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Dear Writer, Dear Actress: The Love Letters of Anton Chekhov and Olga Knipper

Формат:      Страниц 304
     мягкая обложка
Anton C.    
633 руб
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Because of Knipper' s work at the Moscow Art Theatre and Chekhov' s illness, which bound him to Yalta, their relationship flourished through a constant stream of letters between them. The five year friendship and marriage of the writer Anton Chekhov and the actress Olga Knipper, who created many of the central female roles in his plays, is one of the most extraordinary love stories in the history of the theatre. Temperamentally the actress and writer were at odds, and their correspondence reveals a relationship as tempestuous, teasing and spontaneous as the many relationships found in Chekhov' s stories and plays. This selection is the passionate and enduring record of their love affair.
Научная игра "Магнетизм".
Набор для экспериментов позволит детям самостоятельно провести физические опыты в домашних условиях. Даже неподготовленный экспериментатор
551 руб
Раздел: Физические опыты
Кармашек в шкафчик "Самолетики".
Ваш малыш вырос и ходит в детский сад! Его вещи будут всегда на своем месте в шкафчике в детском саду, если у него есть "Кармашек в
595 руб
Раздел: Прочие
Набор проволоки синельной "Мегамикс-1", 70 штук.
В большом наборе для творчества "Мегамикс-1" собраны разные виды синельной проволоки (с диаметром от 6 до 30 мм, разным типом
307 руб
Раздел: Поделки из проволоки

Формы обращения в английском языке
К старшим членам семьи ( дедушкам , бабушкам ) дети традиционно обращаются с помощью слов gra dpa , gra ddad , gra dma , gra y и так далее . Последние же используют личные имена для обращения к внукам вместо таких слов , как gra dso лии gra ddough er. Обращения к другим близким родственникам включает слова u cle ( дядя ) , au ( тётя ) , au ie ( тётушка ) , иногда в сочетании с  личными именами U cle Jack , Au Margare . Обращения между мужём и женой являются личные имена , ласкательные прозвища , либо ласкательные слова . Обращения bro her и sis er в настоящее время встречаются редко . Обычно употребляются личные имена брата и сестры . Заметим , что вне семейных отношений обращения bro her и sis er употребляются чаще . Ласковые и дружественные формы обращения . Очень популярны в современном английском языке многочисленные формы обращения , выражающие положительное отношение  говорящего к адресату . Среди них можно упомянуть baby , boy , dear , a gel , deares , dear boy , dear girl , frie d , ho ey ( последние обращения обозначают "дорогой, милый") kid , love , lovely , swee , swea hear , swee s .

Plum Blossom Dear (олень): Модель сборная деревянная: Для детей от 3 лет Woodcraft Construction Kit Китай
129 руб
Dear Prince Charming Random House, Inc. Donna K.
With Eric as the brains of the operation and Jack as the heartthrob that the media can sink its teeth into, they' re an unbeatable team, and no one ever has to know. . . until Jack notices that behind Valerie' s overachiever businesswoman personality is a woman with her very own kind of charm, and he decides to take matters into his own hands. . . Fresh, sexy, and funny enough to have come from the pen of Prince Charming himself, Donna Kauffman transcends the boundaries of romance and chick lit to take her own particular twist on a fairy tale.
522 руб
Did the earth move for you too dear?. The global politics of population after the International Conference on Population and Development Книга по Требованию Deb F.
3234 руб
Dear Phoebe Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1599 руб
Rachel Dear Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
Being tall and slim with blonde hair and blue eyes has led the local media to dub Rachel "The English Rose"; a description which she embraces enthusiastically.
1591 руб
How "a dear little couple" went abroad Книга по Требованию Brine M.D.
500 руб
My Dear III Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
My Dear (foaled 1917 in Virginia) was an American Thoroughbred Champion Filly racehorse. Bred by H. Rozier Dulany of Upperville, Virginia, she was out of the mare Bettie Landon and sired by King James, the 1909 retrospective American Champion Older Male Horse.
1140 руб
Dear Zoo Macmillan Publishers Rod C.
398 руб
Frankly My Dear, I'm Dead Hachette Book Group Washburn L.J.
But during her first group' s tour of an old plantation modelled after Tara from Gone with the Wind, she finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery when the actor playing Clark Gable playing Rhetr Butler is found dead. Almost immediately, the police have the place under lockdown. Delilah finds herself taking over the investigation when their No 1 suspect is her son-in-law Luke-the not-so-bright husband of her daughter, Melissa. But life starts imitating art when the actors begin taking their roles a little too seriously-believing they actually are Ashley Wilkes, Scarlett O' Hara, and Melanie. With all the drama of Margaret Mitchell' s epic story suddenly coming to alarming life, Delilah' s only chance to head off a not-so-Civil War is to track down and confront the deranged murderer.
328 руб
Грампластинка. Marvin Gaye - Here, My Dear (количество грампластинок: 2)
При создании Зала славы рок-н-ролла (1987) в нём было увековечено и имя Марвина Гэя.
1662 руб
Dear Zoo Macmillan Publishers Campbell R.
791 руб
Dear Lucy Hodder&Stoughton Sarkissian J.
1082 руб
Oh Dear! Farm Animal Shapes. Board book Macmillan Publishers Campbell R.
With bright, colourful artwork and easy-to-turn pages, Oh Dear!
436 руб
Dear Zoo Little Library. Board book Macmillan Publishers
430 руб
A Writer's Workbook Teacher's Manual A Writer's Workbook Cambridge University Press Smoke
The author has selected seven new high interest pieces and retained five favorites from the third edition.
961 руб
A Jacobean Letter-Writer: The Life And Times Of John Chamberlain Книга по Требованию Edward P.S.
5 руб
Writer's Workshop and English Language Learners. Developing Oral Skills in Kindergarten ELL Students While Learning to Write Книга по Требованию Stella A.
How can ELL students with level 1 (little or no English skills) write when they do not have oral skills yet?
1981 руб
Achievement Based on a Process Approach to Teaching Writing Academic Effects of Writer's Workshop. Книга по Требованию Marla S.
The investigation centers on the effects of a particular process writing curriculum, Writer’s Workshop, on the writing achievement of fifth grade students as measured by an annual standardized assessment tool.
2416 руб
George Cavendish (Writer) Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
His Thomas Wolsey, Late Cardinall, his Lyffe and Deathe is described by the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography as the "most important single contemporary source for Wolsey' s life" which also offers a "detailed picture of early sixteenth-century court life and of political events in the 1520s, particularly the divorce proceedings against "Catherine of Aragon. " He was the elder son of Thomas Cavendish (d. 1524), who was a senior financial official, the "clerk of the pipe", in the Court of Exchequer, and his wife, Alice Smith of Padbrook Hall.
2008 руб
David Mills (TV Writer) Книга по Требованию Germain A.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1843 руб

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