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Архитектура. Градостроительство.

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Архитектура. Градостроительство.

Dubai Architecture & Design

Формат:      Страниц 238
     твердый переплет + суперобложка
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Dubai presents a kind of preview of the ultramodern - a trend that is also reflected in the design of various restaurants, hotels and label stores. In particular, reports regardign new buildings in this country of little shadow overshadow anything that has been constructed before. Only a few decades ago, Dubai was merely a tranquil Bedouin city. Reports about it are distinguished by superlatives. Today, the skyline of a boomtown rises from the desert. Representing the most important gate to the Middle East, this city is primarily one thing: thoroghly international and with incredible power on its way to a new future. Burj Al Arab, currently the world' s largest luxury hotel, with its also technically unique facade is just one example of these buildings. Palm Project or Hydropolis, both visionary, artificially created islands belong to the same category. As does the construction of the world' s highest apartment tower. This is the theme of this book, with chosen objects and crucial information concerning them.
Деревянный конструктор "Три поросенка", 31 деталь.
Игровые наборы-конструкторы из дерева серии «Сказки» познакомят детей с героями детских сказок, подарят много часов увлекательных игр в
383 руб
Раздел: Настольный деревянный театр
Шкатулка, 36x26x18 см (арт. 3871-RT-64).
Шкатулка очень удобна в использовании, и к тому же станет украшением вашего домашнего интерьера! Модель: 64. Оформление корпуса: ткань,
2717 руб
Раздел: Шкатулки для рукоделия
Ловушки от тараканов COMBAT, 4 штуки.
Эффективность. Ловушки Combat полностью убивают колонию тараканов в течение 2-х недель. "Принцип Домино". Таракан заползает в
326 руб
Раздел: От тараканов и прочих насекомых

Роль Эмиратов в мировой экономике
Abu Dhabi Compa y for O shore Oil Opera io s (ADCO) - крупнейшая в северной части Персидского Залива нефтедобывающая компания. В сфере её деятельности - поиск, бурение, добыча и экспортные операции в эмирате Абу Даби и на мелководье. Abu Dhabi Mari e Opera i g Compa y (ADMA-OPCO) занимается разведкой, разработкой и добычей нефти и газа на шельфе эмирата Абу Даби и на месторождениях Умм Шайф и Закум. Весь объём добываемых нефти и газа транспортируется на остров Дас, где находится газо- и нефтехранилище компании, для дальнейшей переработки, складирования и экспорта: на острове оборудован современный терминал. Zakum Developme Compa y - ZADCO), основана в 1977 году. Занимается разработкой крупнейшего в мире месторождения Верхний Закум, месторождений в Умм аль-Дальх и Сатах. Добыча осуществляется совместно с AD OC и Japa Oil Developme Compa y (JODCO). 6 июня 1966 года в эмирате Дубай было открыто первое крупное месторождение нефти в местечке Фатех, а уже через два с половиной месяца начались экспортные поставки. Добычей нефти в зоне Фатех, Рашид и Фалех занимается Dubai Pe roleum Compa y (DPC). Объём добычи - 170.000 баррелей в день (б/д). С 1982 года сфера деятельности АРСО I er a io al Oil 3.Использовать преимущественно местные сырьё, материалы и рабочую силу . 4.В производственном процессе. 5.Реализовать проект в местах, одобренных Правительством.

Shanghai Architecture & Design Architecture and Design Books Daab
About 35 projects are published, buildings, restaurants, shops and offices.
2935 руб
New York. Architecture & Design teNeues
New York is as dynamic city as any in the world, ever changing and always, it seems, in the process of re-inventing itself.
5 руб
Tokyo Architecture & Design Architecture and Design Books Daab
In no other city are the boundaries between inside and outside, public and private, up and down as blurred as in Tokyo; this lack of frontiers has shaped an urban setting without parallel which is reflected equally by the most state-of-the-art skyscraper and the most intimate store.
2119 руб
All the developed algorithms and protocols are distributed and localized, requiring no global knowledge, central control or request-and-acknowledge iterations, and hence scales very well with large network sizes.
3234 руб
AAD Berlin: Art Architecture Design Art Architecture Design teNeues Kunz M.N.
Entries include the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, the Helmut Newton Foundation, and many more.
462 руб
Roof Architecture + Design Masterpieces: Thames&Hudson Roth M.
When there are no available gaps in the urban structure, attic conversions and extensions are an interesting and favored form of redensification.
2690 руб
Sacred Architecture + Design Masterpieces: Braun
Sacred buildings are among the oldest types of edifice produced in human civilisation.
3898 руб
European House Now: Contemporary Architectural Design (на англ.яз.) - 240 с. ISBN 0-500-28175-0 ~92.10.14 111 London: Thames & Hudson Doubilet S., Boles D.
1950 руб
Computer-aided Architectural Design Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The first program was installed back in the 1960’s, to help architects save time instead of drawing their blueprints.
1191 руб
The Best of Newspaper Design: The 2008 Creative Competition of the Society for News Design Rockport Publishers Society f.N.D.
The Best of Newspaper Design: 30th Edition, the latest edition in Rockport' s highly respected series, presents the winning entries from the Society for News Design' s 2009 competition. Featuring work selected by a panel of judges from more than 14,000 international publication entries, this inspirational volume sets the bar for excellence in journalistic design.
7244 руб
The Best of Newspaper Design Rockport Publishers Society f.N.D.
Every industry professional aspires to one day see his or her work in this book.
2237 руб
The Design Hotelsa' Book: 2012 Gestalten Hotels D.
The new edition of The Design Hotels Book is a comprehensive overview of the most original design hotels worldwide.
2479 руб
VOA Associates Incorporated: architecture, planning, interior design The Master Architect Series Images Publishing Group
874 руб
An Industrial Design and Fabrication Opportunity in Architecture The Global Housing Crisis. Книга по Требованию Larry B.
In this book, we review the evolution of the Manufactured Housing industry in the 20th century; further, we review architect' s mass housing concepts and their encountered barriers. Additionally, we review how architects and Industrial Designers use technology and design processes in their respective fields in terms of fabrication and mass- customization techniques. Our hope is that emerging design-fabricate processes in architecture can assist with the expanding global housing crisis. This book is addressed to designers, architects, builders, managers, manufacturers, industrial and real estate entrepreneurs as well as anyone interested in improving human habitation. World population is projected to increase from approximately 5 billion in the year 2000 to 8 billion inhabitants by 2050; primarily in developing countries that are shifting from a rural agrarian to urban information society. Literally, millions of persons are homeless, live in inadequate shelter, or as in the US Manufactured Housing market, live in deficient “manufactured” houses that are detrimental to health and life-safety.
3234 руб
Gateway-centric Routing and Services Provisioning Architecture for WSNs. A guide for network designers Книга по Требованию Ali H.A.
Gateways have long been perceived and designed for providing interoperability between heterogeneous systems.
3234 руб
Site Soundscapes : Sonotope Design Strategies Landscape Architecture in the Light of Sound. Книга по Требованию Per H.
' Site Soundscapes : Sonotope Design' is based on the assumption that landscape architects work on projects in which the acoustic aspects can be taken into consideration.
2008 руб
Interaction Interoperability for Distributed Virtual Environments. An Architectural Framework Design for Context Awareness, Scalability and Extensibility Книга по Требованию Hussein A.
Innovative input devices are no longer used just for games, propriety consoles and specific applications, they are also used in many distributed virtual environments, especially the so-called serious virtual environments.
2784 руб
This project concerns the design of an appropriate architecture for a new-style weather information service system, focusing on real time and interaction, which exploits the most recent advances in mobile database and related technologies.
1878 руб
Rudimentary treatise on the principles of design in architecture as deducible from nature and exemplified in the works of the Greek and Gothic architects Книга по Требованию Garbett E.L.
955 руб
An Optical Packet Buffer Overview Design of Optical Buffer Architectures for Packet-Switched Networks. Книга по Требованию Emilio H.S.
This scheme is examined through modelling and experimentally, and is compared to other contention resolution techniques.
3051 руб

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