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Learning to teach (Учимся учить: Педагогическая практика): Учебное пособие для вузов (под ред. Лозински Б.) - 136 с. ISBN 985-6204-46-1 ~93.10.17 029

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Устройство для запаивания пакетов "Секунда".
Устройство «Секунда» предназначено для запаивания пакетов в домашних условиях, чтобы продукты (сыр, овощи, картофельные чипсы, крупа и
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Кастрюля алюминиевая, 10 л.
Торговая марка "Scovo". Кастрюля цилиндрическая. Диаметр: 26 см. Высота: 19 см. Дно немного закругленное. Универсальная, удобная
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Цветные карандаши "Lyra Osiris", 12 цветов.
Цветные карандаши треугольные, диаметр грифеля 2,8 мм.
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Раздел: 7-12 цветов

Учебно-методическое пособие для преподавателя специальности "Профессиональное...
Учебное пособие / Под. ред. В. Д. Чернилевского - М.: Экспедитор, 1996. - 288 с. Матяш Н. В. Психология проектной деятельности школьников в условиях технологического образования / Под ред. В. В. Рубцова. - Мозырь: РИФ "Белый ветер", 2000. 286 с. Аванесов В. С. Основы научной организации педагогического контроля в высшей школе. - М., 1988. - 193 с. Челышкова М. Б. Разработка педагогических тестов на основе современных математических моделей. - М.: Исследовательский центр проблем качества подготовки специалистов, 1995. - 32 с. Аванесов В. С. Форма тестовых заданий. - М., 1991. - 33 с. ----------------------- Научно-технологический прогрессСтандарт образованияСоциальный заказ обществаУчебные программы вузаЦЕЛЬ - инженерная подготовка преподавателя рофессионального обученияЦиклы дисциплин: ГСЭ, ЕН, ПДДеятельность преподавателейСредства и педагогические технологииДПП (предметный)Организационные формы обученияУМБ (ТСО, ТСУД, ТУО)Методы обученияСодержание образованияПроектная, индивидуальная, индивидуально-групповая, аудиторная, внеаудиторная, практика, СКБ, НИРС, УИРС.Учебно-материальная база, оборудование, учебная литература, ТСО.Общетехнические, технологические, творческо-конструкторские, графические, электрорадиотехнические дисциплины, специализация, факультативы.Проектный, творческий, активный, проблемный, поисковый, исследовательский, интенсивный, практическийМетод оценкиУчебная инженерная деятельность студентаРЕЗУЛЬТАТ - уровень инженерной подготовки будущего преподавателя профессионального обучения

Learning Teaching: 3rd Edition Student's Book Pack (+ DVD) Macmillan Publishers Jim S.
The third edition has been extensively revised and restructured to take recent developments in ELT into account and now includes a DVD featuring a full lesson being taught as well as demonstrations of practical teaching techniques.
2986 руб
Cooperative Learning & Second Language Teaching Cambridge University Press Steven G. M.
An appendix outlining the techniques in these chapters is also included.
1106 руб
Teaching & Researching Computer-assisted Language Learning Pearson
3707 руб
Liberal Arts Education in the United States of America. Survivor of Classical Teaching and Learning Книга по Требованию Jennifer C.
This book delves into "Havenhurst College," a pseudonym, to examine a real liberal arts institution.
2385 руб
CONNECTING THEORY AND PRACTICE. Teaching Orientation and Student Learning in Mathematics Книга по Требованию ?brahim B.
Classroom teaching is at the heart of education.
3215 руб
An evaluation of the use of computers in learning and teaching. A qualitative justification of CALL measuring its effectiveness in taeching language items Книга по Требованию Farah J.H.
An evaluation Of The Use Of Computers In Learning And Teaching In A Tripoli Langauge Center is addressed to university students of TEFL interested in computer-assissted language learning.
1997 руб
Teaching Networks How to Learn. Data Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks with Reinforcement Learning Книга по Требованию Anna F.
Both protocols are fully distributed and have minimal communication overhead.
2362 руб
Brain-Compatible Teaching and Learning in the Foreign Language Classroom: Teachers Voices Brain-Compatible Foreign Language. Книга по Требованию
The role of teacher as facilitator of knowledge and student as participant in this learning engagement is at the heart of student centered learning and constructivist theory.
2008 руб
Games in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. New Methods in Language Learning Книга по Требованию Kun N.
If learning itself feels like a game, and if the learners feel they are discovering a fascinating new world through games which they would also enjoy playing outside the classroom, it is much more likely that English will play a central role in their world.
2008 руб
Learning and Teaching in Human Anatomy. Applying current theories in educational research to medical student learning Книга по Требованию Robert E.M.
Examinations in anatomy can also be structured to reward higher learning outcomes through the Biggs and Collis model of ' SOLO Taxonomy' . This book summarises the author' s personal experiences of applying current theories in educational research to develop more advanced anatomy teaching methods and would be relevant for teachers of anatomy across a variety of disciplines. This can be avoided by situating anatomy within the domains of evolution, embryology or clinical medicine, which provide understanding and application in ways that encourage deep learning approaches. Modern medical school human anatomy teaching frequently leads to students adopting surface learning approaches, such a memorizing lists of structures through mnemonics.
2008 руб
Dynamic Dialogue in Learning and Teaching. Towards Transformation in Vocational Teacher Education Книга по Требованию Saede-Pirkko N.
The repost discusses student teachers' learning paths to teachership and pedagogical thinking skills. The research material was collected from vocational field, but is adaptable to all secondary and tertiary teaching. The topicality of the study is related to current changes in education and working life factors as well as the desire to fight against teacher stress. The teachers' and student teachers' experiences are examined from the dimensions of awareness in personal, task, process and professional domains. Teachership is understood as involving both implicit and explicit elements and is defined as a dynamic, social, personal and situational process by the regulation of which the teacher can influence on the learner' s cognitive, affective and conative processes and learning outcomes.
3234 руб
Exploring Teaching and Learning. A case study of an Indian school Книга по Требованию Joby J.
Extensive change to teaching strategies may indeed be cumbersome and perhaps impractical to implement, but the practical, if minor, changes recommended by this study can make a positive difference to the continuous interaction of teacher skills and pupil behaviours within the classroom.
2008 руб
Visualization Linear Algebra Teaching and Learning. Книга по Требованию Hamide D.
No significant evidence was found to support the belief that the experimental group performed less well than the traditional group in questions that required procedural knowledge.
2008 руб
HOW TO TEACH SOCIAL SCIENCE DIFFERENTLY. Teach and Learn Social Science Книга по Требованию Sandeep K.
Keeping in mind the nature of this discipline, as social science teachers, we need to develop our pedagogy accordingly with due respect to where the epistemology of social science exists. Do we believe in? Providing opportunities to students to explore?
2416 руб
A Proficiency Based Book For Teaching and Learning Arabic Language and Culture ? ? ? ? ? ? al-Jaleys Part One. Книга по Требованию Mohammed J.
This approach is based on the following conditions; (1) include meaningful, natural language, (2) include whole language, not language fragments, and (3) be functional, and help students learn in a meaningful and cultural context.
2626 руб
A Proficiency Based Book for Teaching and Learning Arabic Language and Culture ? ? ? ? ? ? al-Jaleys Part Three. Книга по Требованию Mohammed J.
Through this approach, students process information in meaningful ways, take responsibility for their learning, and become independent learners involved in what one can term a "scaffolding process".
3051 руб
A Journey from Learning to Teach to Teaching to Learn across Cultures. An in-depth case study of a non-native EFL teacher Книга по Требованию Yi-Hsuan G.L.
This model urges that language teacher education programs reconceptualize the competing and contradictory systems of knowledge about language pedagogy and curriculum.
3051 руб
Sing Along and Learn: Early Concepts: 12 Learning Songs with Reproducible Activity Pages That Teach Key Skills and Concepts (+ Audio CD) Sing Along and Learn Scholastic Sheldon K.
Includes easy-to-read lyric sheets, learning-filled movement activities, and hands-on reproducible pages.
369 руб
Second Language Teaching and Learning National Geographic Society Nunan D.
2350 руб
Learning English: Сопровождающий текст для серии уроков по изучению английского языка на видеокассетах - 240 с. ISBN 0-937354-76-7 ~99.10.27 007 Delta Systems Howard L., Shapiro N., Sunoo E.
520 руб

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