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A New Zealand Adventure (+ Audio CD)

     мягкая обложка
Jan T.    
465 руб
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Go with the girls on a New Zealand adventure. They find a mobile phone in the taxi from the airport. Sarah and Jessica arrive in New Zealand for a holiday. He has messages from home – are they important? It is Michael’s mobile, but they can’t find him?
Магнитная мозаика.
Это игра, которая способствует формированию воображения и пространственного мышления у ребенка. Создавая различные конструкции, как на
560 руб
Раздел: Магнитная
Игра настольная "Кто в яйце".
В набор входят: - 4 лукошка для яиц разных цветов; - 4 набора фишек в соответствии с цветом лукошка; - 24 половинки яиц с изображениями
567 руб
Раздел: Прочие
Тележка багажная ТБР-20, бордово-черная.
Грузоподъемность: - для сумки 25 кг, - для каркаса 50 кг. Максимальная вместимость: 30 л. Размеры: 95х28х34 см. Предназначена для
703 руб
Раздел: Хозяйственные тележки

Таким образом, неологизм – это новое слово, новое либо по форме, либо по содержанию, либо и по форме и по содержанию. Следовательно, в вокабуляре неологизмов можно выделить: 1. собственно неологизмы (новизна формы сочетается с новизной содержания): audio ypi g – аудиопечатание; elecommu i g – работа на дому с использованием электронной почты; 2. трансноминации, сочетающие новизну формы слова со значением, уже передававшимся ранее другой формой: Big C- рак; Sudse – мыльная опера; Furphy – беспочвенный слух; 3. семантические инновации или переосмысления (новое значение обозначается формой, уже имевшейся в языке): shor – немного выпивки; ivories – зубы. Распределение новых лексических единиц среди этих типов крайне неравномерно. Это зависит, прежде всего, от развития НТР (слова преимущественно первой группы), а так же от необходимости дать новое, более эмоциональное имя предмету, уже имеющему нейтральное наименование (слова преимущественно второй и третьей группы). Эта классификация неологизмов не отражает способ создания новых слов, а предполагает основой считать способы появления неологизмов (функциональный аспект новой лексики).

Penguin Readers Easystarts: A New Zealand Adventure Penguin Readers Easystarts Pearson Jan T.
Go with the girls on a New Zealand adventure.
495 руб
Australia & New Zealand 1Ed Lonely Planet
5 руб
State Socialism In New Zealand Книга по Требованию James E.L.R.
5 руб
Poia mai taku poi - A history of poi. A critical review of written literature on the poi in New Zealand and the Pacific Книга по Требованию Karyn P.
Performing arts was crucial amongst a group of people with no written form of their language. Traditionally, M? ori performing arts was not a performance but a ritual.
2385 руб
Earning a living in New Zealand. the long term growth and development of New Zealand Книга по Требованию Malcolm A.
Throughout its history New Zealanders have worried about the fragile place of their nation in the world.
3215 руб
Bicultural Identity and Language in New Zealand Pakeha Identity and Maori Language and Culture. Книга по Требованию
Since European contact with Maori, fluency in te reo Maori (Maori language) in New Zealand has dramatically declined, however there has been a revitalisation of te reo Maori in the last 25 years.
2416 руб
Towards Truth and Reconciliation in Aotearoa New Zealand. Land - a Stumbling Block to Reconciliation between Maaori and the Church in New Zealand. Naboths Vineyard: Книга по Требованию
A theological model of social reconciliation is offered, which argues that truth recovery and repentance are necessary components of any steps towards reconciliation.
2008 руб
Diversity or Perversity?. Queer Narratives, Resistance and Representation in New Zealand, 1948-2000 Книга по Требованию Christopher B.
At the same time, fictional narratives offer an adjacent body of knowledge and thought for queer men.
2416 руб
Computational 3D Modeling of Hemodynamics in the Circle of Willis. A thesis presented for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand Книга по Требованию Stephen M.
As a result this book contains reasonably detailed background information on all of the aforementioned fields, in order to provide the novice with a well balanced understanding of all aspects of this modeling challenge.
3234 руб
Re-thinking Drowning Risk. The Role of Water Safety Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviours in the Aquatic Recreation of New Zealand Youth Книга по Требованию Kevin M.
Taken separately, any of these dispositions is capable of heightening drowning risk; taken collectively they offer strong explanation as to why some youth are at greater risk of drowning than others.
3234 руб
A Multi-Method Comparative Study of Cell Phone Use MOBILE NEW ZEALAND. Книга по Требованию Stephanie B.
This was reflected by extraordinarily high use of SMS in NZ. The study was designed as a cross-national comparative research project with a focus on New Zealand.
3234 руб
Partnership-based Local Development Policy. The New Zealand Experience Книга по Требованию Sharon B.
This book is of particular interest and usefulness to politicians, policy makers and practitioners working in the field of implementing public policy, particularly as it relates to matters of social and economic development.
3234 руб
Aphrodite's Bosom. Exploring Breast Augmentation Online in New Zealand Книга по Требованию Veronica H.
These notions of femininity were drawn upon to construct women as their bodies, and their bodies as idealized objects.
2008 руб
The assessment and utilisation of M? ori land in New Zealand: Case studies and crop options. Hokia ki te whenua; returning to the land. Книга по Требованию Nick R.
The integration of this knowledge with western science is argued and applied through the model itself.
3234 руб
Influences on Learning. Voices of Postgraduate Students in a New Zealand University Книга по Требованию Xiaomin J.
Research on students' approaches to learning in higher education has consistently demonstrated a range of factors influencing students' approaches to learning.
2008 руб
Battling Enormous Giants, or Building Monuments to Sustainability? Wind Energy in New Zealand. Книга по Требованию Yana B.
Within the global energy system, there are examples such as Denmark, where the path to renewable energy has been pursued comprehensively and steadily.
2008 руб
Patterns and Implications Vowel Change in New Zealand English. Книга по Требованию Christian L.
It is furthermore argued that vowel shifts of the type observed in New Zealand English come about by rather simple mechanisms that have a strong resemblance to functional principles found in the evolution of organisms.
3234 руб
Baha'i Faith in New Zealand Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Multiplying its involvements through to today, the 2001 population was reported at 1,070 and growing. The Baha' i National Spiritual Assembly of New Caledonia was elected in 1977. In 1961 Jeannette Outhey was the first New Caledonian to join the religion and with other converts and pioneers elected the first Baha' i Local Spiritual Assembly of Noumea. The Baha' i Faith in New Caledonia was first mentioned by `Abdu' l-Baha in 1916, though the first Baha' i arrived in 1952 during a temporary visit because of restrictive policies on English-speaking visitors.
1395 руб
Didymo in New Zealand Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
In 2004 Didymosphenia geminata, a diatom commonly known as didymo or rock snot, was discovered in New Zealand, the first time it was found in the southern hemisphere.
1395 руб
Conservation in New Zealand Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The introduction of many invasive species is threatening the indigenous biodiversity since the geographical isolation of New Zealand led to the evolution of plants and animals that did not have traits to protect against predation.
1191 руб

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