishers Cabot M.
233 руб

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