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Brave New World (+ Audio CD)

Aldous H.    
339 руб
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Then John comes from the Savage Reservation to the New World and with him he brings strong emotions – love, hate, anger, fear. Suddenly, danger threatens the New World. Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is one of the great works of science fiction. There is worldwide happiness and order. It is the year After Ford 632 in the New World. People are born and live by scientific methods.
Мебель для кукол "Столовая Конфетти".
Столовая "Конфетти" - это игровой набор, состоящий из стола, четырех стульев, а также посуды: бокалов, тарелок, столовых
437 руб
Раздел: Кухни, столовые
Деревянный конструктор "Репка" (19 деталей).
В набор входят: все герои сказки, объединяются между собой липучками, домик, деревце и пара кустов. Материал: дерево.
388 руб
Раздел: Деревянные конструкторы
Термостопка в виде объектива (малая).
Кружка-термос в виде объектива снабжена специальной вакуумной стальной колбой с двойными стенками и герметичной крышкой с
375 руб
Раздел: Оригинальная посуда

Объединенная Республика Танзания
В отличие от Танганьики поверхность Занзибара и Пембы-равнина. Однако растительность родственна материковой. Правда, многие леса и кустарники вырублены, а на их месте посажены кокосовые пальмы и гвоздичные деревья.         Климат Танзании жаркий. Зима отличается от лета лишь количеством осадков. В начале и конце лета наблюдаются два сезона дождей. Наибольшее количество осадков выпадает на Занзибаре, Пембе, побережье Индийского океана и в предгорьях. Центральная часть Танганьики засушлива. Именно поэтому более 80% населения страны Живет на 1/3 территории в менее засушливой области. Остальные районы страны почти безлюдны.         Во всем мире известны заповедники Танзании-Серенгети и Нгоронгоро, где сохраняются Многочисленные представители животного мира Африки.         В естественных условиях живут львы, слоны, носороги, бегемоты, леопарды, буйволы, антилопы, жирафы, зебры, гиены. Много птиц, змей, ящериц. Использованная литература "Детская Энциклопедия 6 ", "Страны мира 1989 г.", "Co cise a las of he world", "Иллюстрированная энциклопедия животных", "Детская Энциклопедия 8 "," Детская Энциклопедия 10"," Детская Энциклопедия 11 ","История развивающихся стран". .05.1996 года Марк Маслов 10бм класс

Brave New World Pearson Aldous H.
5 руб
In The Face Of A Brave New World. A Study Of The New Confucian Movement And The Kyoto School Книга по Требованию
2416 руб
Brave New World (Film) Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1531 руб
Brave New World Random House, Inc. Huxley
In laboratories worldwide, genetic science has brought the human race to perfection.
740 руб
The Oxford Dictionary of Science Fiction Brave New Words: Oxford University Press
995 руб
Great Britain and America from the Beginning Old World, New World: Daedalus Books MS K.B.
She reveals the real motivations for settling North America, the factors that led to Britain' s losing the colonies, and the reasons why hawks in Congress took the two countries to war again in 1812. Indeed, war between Britain and the United States loomed again later in the nineteenth century, and it took common enemies to bring them together in the twentieth. But the anchor of the alliance was human. Nineteenth-century British writers celebrated American energy while scorning its vulgarity; American writers appreciated the British sense of tradition while criticizing its aristocracy. Yet social reformers on both sides of the ocean worked together to end slavery and achieve female suffrage. Since 1945, the world has watched and wondered at the close bonds of the leaders - Kennedy and Macmillan, Reagan and Thatcher, and Bush and Blair. The first joint history of its kind, Old World, New Worldis a vivid, absorbing, and surprising story of one of the longest international love-hate relationships in modern history. Burk, a fourth-generation Californian and a professor of history in London, draws on her unrivaled knowledge of both countries to explore the totality of the relationship - the politics, economics, culture, and society - that both connected the two peoples and drove them apart. She tells the story from each side, beginning with the English exploration of the New World and taking us up to the present alliance in Iraq. Our close bond with Great Britain seems inevitable, given our shared language and heritage. But as distinguished historian Kathleen Burk shows in this groundbreaking history, the close international relationship was forged only recently, preceded by several centuries of hostility and conflict that began soon after the first English colony was established on the newly discovered continent.
766 руб
Orthodox Church development in North America, the Middle Eastern migration, problems of settlement, and adjusting to the American culture contribute to several images that trouble the parish but also provide insights into strategies for continuing the ancient faith.
2008 руб
New World Wine Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
Each of these countries have separate wine-growing heritages that go back centuries, but there are some common themes. As in ' the old country' , the Church often initiated imports of wine and then promoted local viticulture to provide wine for ritual purposes.
1599 руб
Fighting for a new world Книга по Требованию Dabney C.W.
601 руб
For a New America in a New World Книга по Требованию King H.C.
599 руб
The New World Книга по Требованию Bowman I.
1158 руб
Atlantis III: The New World Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
1740 руб
DVD. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (Wii)
История Dawn of the New World не менее драматична, чем сюжет оригинальной игры, персонажи милы, а приключения захватывающи.
1093 руб
Vertigo: The Strange New World of the Contemporary City Gingko Press Rowan M.
1376 руб
Tatlin: New Art for a New World Hatje Cantz Verlag Baier S.
This publication provides systematic insight into his oeuvre and reflects the most current research, starting with the young artist s revolutionary é lan. With these, he unhinged the laws of painting, creating his own genre of art as well as a new understanding of the materials he used. Tatlin exploded the boundaries of artistic activity and brought rhythm and motion to sculpture. Referencing Pablo Picasso s assemblages, Tatlin developed his Counter Reliefs, three-dimensional sculptural constructions out of wood, cardboard, metal, and wire. His visionary, unrealized project of building a tower to propagate the ideals and aims of the Russian Revolution left its mark on generations of architects, artists, and authors. Influenced by Futurism, Fauvism, and Cubism, printmaker, set designer, and designer Vladimir Tatlin (1885 1953) made painting his artistic basis.
1966 руб
Webster's New World Medical Dictionary Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
When your doctor uses terms like intraductal carcinoma or akathisia, do you understand and can you ask the right questions?
851 руб
Fabricated. The New World of 3D Printing Wiley Lipson H.
Similar to commercial print shops, a growing number of online 3D print services make the technology available to everyone.
3005 руб
New Worlds Mission Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
1395 руб
Hand book of the New York fire insurance exchange, containing the agreement, list of members, general rules and rates, clauses and priviledges, forms and general minimum rates Книга по Требованию Exchange N.Y.
1145 руб
Supplement to Hymns for the New Church Книга по Требованию Church N.
604 руб

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