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The Surgeon

Формат:      Страниц 432
     мягкая обложка
Tess G.    
Transworld Publishers    
306 руб
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His surgical skills lead police to suspect he is a physician – a physician who, instead of saving lives, takes them. A killer who targets lone women, who breaks into their apartments and performs terrifying ritualistic acts of torture on his victims before finishing them off. But as homicide detective Thomas Moore and his partner Jane Rizzoli begin their investigation, they make a startling discovery. The man she believes she killed seems to be stalking her once again, and this time he knows exactly where to find her. . . Closely linked to these killings is Catherine Cordell, a beautiful medic with a mysterious past. Two years ago she was subjected to a horrifying rape and attempted murder but shot her attacker dead. Now she is being targeted by this new killer who seems to know all about her past, her work at the Pilgrim Medical Center, and where she lives. In Boston, there’s a killer on the loose.
Карандаши восковые, треугольные, с ластиком и точилкой.
В набор входят: 12 разноцветных карандашей длиной 7 см и диаметром 1 см., точилка, ластик.
322 руб
Раздел: Восковые
Аспиратор нозальный Pigeon с футляром.
Аспиратор разработан совместно с ведущими японскими специалистами отоларингологами. Позволяет без труда очистить содержимое носика ребенка
760 руб
Раздел: Аспираторы
Светильник USB, черный.
Светодиодный светильник на гибкой ножке имеет USB-разъём, благодаря которому легко подключается к ноутбуку, компьютеру или разветвляющему
315 руб
Раздел: USB-устройства
The Surgeon of Crowthorne Pearson Simon W.
517 руб
Operation Surgeon Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
It was feared that if they were allowed to remain in Germany they might enable the Soviet Union to ”achieve a long range bomber force superior to any other in the world". Of the removed scientists in the years 1946-1947, 100 chose to work for the UK. Many of the listed scientists had already at the inception of the operation offered their services to British Commonwealth countries, Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil and South America, and regarded working for the Soviet Union as a last resort if stopped from working in Germany and unable to find employment elsewhere in the west. A list of 1500 German scientists and technicians was drawn up. Policy was to forcibly remove ”whether they liked it or not” the scientists from Germany to lessen the risk of them falling into enemy hands. Operation Surgeon was a British post-World War II programme to exploit German aeronautics and deny German technical skills to the Soviet Union. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1599 руб
The medical and surgical history of the war of the rebellion. (1861-65). Prepared, in accordance with the acts of Congress, under the direction of Surgeon general Joseph K. Barnes, United States army Книга по Требованию Barnes J.K.
2050 руб
A soldier-doctor of our army, James P. Kimball, late colonel and assistant surgeon-general, U.S. Army Книга по Требованию Kimball M.B.
955 руб
With Napoleon at St. Helena: being the memoirs of Dr. John Stokoe, naval surgeon Книга по Требованию Paul F.
585 руб
The Dublin Dissector, Or Manual of Anatomy, by a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Книга по Требованию Dissector D.
955 руб
PSYCHE AND PHYSICAL TRAUMA. The Expiriance of Orthopaedic Surgeons in Postwar Yugoslavia Книга по Требованию Aleksandar L.
The introduction section first offers the chief reasons for the application of psychosomatic reasoning in medicine in general and orthopedics.
2605 руб
Skin Grafting for Surgeons and General Practitioners Книга по Требованию Freeman L.
500 руб

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