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Selected Works of Joseph Conrad

Формат:      Страниц 1376
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Joseph C.    
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Its savagely witty themes of human absurdity and misunderstanding are written in an ironic style that provokes both laughter and unease. Lord Jim, first published in 1900, confirmed Conrad' s place in literature as one of the first ' modernists' of English letters. Set in the Malay Archipelago, not only does the novel provide a gripping account of maritime adventure and romance, but also an exotic tale of the East. Nostromo is the only man capable of the decisive action needed to save the silver of the San Tome mine and secure independence for Sulaco, Occidental Province of the Latin American state of Costaguana. Is his integrity as unassailable as everyone believes, or will his ideals, like those which have inspired the struggling state itself, buckle under economic and political pressure? The Secret Agent, Conrad' s story of espionage and anarchists, tells of Winnie Verloc and her devotion to her peculiar and simple-minded brother, Stevie. This volume also includes a selection of Conrad' s matchless short stories - Youth, Typhoon, Heart of Darkness, The End of the Tether and The Shadow-Line.
Надувной игровой центр Upright "Кораблик", с шариками.
Ваш малыш стремится отправится в плавание? Подарите ему эту возможность. С новым игровым центром Upright "Кораблик" ваш
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Кружка "Зарядное устройство".
Размеры кружки: 10х11х8 см.
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Набор фломастеров "Cappi", 12 цветов.
Фломастеры созданы с учетом особенностей детской руки и повышенных требований к удобству и безопасности. Не высыхают без колпачка 24 часа.
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Страховой бизнес в современной России
Реже встречаются иностранные страховщики, действующие самостоятельно (Например, I er a io al Fi a cial e work (I FI E ) предлагает по средствам страховки получить второе гражданство, а OK Bru swick i sura ce compa y L D предлагает ссуды на покупку квартир в 40 странах мира, а также учебу, работу и вид на жительство за рубежом). На деле подобные методы продажи страховых продуктов противоречат российскому законодательству, т.к. по действующему закону распространение полисов иностранных страховщиков, не имеющих лицензии Минфина, на территории России запрещено. Однако все финансовые консультанты имеют статус физического лица - держателя страховки, поэтому контролирующие органы не имеют документального подтверждения работы иностранных страховщиков на российском рынке. Другая проблема, возникающая при покупке подобных полисов, заключается в том, что мало кто из страхователей обращает внимание на сноску в договоре, сообщающую о том, что полис действует в соответствии с законодательством страны, где зарегистрирован страховщик, что на практике означает, что за выплатой необходимо ехать за рубеж.

The Symbolism of Darkness and Light in Joseph Conrad's Literary Works. The symbolism of darkness and light, black and white in Heart of Darkness and Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad Книга по Требованию
Joseph Conrad is a kind of writer whose works need be read at least three times or even more to understand not only the gist or main message but the importance of each detail.
2008 руб
Selected Works, Deluxe Edition Edgar Allan Poe: Random House USA Edgar A.P.
What collection would be complete without the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe which includes "The Raven, Annabel Lee, A Dream Within a Dream, The Haunted Palace" just to name a few of the 30 poems include in this Library of Literary Classics edition.
878 руб
Tai Soo Kim Partners: Selected Works The Master Architect Series IV Images Publishing Group Stephen D.
5 руб
Psychology and Politics in Nostromo. Permanently -Topical Questions in Joseph Conrad's Masterpiece Книга по Требованию
It was first published in 1904, but it seems that the fundamental problems of the world have not changed during the last century. The novel' s central concern, material interests and its impact on people and politics, is an invariably exciting topic to study. Conrad' s masterpiece, however, is so complex that the message can only be understood if the upper layers of the adventurous story are ripped.
2008 руб
Joseph Conrad (Ship) Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
After sailing around the world as a private yacht in 1934 it served as a training in the United States, and is now a museum ship at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut.
1191 руб
Selected works Книга по Требованию eczycki M.
955 руб
Children's Fiction. A Study of Selected Works by 19th Century British Novelists Книга по Требованию Farizah J.
This book, however, suggests that far from being Euro-centric, the selected fiction transcends cultural and national boundaries. Children' s fiction written by 19th century British authors appear to be imperialistic, racist or Euro-centric. It is this work' s contention that children should not be deprived from reading these great works that can benefit them in terms of language acquisition, the development of their imagination and the enjoyment of entertaining,yet moral, stories.
3051 руб
A Lyric Architecture: Selected Works of John Malick & Associates New Classicists ACC Distribution Malick J.
Authentic finishes and hardware infuse a sense of beauty and livability rarely achieved by modern architecture.
4004 руб
Select Works Книга по Требованию Clarkson D.
955 руб
The Nature Of Human Brain Work. Letters On Logic. The Positive Outcome Of Philosophy. The Positive Outcome Of Philosophy. Translated By Ernest Untermann. . . . By Eugene Dietzgen And Joseph Dietzgen, Jr Книга по Требованию Joseph D.
955 руб
The Autobiography Of Joseph Le Conte Книга по Требованию Joseph L.C.
5 руб
The boyhood and youth of Joseph Hodges Choate Книга по Требованию Choate J.H.
955 руб
Joseph Hawley's criticism of the constitution of Massachusetts Книга по Требованию Hawley J.
500 руб
Memoires De Joseph Fouche, Duc D'otrante, Ministre De La Police Generale, Volume 1 (French Edition) Книга по Требованию Fouche J.
1293 руб
Ways and means, corn . . . from Hansard' s Parliamentary debates Debate on sugar duties. Speech of Joseph Hume . . . in the House of commons, on the 13th May 1841, on the motion of Lord John Russell. Книга по Требованию Hume J.
300 руб
Joseph Mazzini, an essay read at the April 1909 meeting of the Chit Chat Club of San Francisco Книга по Требованию Hutchinson J.H.
300 руб
Les Chartes De Saint-Bertin D'apres Le Grand Cartulaire De Charles-Joseph Dewitte, Volume 1 (French Edition) Книга по Требованию Dewitte C.J.
957 руб
Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi Книга по Требованию Grimaldi J.
955 руб
The Story of a Labor Agitator, Joseph R. Buchanan Книга по Требованию Buchanan J.R.
957 руб
General index to John Reeve & Lodowicke Muggleton's works Книга по Требованию Frost J.
500 руб

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