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Oxford Collocations Dictionary For Students of English (+ CD-ROM)

Формат:      Страниц 992
     мягкая обложка
McIntosh C.    
Oxford University Press    
2575 руб
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The dictionary that helps students write and speak natural-sounding English, now in a new edition with CD-ROM. Completely revised and extended, the new edition has over 250,000 collocations and over 75,000 examples. Which words usually go together? This dictionary shows you the common word combinations (collocations) that are essential for natural-sounding British and American English.
Солнцезащитные шторки "Die Lieben Sieben".
Солнцезащитные шторки для автомобиля Die Lieben Sieben на присосках. Не только смогут защитить ребенка от вредного излучения, но и поднять
795 руб
Раздел: Автоаксессуары
Подгузники "Pampers Sleep & Play" 4 макси (86 штук), 7-14 кг.
Для того чтобы малыш гармонично развивался и всегда радовал родителей своим отличным настроением, очень важно обеспечить ему комфортные
1305 руб
Раздел: Более 11 кг
Педальная машина "Herby Car".
Педальный привод осуществляется на задние колеса. Максимальный вес: 20 кг. Размеры машины: ширина: 55 см, длина: 80 см, высота: 42
3885 руб
Раздел: Педальные машины

Организационное поведение
В свою очередь, части организационного поведения, такие как организационное развитие, работа в группах или командах, кружки качества и уплотненное производство, которые доступны и выражены в очень практичных и простых для подражания формах, базируются на знаменитом теоретическом и исследовательском фундаменте, таком как социальная психология Курта Левина или социотехническая школа. Список литературы Aldrich, H. a d Whe e , D.A.: Orga iza io -se s, ac io -se s, a d e works: maki g he mos of simplici y P. C. ys rom a d W. H. S arbuck (eds.), Ha dbook of Orga iza io al Desig , Oxford U iversi y Press Ar d Sorge, ilburg U iversi y; Lammers, С.: he compara ive sociology of orga iza io s, A ual Review of Sociology 4 Meyer, J.W. a d Rowa , В.: I s i u io alized orga iza io s formal s ruc ure as my h a d ceremo y, America Jour al of Sociology; Ha dbook of Orga iza io al Desig , vol I.

Oxford First Dictionary: 2011 Oxford University Press Oxford D.
Children will find it fun to explore and easy to find the words they need fast!
876 руб
Oxford Idioms. Dictionary for learners of English Oxford University Press
Explains more than 10,000 of the most frequently used idioms in English.
749 руб
Oxford Dictionary of English Oxford University Press
Find out more about our living language using Oxford Dictionaries Online - updated regularly with the latest changes to words and meanings, so you have the most accurate picture of English available.
4426 руб
Oxford Picture Dictionary Content Area for Kids English Dictionary Oxford University Press
1403 руб
Longman Handy Learner’s Dictionary American English Pearson
797 руб
Oxford Russian Dictionary: Словарь русско-английский и англо-русский Изд. 1-е 3-е ISBN Oxford University Press
Thousands of new words and phrases; the latest vocabulary from every aspect of Russian life today - from hyperinflation to multimedia and cash machine to electronic security system - is covered in depth, with thousands of example sentences and detailed treatment of idioms to illustrate Russian in use; business, computing, and specialist terminology; the latest business, computing, and specialist vocabulary is included along with common abbreviations and acronyms; extensive treatment of Russian declensions and conjugations; thorough guidance on choosing the correct translation; and new easy-to-navigate design and typography.
1290 руб
Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary Oxford University Press
920 руб
Русско-английский, англо-русский словарь Concise Oxford Russian Dictionary: Инфра-М Уилер М.
Additional coverage The abbreviations and acronyms of modern life—such as APC, HRT, PC, ОМОН, and СКВ—are included along with extensive coverage of both British and American English.
416 руб
Oxford Guide to World English Oxford University Press McArthur T.
688 руб
Pocket Oxford Russian Dictionary Oxford University Press Thompson D.
Language is now studied in the context of its culture, so there is a brand-new supplement giving lively and useful information on life in the Russian-speaking world. - political institutions, educational systems, the media, key dates, and festivals. - Completely new text based on the latest edition of the acclaimed Oxford Russian Dictionary - Up to date vocabulary from all areas of life today - leisure, business, travel, technology - including new words in each language - NEW: special section on culture gives a lively and interesting insight into life in the Russian-speaking world - NEW: brand-new appendices include a guide to letter-writing, and a guide to Russian grammar - NEW: ultra-clear, user-friendly layout for easy access This major new edition of the Pocket Oxford Russian Dictionary offers a completely new text derived from the latest edition of the acclaimed Oxford Russian Dictionary , including up to date vocabulary from all areas of life today - leisure, business, travel, technology - with new words in each language.
796 руб -10% 716 руб
Longman Photo Dictionary American English / Korean Edition Pearson
615 руб
Longman Picture Dictionary British English Edition Pearson Julie A.
1410 руб
Oxford Russian Dictionary, customized edition Oxford University Press
В новом издании получили отражение наиболее значимые изменения в лексике русского и английского языков, происшедшие за последние годы и коснувшиеся, прежде всего, таких динамично развивающихся сфер жизнедеятельности, как информационные технологии, финансы и торговля, медицина и популярная культура.
2049 руб
The Oxford Illustrated History of English Literature Oxford University Press Pat R.
In this lavishly illustrated volume, the richness, diversity, and continuity of that tradition are explored by a group of Britain' s foremost literary scholars. Chapter by chapter the authors trace the history of English literature, from the earliest Anglo-Saxon poetry to the present day. At its heart towers Shakespeare, who is accorded a special chapter to himself. Other major figures such as Chaucer, Milton, Donne, Wordsworth, Dickens, Eliot, and Auden are treated in depth, and the story is brought right up to date with discussion of living authors such as Seamus Heaney and Harold Pinter. The illustrations have been chosen by the contributors to exemplify and bring to life the content and concerns of the text. They range in subject from manuscripts and book illustrations to works of art and architecture, portraits, social scenes, landscapes, and caricatures, and illuminate not merely the material of literature but also the social, political, and personal aspects of our literary history. The contributors have succeeded in weaving together the complex strands of English literature into a highly readable narrative, accessible to the general reader and student alike. Britain possesses a literary heritage which is almost unrivalled in the Western world.
890 руб
Communicative Language Teaching in an EAP Program. A Study of International Students' English Language Acquisition Книга по Требованию Anouchka P.
1981 руб
A Copious Dictionary of English Synonymes Книга по Требованию Fenby T.
957 руб
A Dictionary of English Synonymes and Synonymous Or Parallel Expressions Designed As a Practical Guide to Aptness and Variety of Phraseology Книга по Требованию Howison G.H.
955 руб
Oxford Russian Dictionary (+ CD-ROM) Oxford University Press Wheeler M.
1445 руб
Oxford School Dictionary and Thesaurus Oxford University Press Allen R.
755 руб
Oxford Primary Dictionary Oxford University Press
Easy to use and clear navigation makes it quick to find the word you need - the full alphabet appears on every page with a dark blue tab on the letter of the page, and guidewords also appear on every page to support early alphabetical referencing skills.
1158 руб -15% 984 руб

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