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Формат:      Страниц 160
     мягкая обложка
Thomas M.    
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More's 'Utopia' is a complex, innovative and penetrating contribution to political thought, culminating in the famous 'description' of the Utopians, who live according to the principles of natural law, but are receptive to Christian teachings, who hold all possessions in common, and view gold as worthless.
Фоторамка стеклянная "Glitter flower", 10x15 см, фиолетовая.
Рамка для фото форматом 10x15 см. Материал: стекло. Цвет: фиолетовый.
306 руб
Раздел: Размер 10x15
Кронштейн для телевизора "Hama H-118102", черный.
Тип: поворот и наклон. Назначение: для телевизора. Цвет: черный. Мин. диагональ ТВ: 32 дюйма. Макс. диагональ ТВ: 65 дюймов. Максимальный
1514 руб
Раздел: Прочее
Этикетка самоклеящаяся "Lomond", 70х42,3 мм, белая.
Размер этикетки - 70х42,3 мм. 21 этикетка на листе А4. 50 листов. Плотность - 70 г/м2. Тип этикетки - матовая. Цвет - белый.
341 руб
Раздел: Бейджи, держатели, этикетки
Unpacking Utopia. Uncustomary Inspections of the Ideological Baggage of Exploration, Empire, and Otherness in Selected English and American Utopian Fictions Книга по Требованию Jennifer N.
3234 руб
Anatomia Utopia. Einblicke in die Zusammenhaenge der bekanntesten Staatsutopien - Morus - Campanella - Bacon Книга по Требованию David A. W.
PhilosophInnen aus den unterschiedlichsten Stroemungen geben dieser Untersuchung Grund und Boden.
2008 руб
Historical scholarship has placed little emphasis on the scientific aspects of the community in the context of antebellum Evangelical religion and has instead focused on the community' s social organization, economic organization, and the theocratic leadership of Noyes. The Oneida Community was a Perfectionist communal venture undertaken in Madison County, New York from 1848 until 1881. The community' s copious publications and member correspondence provide the foundation of primary sources.
1878 руб
Libertarian utopia Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Proposals for an anarcho- capitalist society are sometimes regarded as inherently utopian.
1335 руб
Soviet Textiles: Designing the Modern Utopia MFA Publications Kachurin P.J.
Few of these designs ever saw mass production, and the experiment failed as propaganda - comrades clung to their traditional floral motifs - but it yielded bold and intriguing new designs. Soviet Textiles: Designing the Modern Utopia presents some 40 of them, and analyzes the political and artistic context in which they were made.
1425 руб
Long Utopia Transworld Publishers Pratchett T.
Meanwhile, on New Springfield, Lobsang has been joined by Joshua and they' ve discovered the ominous ultimate goal of the cyborg silver beetles and the vast machines they have created. The threat they pose to the Long Earth -- and other Long worlds - convinces Lobsang and the others that the beetles' world has to be ' cauterised' , taken out of the Long Earth chain, to prevent the spread of their kind.
481 руб
Inside Utopia. Visionary Interiors and Futuristic Homes Gestalten
Spectacular and reflective, unpretentious and efficient: the breathtaking Elrod House by John Lautner; the Lagerfeld Apartment near Cannes that seems like a set from a science fiction film; Palais Bulles in France with its organic and unique architecture.
4174 руб

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