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Technical Communication Today

Формат:      Страниц 784
     мягкая обложка
Richard J.    
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The author wrote the text with the presumption that users are researching, organizing, drafting, designing, and revising directly on their computer screens. By mirroring these processes in its content and structure, Technical Communication Today offers a higher level of accessibility for readers. Technical Communication Today remains the only text to fully centralize the computer in the technical workplace, presenting how it is used throughout today' s communication process. The text is based on a solid core of rhetorical principles. Clear instruction not only describes technical documents, but it guides the user through the activity of producing them. Technical Communication Today foregrounds computers as a thinking tool - helping communicators to draft and design documents, prepare material for print and Web publication, and make oral presentations. It more accurately reflects the modern day computer-centered technical workplace. Technical Communication Today epitomizes the shift in technical communication from literal-linear created to visual-spatial created documents. This evolution, which has been provoked by the ubiquity of the computer as a communication tool, is changing fundamental writing and reading processes. The text has been designed using the idea of "chunking", where readable portions of text are combined with graphics. Not only does this concept facilitate learning, but it models the way today' s technical documents should be designed. Its presentation of teaching readers how to write integrates a new awareness of how documents are read - by "raiding" for the information needed.
Кресло детское мягкое "Sleepy Cat".
Мягкое детское кресло Sleepy Cat будет прекрасным аксессуаром детской комнаты, выполнено в виде мягкой игрушки. Дети будут чувствовать
1412 руб
Раздел: Качели, кресла-качалки, шезлонги
Набор доктора в чемоданчике, арт. 602A.
Маленький доктор спешит на помощь! В чемоданчике у него и градусник, и шприц, и фонендоскоп, и волшебные пилюли (коробочки без
501 руб
Раздел: Наборы доктора
Кружка "Бюст".
Оригинальная кружка в форме бюста.
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Раздел: Оригинальная посуда
Rethinking Changed Social Roles of Technical Communication in China Disciplinary Identity of Technical Communication. Книга по Требованию Kang S.
This book examines the social roles of disciplinary identity of Technical Communication in its transfer to China from the United States.
1997 руб
Washington Community and Technical Colleges Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
Most of the member colleges award associate degrees and certificates, although some also offer specialized bachelor degree s. Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.
1509 руб
Communication skills in English for business purposes: Workbook - 144 с. New International Business English: Updated Edition: Cambridge University Press Jones L., Alexander R.
146 руб
Black Sabbath 'Paranoid&Technical Ecstasy' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 50109 X
109 руб
Art Today. Актуальное искусство 1970-2005 Слово/Slovo Тейлор Б.
Что можно назвать инсталляцией, а что - перформансом?
820 руб
Основы Windows Communication Foundation для .NET Framework 3.5 Microsoft. NET ДМК Пресс Резник С.
В книге вы найдете подробные объяснения, подходы к "болевым точкам", свойственным разработке с помощью WCF, и богатый набор примеров повторно используемого кода.
461 руб
English for Business Communication Student's Book Cambridge Professional English! Cambridge University Press Sweeney S.
This second edition has been redesigned and now includes a page of self-study tasks for each of the 15 units.
1896 руб
Introduction to Rhetorical Communication Allyn & Bacon McCroskey
This highly successful text guides students through message planning and presentation in an easy step-by-step process.
1798 руб
Guide Pratique De La Communication 2000 Livre (+ Audio CD) Didier Alan C.
1338 руб
Intercultural Communication In Contexts The McGraw-Hill Companies Martin
5 руб
Beginners Communication Games Pearson Jill H.
2636 руб
Elementary Technical English Student’s Book Pearson Martin W.
5 руб
English for Technical Students Teacher’s Book 2 Pearson D. B.
154 руб
Intermediate TOEIC (Test Of English for International Communication) Course 3Ed with key and tapescript (+ компакт-кассета) Pearson
5 руб
Longman English Interactive 1 UK Communication Companion Pearson
411 руб
New Insights into Business Workbook (TOEIC (Test Of English for International Communication)) Pearson Tower G.
The Workbook contains additional materials to support the Student' s book and five spreads with test material for TOEIC examinations. New Insights into Business is an intermediate to upper-intermediate course for adult learners of Business English. It provides an authentic framework for developing an understanding of key areas of contemporary business.
161 руб
Side by Side 3Ed 4 Communication Games Pearson
465 руб
True Colors 4 Power Workbook. An EFL Course for Real Communication True Colors Pearson Education (Longman) Maurer J.
True Colors jumpstarts real communication, preparing students for success outside of class.
146 руб
College English and communication. Student Book McGraw-Hill Sue C. C.
1456 руб
Textiles Today: A Global Survey of Trends and Traditions Thames&Hudson Chloe C.
Artists and designers from India, Mali, Madagascar, Morocco, Burkina Faso and Nigeria have reinvigorated art and fashion by using the fabrics and graphic elements they find on the streets of London, Paris and New York and other cities.
3013 руб

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