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Архитектура. Градостроительство.

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Архитектура. Градостроительство.

Gardening in Small Spaces

Формат:      Страниц 160
     мягкая обложка
Taunton Press Inc.    
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In Gardening in Small Spaces, the experts from Fine Gardening magazine offer practical advice and innovative ideas for creating wonderful gardens out of small areas. More than 15 talented designers will help you design a garden that suits your home and lifestyle, no matter what the size of your yard. Gardening in a small space has its challenges, but with little imagination and a few design tricks, any homeowner can create a beautiful garden. Even the smallest urban lot can be transformed into a place of beauty, privacy, and comfort. Discover how to: - make a small garden feel larger - design your garden as an extension of your home - choose plants appropriate for small gardens - create comfortable garden rooms - make your garden feel like a private haven - create an inviting front yard landscape
Набор гелевых ручек, 0.5 мм, 10 цветов.
Корпус - прозрачный пластик. Толщина линии письма - 0,5 мм. В наборе 10 цветов - синий, черный, красный, зеленый, светло-зеленый, розовый,
311 руб
Раздел: Цветные
Простыня детская трикотажная круглая на резинке Bambola, цвет универсальный.
Простыня подходит для круглой кроватки. Ткань: кулирка, хлопок 100%. Размер: 75х75 см. В ассортименте, без возможности выбора.
341 руб
Раздел: Для новорожденных
Рюкзак для школы и офиса "MainStream 1", 45x32x19 см, серо-синий.
Рюкзак для школы и офиса с отделением для ноутбука с диагональю до 15,6”. 3 больших отделения. 2 передних кармана для мелких предметов. 2
1373 руб
Раздел: Без наполнения

Разнообразие метрических средств характеризации шекспировского героя (Марк Антоний в трагедии...
Однако, разбирая последовательность монологов, мы видим, разница между канонизированным и деканонизированным стихом становится более очевидной. Как уже отмечалось выше, все зависит от ситуации, в которой находится Антоний. Поскольку драма "Антоний и Клеопатра" относится к более позднему периоду творчества Шекспира, и в большей степени является образцом деканонизированного стиха, метрическая правильность речи Антония, ее изменение и приближение к классическому профилю, являются, в данном случае достаточно относительными. Мы не можем говорить о резкой смене профилей ударности, а всего лишь об отдельных отклонениях от нормы. Но следует отметить, что в данной пьесе присутствуют и случаи практически классического канонизированного стиха. Например в I акте, сцене 1 Антоний пытается доказать Клеопатре и всем присутствующим, что не боится Цезаря и ему не важно, что происходит в Риме. Он стремится завоевать внимание Клеопатры. Его речь целенаправленна, немного пафосна – это речь оратора. Четкость мысли здесь определяет четкость речи: I икт II икт III икт IV икт V икт Le Rome i i- ber mel , a d he wide arch Of he ra - ged emp- ire fall! Here is my space.

High Style for Small Spaces Small and Chic: Rizzoli (RCS MediaGroup) Bridget V.
Any urbanite has faced the challenges of limited living space.
1849 руб
500 Color Ideas for Small Spaces Taschen Quartino D.S.
Concentrated on small spaces, the ideas presented in this book offer practical solutions for visually enlarging spaces and also demonstrate that 3 contemporary, stylish house is not necessarily a matter of size.
5 руб
Landscaping Solutions for Small Spaces Creative Homeowner Powell A.
Detailed planting schemes that make the most of gardening spaces; hardscaping solutions to hide ugly views, deal with sloping lots, create outdoor living areas; plant recommendations for all regions of the country; planting and building techniques to help make the designs a reality.
755 руб
Small Space Garden Ideas Random House, Inc. Pearson P.
Perfect for people who have little space to garden, whether a doorstep, balcony, or part of a wall.
2161 руб
Infinite Spaces: The Art and Wisdom of the Japanese Garden Tuttle Publishing Julie M.M.
Infinite Spaces is a remarkable reflection of the Japanese garden, drawing on extracts from the Sakuteiki - an eleventh-century text that distills centuries of garden design - and pairing them with inspiring images from Sadao Hibi, one of Japan' s best-known photographers. Japanese gardens have long been admired for their capacity to improve on nature through impeccable design, detail and composition, properties that elevate them from mere gardens to sacred spaces.
1800 руб
Note Book On the Parks, Gardens, Recreation Grounds, and Open Spaces of London Книга по Требованию Sexby J.J.
502 руб
Petite Patios and Intimate Garden Spaces Schiffer Books Keil G.
1819 руб
Альбом для девочек: Мечтающий медвежонок (худ. Вахтин В.Л.) - 96 с. {Small Dreams} ISBN 5-465-00085-6 ~94.01.15 055 М:Омега
72 руб
Small Gods HarperCollins Publishers Pratchett T.
345 руб
Small Eco-houses Taschen
This books presents a selection of small eco-houses: considered architectural anomalies for some time, these houses have laid the foundation for tomorrow' s construction. Lots of color photos. There are numerous examples of how pleasant ecological houses can be from an architectural viewpoint, and the variety of ecological materials now available allows architects to select their own approach. The emergence of a greater awareness of the environment, the application of new technical knowledge, and the use of traditional construction methods such as orientation towards the sun, are motivating a growing number of owners to have ecological houses built on a small scale. These small eco-houses are a first step towards a culture of sustainable and responsible construction, based on the use of natural materials which save energy and contain environmental contamination, but also on the creation of small oases that offer a high quality of life.
740 руб
Office Spaces Vol. 2 ACC Distribution
1572 руб
Houses: New Living Spaces Monsa Minguet J.
Taking the house as some form of experiment and its design a mechanism for evotution is and has always been one of the favourite topics as regards modern architecture.
1490 руб
Small Bachelor Penguin Group Wodehouse P.G.
5 руб
Spaces 9 Macmillan Publishers F. D.H.
Architecture and design has always been defined in terms of space, but now, more than ever, it is also being defined by time.
2545 руб
Small World: An Academic Romance Penguin Group David L.
462 руб
Small Gods Transworld Publishers Terry P.
481 руб
The Small Bachelor Random House, Inc. P.G. W.
Poor George – he doesn’t seem to stand a chance. A P. G. Wodehouse novel It’s America during Prohibition and shy young George Finch is setting out as an artist – without the encumbrance of a shred of talent.
519 руб
Human Spaces / Человеческие пространства Rockport Publishers Crisp B.
5 руб
Small Rooms For Kids Taschen
The following pages present ideas of renowned designers, interior architects and manufacturers from all over the world, for babies, small children and teenagers. Children' s bedrooms constitute the space where the smallest members of the family grow up and where different phases of their development unfold, a place where they play, learn, sleep and dream. The setting should be attractive and inviting, with a design corresponding to the age of the child. In fact, every age range is marked by special needs, so the layout of a child' s bedroom should be carefully thought out from the start.
5 руб
Great Spaces Home Interiors / Лучшие домашние интерьеры Page One
The search for bold and completely original forms that are adapted to the lifestyle of their inhabitants is often a factor that leads to experimentation and creativity with forms and materials.
1491 руб

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