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The Invisible Man

Формат:      Страниц 77
     мягкая обложка
Hayes R.    
589 руб
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His head is covered in bandages and dark glasses hide his eyes. The villagers are curious. Who is he? When they discover the stranger’s terrible secret, they realize that they are in great danger. A stranger arrives in a small village wearing a long coat and gloves.
Игра логическая "IQ-Элемент".
Q-Элемент - игра-головоломка для одного игрока. Суть игры: расположить на игровом поле все детали, чтобы поверхность была ровная, без
494 руб
Раздел: Игры логические
Корзина "Плетенка" с крышкой, 35х29х17,5 см (белая).
Материал: пластик. Ширина: 29 см. Длина: 35 см. Высота: 17,5 см. Цвет: белый.
294 руб
Раздел: Корзины для стеллажей
Сковорода чугунная, блинная 2504, 23 см.
Диаметр: 23 см. Высота: 2 см. Чугунная сковорода с деревянной ручкой. Обладает высокой теплопроводностью, несравнимой износостойкостью,
520 руб
Раздел: Сковороды чугунные
The Invisible Man Penguin Readers 5 Pearson H. W.
5 руб
The Invisible Man (2000 TV Series) Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The Quicksilver gland was sabotaged at its creation by scientist Arnaud DeFoehn, to release a neurotoxin that accumulates in his bloodstream and causes intense pain, followed by antisocial behavior and psychosis.
1191 руб
The Time Machine and the Invisible Man Sterling Publishing Wells H.G.
This new volume offers two of Wells’s best-loved and most critically acclaimed “scientific romances”.
299 руб
Macmillan Readers: The Invisible Man Pack (+ CD-ROM) Macmillan Publishers
The stranger turns out to be a scientist, but what is he trying to hide? Includes Audio CD. The Invisible Man is a classic story written by HG Wells and has been adapted for Pre-intermediate level readers.
821 руб
The Invisible Man Collins Classics HarperCollins Publishers Wells H.G.
But when his friend refuses to join his quest, Griffin turns murderous, threatening to seek revenge on all who have betrayed him. H. G. Wells' controversial works are considered modern classics of the science fiction genre. Originally serialised in 1897, The Invisible Man is a fascinating exploration of power, corruption and science. Driven away by the villagers and turning to an old friend for help, Griffin reveals that he has discovered how to make himself invisible, and plans to use his condition for treacherous ends. Forbidding and unfriendly, he confines himself to his room. HarperCollins is proud to present its incredible range of best-loved, essential classics. "I beheld, unclouded by doubt, a magnificent vision of all that invisibility might mean to a man - the mystery, the power, the freedom. "Griffin, a stranger, arrives at the local inn of an English village, entirely shrouded in bandages.
205 руб
Prehistoric Man of Taiwan The Biological Evidence of the San-Pau-Chu People. Книга по Требованию Hsiu-Man L.
Because the dental morphological study and ancient DNA analyses seem to suggest a Northeast Asian origin for the San-Pau-Chu people, it is proposed here that approximately 2,500 BP, some prehistoric Taiwanese came from mainland East Asia.
3051 руб
Руководство по эксплуатации Грузовые автомобили MAN серия F2000. Терция Китаевич А.
Книга представляет собой учебно-практическое пособие, предназначенное для учащихся профильных средних и высших учебных заведений, квалифицированных владельцев данных автомобилей, работников СТО.
649 руб
Spider-Man&Friends: Merry-Go-Round Playset: Для детей от 3 лет - - с. Набор игрушек: Тайланд: Maisto Manufactuning LTD
420 руб
Travis 'The Invisible Band' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 65933 X
229 руб
Genesis 'Invisible Touch' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 87591 SomeWax
119 руб
Kraftwerk'Man Machine' Japan [CD] { } ~54.00.00 88952 Бомба-М
939 руб
Woody Allen 'Wild Man Blues' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 88148 BMG
639 руб
Invisible monsters W.W. Norton & Company Паланик Ч.
549 руб
Witchcraft through the Ages: The Story of Haxan, the World's Strangest Film, and the Man Who Made It (на англ.яз.) Cinema Classic Collection FAB Press Stevenson J.
498 руб
Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old man, a Young Man, and Life's Greatest Lesson Broadway Элбом М.
480 руб
The Elephant Man нет серии ISBN 0-19-422940-8 0-19-423255-7 978-0-19-422940-1 Oxford University Press Vicary T.
498 руб
Раскраска + тату. Iron Man 2. Воитель Iron Man 2 Росмэн
82 руб
CER (Cambridge English Readers) 2 Man from Nowhere Cambridge English Readers 2 Cambridge University Press Smith
Meanwhile time is running out for his wife and son who are waiting in the desert for help to arrive.
447 руб
Man and Wife HarperCollins Publishers Parsons T.
326 руб
The Gingerbread Man Ladybird Books
126 руб

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