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Customer Service: Building Successful Skills for the Twenty-First Century

Формат:      Страниц 544
     мягкая обложка
Robert W. E.    
The McGraw-Hill Companies    
1826 руб
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Emphasis is given to dealing with customer service problems and how to handle conflicts and stress. Insights and tips are also provided for customer service supervisory personnel. It covers the concepts and skills needed for success in business careers, including listening techniques, verbal and nonverbal communication, and use of technology. Customer Service, 4/e by Lucas features how-to topics for the customer service professional.
Машинка "Бибикар (Bibicar)" с полиуретановыми колесами, красная.
Детская машинка «Бибикар» станет идеальным источником не только развлечения, но и развития для любого ребёнка, которому уже исполнилось 3
2105 руб
Раздел: Каталки
Ящик для хранения универсальный, прозрачный, 14 л.
Универсальный ящик сэкономит место и поможет поддерживать идеальный порядок в офисных и складских помещениях. Позволяет удобно и компактно
428 руб
Раздел: Более 10 литров
Стул для кормления Happy Baby "William" (цвет: green).
Бесспорный хит! Любимчик множества мам и малышей! Стульчик для кормления Happy Baby "William" заслужил внимание не только
6999 руб
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Оцінка ефективності організаційного управління в охоронному...
Вторая глава посвящена выявлениям проблем управления и рекомендациям по усовершенствованию функций управления. В организационной структуре органов безопасности особую роль занимают функции управления. Рассматривая их виды, можно утверждать, что это важнейшие элементы в сфере управления. В третьем разделе рассмотрены рекомендации и методика оценки эффективности организационного управления, а также разработано программное обеспечение на основе представленной методики. В разделе безопасность жизнедеятельности представлены материалы по улучшению условий труда исполнителей для эффективной служебной деятельности. Анализ вредных и опасных факторов. Разработка мероприятий по устранению влияния факторов. Техногенная безопасность. Анализ чрезвычайных ситуаций. В заключении подведен итог работы. Особое внимание уделено рекомендациям по усовершенствованию функций управления в органах безопасности. HE ABS RAC I he give work he sys em ma ageme i securi y service, as o e of he major fac ors of i crease of efficie cy of various ki ds of service ac ivi y, achieveme s of successes by hose or o her orga iza io al par s is submi ed, i cludi g: heir divisio s, regular employees of divisio s, devices of o -s aff employees.

Creating an Informed Customer Service Model. Using Action Research Книга по Требованию
Any service industy is a challenging enough environment without having to second guess the needs of your customers.
2008 руб
Customer Service For Dummies For Dummies Wiley Leland K.
The book covers the fundamentals of service selling and presents up to date advice on such fundamentals as help desks, call centers, and IT departments.
1217 руб
Customer-Relationship-Management im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau. Strategien fuer den After-Sales-Service in mittelstaendischen Unternehmen Книга по Требованию Bianca W.
Die praxisorientierte Arbeit erklaert, wie umfangreich und komplex die Entwicklung und Optimierung von Dienstleistungen sein kann, welche Instrumente des Customer Relationship Managements dabei helfen und wie eine Optimierungsstrategie in kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen umgesetzt werden kann.
2008 руб
Service facility design, customer quality perceptions and facility use. The perceptions of spectators in non-team-based leisure-sport stadiums Книга по Требованию Alvin L.
This appears to be the first study of how spectators in non-team-based leisure stadiums viewed the physical built-environment.
2626 руб
Shakira 'Laundry Service' [CD] { } ~94.01.09 221 Sony
229 руб
On Secret Service - East of Constantinople Hodder&Stoughton Hopkirk P.
632 руб
La Propriété intellectuelle au service de l'innovation Repères pratiques Nathan P. B.
1111 руб
Top Performer: A Bold Approach to Sales and Service HarperCollins Publishers Stephen C. L.
In this engaging parable, a performer known as the Rat Catcher teaches a disciplined but uninspired sales manager named Jim how to harness his natural energy in order to takes his sales to the next level.
665 руб
Extracts From Letters To A. B. T. From Edward P. Williams, During His Service In The Civil War, 1862-1864 Книга по Требованию Edward P. W.
5 руб
The Lost Spy: An American in Stalin's Secret Service Orion Books Andrew M.
Then, in 1992, it surfaced briefly, when Boris Yeltsin handed over a deeply censored dossier to the White House.
645 руб
A Research on Opportunity Identification. A Customer Value Based Approach Книга по Требованию Sheng-Li C.
According to research findings, this research suggested what target customers value to be a customer value space (CVS) of a business and validated the CVSM to be a direct, precise, and systematic source of OI. Specifically, dimensions and driving factors of the CVSM are constructed.
2385 руб
The Impact of an Intensive Pre-service Program Are They Prepared? . Preparation For Teaching in a Diverse, Urban Classroom: Suburban Students Become Urban Teachers: Книга по Требованию Allison N.
It attempts to ascertain how these particular students thought the coursework and field experiences appropriately prepared them for an urban, diverse classroom.
2385 руб
Dignity Under Threat. Low Power and High Distress in the Service Sector Книга по Требованию
What can account for the high rates of stress related illnesses among service sector workers, particularly those employed at the bottom of organizational hierarchies?
3191 руб
A Socialist History of the NHS. The economic and social forces that have shaped the National Health Service Книга по Требованию Ciaran M.
The real creators of the NHS were tens of thousands of unsung working class activists.
1981 руб
A Key Concept for the Sociology of Work The Service Enterprise. Книга по Требованию Paulo A.
In contradiction to the models which question the industrialization processes, theoretical paradigms are presented which highlight integration in the analyses of new concepts of work, such as co- production, the supremacy of the client/user, the evaluation of organizational performances and competence logic.
1997 руб
The impact of the ART approach. on the treatment pattern in a public oral health service in South Africa Книга по Требованию Steffen M.
It was found that factors such as high workload of dentists inhibited the use of ART.
2769 руб
From JXTA to SMEPP. A service-oriented adaptation methodology Книга по Требованию Matteo T.
This aspect, combined with constantly changing network topology, raises the need for a high-level framework, allowing for abstraction from low-level problems.
2769 руб
Quality of Service and Experience in Active and Conventional Networks. Mappping QoS to QoE Using an Agent-Based Platform Книга по Требованию MARIO A.S.G.P.
However, a novel framework in which it can be investigated has been proposed.
3215 руб
An Exploratory Study of Switzerland, Australia and Singapore Internal Service Systems and Cultural Differences. Книга по Требованию Andreas W.
A successful system is based on the multicultural pot of people in the organisation or team.
3215 руб
IT Service Management an Hochschulen. Aufbau der Supportorganisation an Hochschulen mit Campus Management Systemen Книга по Требованию
Bei den Fallstudien zu europaeischen Hochschulen sind die Laender Belgien, Deutschland und die Schweiz vertreten.
3215 руб

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