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Poe: A Life Cut Short

Формат:      Страниц 176
     мягкая обложка
Peter A.    
Random House    
759 руб
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His versatile writings - including, for example, The Murders in the Rue Morgue and The Raven - continue to resonate down the centuries. Peter Ackroyd' s biography of Poe opens with his end, his final days – no one knows what happened between the time when friends saw him off on the steam-boat to Baltimore and his discovery six days later dying in a tavern. This mystery sets the scene for a short life packed with drama and tragedy (drink and poverty) combined with extraordinary brilliance. Poe has been claimed as the forerunner of modern fantasy, and credited with the invention of psychological dramas (long before Freud), science fiction (before H. G. Wells and Jules Verne) and the detective story (before Arthur Conan Doyle). Tennyson described him as ' the most original genius that America has produced' . He influenced European romanticism and was the harbinger of both Symbolism and Surrealism. Peter Ackroyd, who places significance on Poe' s childhood (his travelling actor parents were miserably poor, his mother had TB and he was orphaned), claims that Poe found his family among writers - writers not only of his time but of the future generations who were influenced by the power of his imagination. Edgar Allan Poe served as a soldier and began his literary career composing verses modelled on Byron; soon he was trying out his ' prose-tales' - often horror melodramas such as The Fall of the House of Usher. As editor of the Literary Messenger he was influential among critics and writers of the American South.
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334 руб
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Зеркало Шекспира
Зеркало Шекспира Юрий Зеленецкий Вместо предисловия В издании i -folio 1623 года пьес В. Шекспира помещены четыре посвященные его памяти стихотворения, написанные Л. Даггесом, неким И.М., Беном Джонсоном и Хью Холландом. Первые три автора предпослали своим стихотворениям стандартные слова: « o he memory of he au hor – Памяти автора ». Однако Х. Холланд написал иначе: «Upo he li es a d life of he famous sce ic poe – На стихи и жизнь известного сценического поэта ». И если прочитать все его стихотворение, то невольно закрадывается подозрение, что от обычной формы посвящения он отошел не случайно. Более того, похоже, также не случайно его стихотворение напечатано последним. Может быть, издателям было важно, чтобы последними в череде восхваляющих В. Шекспира слов оказались именно слова двух поразительных строк этого стихотворения. Но может быть, наоборот, издатели хотели подальше спрятать эти строки: If ragedies migh a y prologue have, All hose he made would scarce make o e o his 1 Слова « ragedies» и «prologue» выделены прямым шрифтом в тексте оригинала.

Selected Works, Deluxe Edition Edgar Allan Poe: Random House USA Edgar A.P.
What collection would be complete without the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe which includes "The Raven, Annabel Lee, A Dream Within a Dream, The Haunted Palace" just to name a few of the 30 poems include in this Library of Literary Classics edition.
878 руб
The Pit and the Pendulum: The Essential Poe Penguin Group Edgar A.P.
352 руб
The works of Edgar Allan Poe Книга по Требованию Poe E.A.
955 руб
Complete tales and poems of Edgar Allan Poe Sterling Publishing Poe E.A.
977 руб
Langenscheidt Lekture 67: Murder ! Murder ? Murder !: Funf Mordgeschichten und funf ungewohnliche Tater (von Sayers D., Poe E.A., Browne K.R.G., Cole V.) (на англ.,нем.яз.) Langenscheidt
228 руб
The Poe Shadow Daedalus Books Matthew P.
Baltimore, 1849. The body of Edgar Allan Poe has been buried in an unmarked grave.
208 руб
Edgar Allan Poe and music Книга по Требованию Iosias J.
1395 руб
The Poe cult, and other Poe papers, with a new memoir Книга по Требованию Didier E.L.
955 руб
Arthur Poe Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Poe is the first to bring the news of Bertrand and Beatrice' s death to the Baudelaire children. As executor of the Baudelaire estate, he interprets the will' s instructions that the children "be raised in the most convenient way possible" as meaning they should remain within the city limits, and arranges for their distant cousin Count Olaf to take custody.
1327 руб
Bonnie Poe Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Bonnie Poe was an American actress, best known for providing the voice for the Fleischer Studios animated character Betty Boop beginning in 1933.
1123 руб
Flaubert, Chekhov, Kipling, Joyce, Fitzgerald, Poe and Others Best-Loved Short Stories: Dover Publications Bates
1018 руб
The Gold Bug and Other Tales Classics Юпитер-Импэкс Poe E.A.
230 руб
Selected Poems CRW Publishing Poe E.A.
361 руб
Tales of Mystery & Imagination Penguin Readers 5 Pearson Poe E.A.
94 руб
Tales of Mystery and Imagination Oxford Bookworms Library 3: Oxford Bookworms Library Oxford University Press Edgar A.P.
The face in the mirror. . . is it yours, or the face of someone standing behind you, who is never there when you turn round?
436 руб
The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket and Related Tales Oxford World's Classics Oxford University Press Edgar A.P.
506 руб
Outstanding Short Stories Penguin Readers 5 Pearson Edgar A.P.
This collection brings together some of the best examples of late nineteenth and early twentieth-century short stories.
568 руб
Double assassinat dans la Rue Morgue et La lettre volée (+ Audio CD) Lire et s'entraîner 4 CIDEB Edgar A.P.
Who could have committed the atrocious murders in the Rue Morgue and so how did the murderer get in, or out?
844 руб -5% 801 руб
Educational Challenges for Abused and Neglected Youth in State Custody: Educational Failure Among Sheltered Youth in Oklahoma. An Ethnographic Study Barren Refuge: Книга по Требованию Dr. L.P.
Public education systems have had difficulty in establishing effective programs within youth shelters.
2008 руб
Selected Stories (+ CD-ROM) CIDEB Edgar A.P.
An illustrated filmography is also included.
943 руб

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