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Japanese Gardens

Формат:      Страниц 240
     твердый переплет + суперобложка
Nitschke G.    
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The Japanese garden belongs to the realm of architecture; at its best, it is nature as art. The Japanese garden, like all gardens, is more than mere nature; it is nature crafted by man. The phases of its history document the constant redefinition of man' s position within and towards nature. Its changing forms respond both to socio-economic developments and to religious and philosophical trends, and thereby reflect the spiritual climate in which its architecture was conceived. At the same time as detailing the characteristics distinguishing and differentiating each of the five major epochs in the history of the Japanese garden, the author identifies the common motif which underlies them all: the recurrent attempt to unite beauty as natural accident and beauty as human-perfected type, to achieve an aesthetic symbiosis between the seeming randomness of natural form and the strict geometry of the right angle. It needs the hands of the designer to give it meaning.
Мольберт "Ника растущий", со счетами (светофор).
Двусторонний мольберт для детей прекрасно подойдет для обучения и для развлечения. Одна сторона мольберта - магнитная доска для работы с
1970 руб
Раздел: Буквы на магнитах
Магнитная планка самоклеющаяся, 100x5 см + 6 магнитов.
Магнитные планки применяются в случаях, когда требуются небольшие магнитные поверхности. На внутренней стороне планки нанесен перманентный
654 руб
Раздел: Прочее
Тарелка Lubby "Веселые животные" с присоской.
Тарелка "Lubby" для кормления незаменима в период, когда Ваш малыш учится есть самостоятельно. Присоска препятствует свободному
335 руб
Раздел: Тарелки
Infinite Spaces: The Art and Wisdom of the Japanese Garden Tuttle Publishing Julie M.M.
Infinite Spaces is a remarkable reflection of the Japanese garden, drawing on extracts from the Sakuteiki - an eleventh-century text that distills centuries of garden design - and pairing them with inspiring images from Sadao Hibi, one of Japan' s best-known photographers. Japanese gardens have long been admired for their capacity to improve on nature through impeccable design, detail and composition, properties that elevate them from mere gardens to sacred spaces.
1800 руб
Japanese Women (1893) Книга по Требованию Japanese W.C.
604 руб
The Tokyo Gas Attack the Japanese Psyche (на англ. яз. ) - 310 с. Underground: London: Vintage Murakami H.
428 руб
A Guide to Japanese Animation Scince 1917 The Anime Encyclopedia: Stone Bridge Press Clements J.,McCarthy H.
995 руб
Альбом (на англ. яз. ) Russian Still Life (Русский натюрморт): Альбом (на англ. яз. ) Russian Parks and Gardens (Русские сады и парки): Альбом (на англ. яз. ) Альбом (на англ. яз. ) Russian Interior (Русский интерьер): Russian Landscape (Русский пейзаж): Искусство Володина Т.И.,Болотина И.С.,Моисеева Т.В.
520 руб
In Search of Paradise. Great Gardens of the World Frances Lincoln Penelope H.
Here too are the gardens of the great modern designers, among them Roberto Burle Marx, Fernando Caruncho, Dan Kiley, John Brookes and James van Sweden.
1293 руб
Japanese Women Don't Get Old or Fat Random House, Inc. Naomi M.
Raised in Tokyo and on her grandparents' mountainside farm, author Naomi Moriyama first travelled to the West as a college student, and promptly gained 25 pounds eating an American diet. Returning home for the holidays, she found that the weight melted off as she returned to the healthy, soulful food of her mother’s tiny kitchen: satisfying soups, fresh vegetables, delicate grilled fish; mouthwatering meals that never left her feeling hungry. Filled with delicious recipes and evocative reminiscences, this book is for all those who are tired of counting calories and carbs, and finding themselves on diets that don’t work. Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat offers a delightfully fresh and easy approach to a healthier, slimmer, and longer lifestyle In Japan, people live longer than anywhere else on Earth; obesity is virtually unknown, and 40-year-old women look like they’re 20. The secret: Japanese homestyle cooking, and an approach to eating that is not about self-deprivation, but about celebrating and savouring food.
1081 руб
Japanese Export Ceramics, 1860-1920 Schiffer Books Nancy N. S.
Ceramics collectors worldwide will be able to compare the craftsmanship of these imaginative designs and learn how the international market both demanded and supported trade in their ornate decorations.
4862 руб
Japanese Dolls: The Fascinating World Of Ningyo Tuttle Publishing Alan S.P.
What types of dolls are available for the collector of today?
2753 руб
Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens and Peter and Wendy Oxford World's Classics Oxford University Press J. M. B.
435 руб
Flora: Gardens and Plants in Art and Literature Taschen, Evergreen Edward L.
Every culture respects the garden and in Flora you will find images of flowers and gardens from a wide variety of societies and historical periods.
5 руб
The Gardens of the Dead Little, Brown and Company William B.
Three weeks later she is found dead in the East End of London and, once the box has been opened, a chain of events is triggered as if from beyond the grave, leading Anselm to fulfil what Elizabeth has begun.
643 руб
Japanese Cinema Taschen Galbraith I.S.
For years, Westerners interested in Japanese film have had to content themselves with the collected works of Akira Kurosawa, a spotty sampling of films by Kenji Mizoguchi and Yasujiro Ozu, gobs of anime, and badly dubbed monster movies.
5 руб
Buckingham Palace Gardens Headline Publishing Anne P.
It rests with Pitt to solve the murder - in doing so he must reconcile his own concept of justice with those who feel it is within their right to make their own laws, whatever the consequences.
328 руб
Alphabetical List Of The Chinese And Japanese Emperors Книга по Требованию J. L. E.
Print-on-Demand - это технология печати книг по Вашему заказу на цифровом типографском оборудовании.
599 руб
Tales From Old Japanese Dramas Книга по Требованию Asataro M.
5 руб
The Japanese Spirit Книга по Требованию Okakura Y.
1349 руб
Peter Pan and Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens CRW Publishing J.M. B.
Like its ageless hero, this is a fantasy that will live forever.
546 руб
Teach Yourself Complete Japanese (+ Audio CD) Hodder&Stoughton Helen G.
EXTEND YOUR KNOWLEDGE Extra online articles at: www. teachyourself. com to give you a richer understanding of the culture and history of Japan.
3617 руб
Conversational Storytelling. A Study of Oral Narratives in Japanese Книга по Требованию Shoko K.
Most of the data come from several dozen hours of tape-recorded conversations.
2747 руб

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