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Lives of Christopher Chant (Chrestomanci 4)

Формат:      Страниц 336
     мягкая обложка
Jones D.W.    
HarperCollins Publishers    
679 руб
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Glorious new rejacket of a Diana Wynne Jones favourite, exploring the childhood of Chrestmanci - now a book with extra bits!
Полотенце банное "Золотой Гусь" с вышивкой на капюшоне, цвет: молочный (120х100).
Полотенце махровое, банное с вышитым капюшоном. Материал: 100% хлопок. Сезон: всесезонный. Размер: 120х100 см. Цвет: молочный.
852 руб
Раздел: Полотенца
Глобус Земли, физико-политический, с подсветкой, 320 мм.
Глобус Земли физико-политический, с подсветкой, работает от сети. Диаметр: 320 мм. На пластиковой подставке. Рельефный. Цвет подставки
1447 руб
Раздел: Глобусы
Насадка сменная Vileda "Ultra Mat" для швабры.
Насадка изготовлена из микрофибры, крепится на кнопках. • Эффективно и быстро, без чистящих средств удаляет любые загрязнения. • Насадку
803 руб
Раздел: Тканевые, микрофибра

Корпорация BBC. Формы и методы государственного контроля...
Иными словам, в совет входят либо представители истеблишмента Англии, либо люди, близкие к нему. Как правило, они консервативны по натуре. Члены совета директоров на самом деле серьезно стремятся сохранить независимость ВВС. Но при этом (в силу своей консервативности) они уделяют внимание позиции правительства, и таким образом, может даже бессознательно, влияют на политику канала. Лакмусовой бумажкой для определения способности членов совета директоров отстаивать независимость ВВС стала история с программой Real Lives, описанная выше. Да, совет не отменил показ фильма, но отложил его показ. Позднее было принято решение выпустить фильм в эфир. Но вопрос о том, восстановило ли это решение репутацию директоров как хранителей независимости ВВС остается открытым. Важность совета директоров заключается в том, что именно он определяет вещательную политику ВВС и назначает исполнительного директора. Исходя из этого, все правительства Великобритании послевоенного периода стремились назначать в совет своих сторонников. Лучше всего это удалось нынешнему премьеру Тони Блэру. Председатель совета директоров также назначается королевой по представлению правительства. По традиции, на это пост назначают не политика.

The works of Christopher Marlowe, with notes and some account of his life and writings Книга по Требованию Marlowe C.
Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т. п. Книга представляет собой репринтное издание.
955 руб
Memoir of Christopher Healy, principally taken from his own memoranda Книга по Требованию Healy C.
957 руб
Gregorian'Masters Of Chant-1' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 87651 Бомба-М
119 руб
The Private Lives of the Impressionists HarperCollins Roe S.
995 руб
Two Lives. Book and 2 Audio CD Pack (+ Audio CD) Cambridge English Readers 3 Cambridge University Press Helen N.
But then a tragic accident changes Huw' s life and he must move abroad. Fifty years later, Huw and Megan finally meet again. Both their lives have changed and Megan is about to get married. Can Huw convince her that their love is still strong? Modern, original fiction for learners of English. In a small Welsh village Megan and Huw fall in love.
565 руб
Lives of the Twelve Caesars Wordsworth Classics of World Literature Wordsworth Suetonius
His colourful work, Lives of the Twelve Caesars, is, along with Tacitus, the major source for the period from Julius Caesar to Domitian.
365 руб
The Retrospective Exhibition. Almanac. Edition 219 Three lives. Oscar Rabin. Palace Editions
1028 руб
The Lives Of Philip Howard, Earl Of Arundel, And Of Anne Dacres, His Wife Книга по Требованию Henry G.F.
5 руб
Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe Orion Books Anthony S.
She was born Norma Jeane but the world knew and loved her as Marilyn.
759 руб
True Lives: Captain Cook OXED Haydn M.
354 руб
Thirteen Lives Transformed by Spirit. Discovering Transpersonal Authenticity Книга по Требованию Allison P.
I interviewed 13 adult participants about their unitive mystical experience and asked them to describe how they were living in accordance with the new understanding that they took away from their experience.
3215 руб
The Lives Behind the Numbers. Understanding the Disproportionate Representation of Aboriginal Women in the Canadian Legal System Книга по Требованию
Interviews were conducted with professionals within the social services, as well as native women who are presently in conflict with the law in order to gain a more complete understanding of this unsettling social problem.
2416 руб
Voices and Agencies in Andean Rural Young Women's Education. An ethnographic view on the lives of young women Книга по Требованию Beatriz R. A.
Voice and Agency in Andean Rural Young Women' s Education demonstrates that in spite of this oppressive environment, they are firmly determined to search for a different future in order to become active agents, instead of living in the patriarchal cycle that their mothers and female relatives endured. This book shows that such determination is coupled with demonstrated hard work and commitment. The willingness to search for a different future is propelled by a socialization network created at school, in which young women influenced each other by sharing stories of their urban and working experiences and proving each other with mutual support. Andean rural young women constantly face numerous socio-cultural and educational obstacles, including a curriculum that does not apply to their needs, unprepared teachers with low expectations for their future, an educational environment that silences their voices, and a history of domestic violence and poverty.
3234 руб
Exploring Racism in the Lives of African American Boys. Implications for Mental Health Книга по Требованию Vanessa N.
This book should be of interest to those in the psychological and counseling fields or to anyone concerned with the role of racism in the lives of children.
2008 руб
As leaders of organizations it is important to take a holistic approach by embracing the growing diversity within the workforce.
2416 руб
A qualitative inquiry of the effects of the Tostan educational program on the lives of women in a rural community in Senegal The Role of Literacy in Enhancing Women’s Agency and Well-being. Книга по Требованию Maimouna B.
3234 руб
Based on Perceptions and Experiences of University Students Regarding Different Types of Violence in their Lives Dynamics of Violence in Lives of Pakistani Youth. Книга по Требованию Syed I.H.
It was also found that gender roles and masculinity related norms play crucial roles as far as violence related behavior is concerned.
2008 руб
Murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Another has been convicted of federal charges as accessory after the fact to carjacking.
1395 руб
Christopher Eipper Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
He was the sixth of seven children, two of which were from his father' s previous marriage to Elisabetha Dorothea Ohnmaiss. He studied at the institutions of the Basle Missionary Society, Switzerland, in 1832-36, and of the Church Missionary Society at Islington in 1836. However, despite having received financial support from the Church Missionary Society on condition of accepting Church of England ordination, he and his German colleague Gottlieb Schreiner, father of the novelist Olive Schreiner, refused episcopal ordination because they would not submit to vows of unlimited obedience to a bishop, although they were prepared to receive Lutheran ordination. They consequently ceased their connexion with the Basle Committee. Eipper, together with Schreiner, applied in March 1837 to Rev. John Dunmore Lang for appointment as missionaries to the Aboriginals at Moreton Bay High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Christoph Eipper was a pioneering missionary and Presbyterian minister in Australia. Christoph Eipper was born to Georg Christoph Eipper and Sophie Juliane Schaettler.
1599 руб
Christopher Mayhew Книга по Требованию Delmar T.C. S.
Mayhew attended Haileybury and Christ Church, Oxford as an exhibitioner.
2213 руб

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