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Liverpool - Wondrous Place: From the Cavern to the Capital of Culture

Формат:      Страниц 336
     мягкая обложка
Paul D.    
Virgin Publishing    
459 руб
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In "2002, Guinness World Records: British Hit Singles" voted Liverpool ' World Capital of Pop' recognising that Liverpool' s homegrown talent has produced more number one hit singles per capita than anywhere else in the world. In 2008, Liverpool will celebrate its crown as European Capital of Culture. Paul Du Noyer' s acclaimed book takes us on a tour of the rich musical history of his hometown, from the world-famous Cavern Club in Mathew Street, host to the Beatles' debut performance in 1961, to the city' s musical future with contemporary bands like The Zutons. No other city in the world is as well known or loved for its vibrant and definitive musical history as Liverpool. Featuring interviews with key figures of the music scene, this book reveals the creative impulse behind Britain' s most musical city. Find out why Liverpool is not just a place where music happens. The city is the reason music happens.
Микрофон "Караоке новогоднее".
Какая игрушка превратит любой день в праздник? Конечно, удивительный микрофон-караоке! Подпевая любимым мультяшкам, малыши смогут
301 руб
Раздел: Микрофоны
Шарики для бассейна, 500 штук.
Шариками можно наполнить бассейн, манеж, игровую палатку или домик. Материал: безопасный, экологически чистый пластик. Диаметр шара 7 см.
3027 руб
Раздел: Шары для бассейна
Ручка-стилус шариковая "Людмила".
Перед Вами готовый подарок в стильной упаковке — шариковая ручка со стилусом. Она имеет прочный металлический корпус, а надпись нанесена с
415 руб
Раздел: Металлические ручки

Возникновение жизни на Земле
В юре появляется ряд новых групп млекопитающих - Symme rodo a, Docodo a, Mul i ubercula a и Eupa o heria. Из всех названных групп мезозой пережили только Mul i ubercula a (многобугорчатые), последний представитель которых вымирает в эоцене. Многобугорчатые были наиболее специализированы из мезозойских млекопитающих, конвергентно они имели некоторое сходство с грызунами. Предками основных групп современных млекопитающих - сумчатых (Marsupialia) и плацентарных (Place alia) были Eupa o heria. Как сумчатые, так и плацентарные появились в позднем мелу. Наиболее древней группой плацентарных являются насекомоядные (l sec ivora), сохранившиеся и в наше время. Мощные тектонические процессы альпийской складчатости, воздвигнувшие новые горные хребты и изменившие очертания континентов, в корне изменили географическую и климатическую обстановку. Почти все мезозойские группы животного и растительного царства отступают, вымирают, йсчезают; на развалинах старого возникает новый мир, мир кайнозойской эры, в которой жизнь получает новый толчок к развитию и в конце концов формируются ныне живущие виды организмов.

Green Brothers 'Not of this place' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 54101 CD-Land
119 руб
A Place Called Freedom Macmillan Publishers Follett K.
280 руб
Coldest Place on Earth Oxford Bookworms Library 1: Oxford University Press Tim V.
And on this ship was Roald Amundsen, a Norwegian.
384 руб
Finding the Place of Architecture in the Landscape Peter Gisolfi Associates: The Master Architect Series Images Publishing Group Peter G.
The projects in this book are organised thematically as landscapes and buildings, gardens and houses, campuses, townscapes, and transformations.
2165 руб
The Place Of Animals In Human Thought Книга по Требованию Countess E.M.C.
5 руб
A History Of Liverpool Книга по Требованию Ramsay M.
5 руб
The Place-Names Of Argyll Книга по Требованию Cameron G.H.
5 руб
There's No Place Like Here HarperCollins Publishers Cecelia A.
Thirty-four-year-old Sandy Shortt has made it her life' s ambition to search for all the missing things in life. It started with the disappearance of her class mate Jenny-May, back when they were both ten. Since then it has become an obsession - from the single sock that comes out of the dryer, missing its mate, to the people who leave for work one morning never to return to their loved ones. & nbsp; Sandy' s& nbsp; determination to know where everything is grows and leads to a life dedicated to searching, but not often enough, finding.
558 руб
The Freedom Factor. A Place for the Divine in the Learning Equation Книга по Требованию Dr. A. W. L.
The research presented in this book is significant because there is a need to understand how much teachers know about their First Amendment rights and how this relates to their opinions about religion in the classroom.
1997 руб
Residential Learning Community, Commuter and Traditional Residence Hall Freshmen. A Study of FTIC Freshmen to Explore the Impact of Place of Residence Upon Academic Achievement and Retention Книга по Требованию
The results indicate that there were no differences in academic achievement between the subject groups in terms of mean freshman grade point average.
1997 руб
Making Places in Virtual Environment. A Model of Digital Sense of Place Книга по Требованию
To achieve sense of place in the cybernetic spatial domains that can be seamlessly inhabited remotely is the goal of researchers.
2784 руб
Neohistorical Fiction and Hannah’s Place. A Creative Response to Colonial Representation Книга по Требованию Elanna H.
Instead their experiences were recorded in newspaper and archival documents reflecting patriarchal and class ideologies, which represented them as the ' other' . This book in two parts, shows that by working within neohistorical fiction a richer, non-linear view of female experience can be found.
3234 руб
New Directions in Public Policy Place Management and Social Capital. Книга по Требованию Martin S.
One of the new dimensions of the debate is the extent to which place management can deliver a social capital effect.
2416 руб
Ivon Hitchens, John Walker and Michael Williams Three British Artists Explored: Landscape Painting: Experience, Place and Visual Language. Книга по Требованию Richard B.
It provides a succinct text for students and others involved in the fine art field.
2008 руб
RE/PLACING PUBLIC ART. The Role of Place-specificity in New Genre Public Art Книга по Требованию Cameron C.
The research reflects on the potential of place-specific public art to celebrate unique cultural differences, inspire international collaboration, and provide a forum for local distinctiveness in the face of globalization.
2008 руб
The realm of fiction now serves, and has served humanity as the realm of the unknown where it reaches out to find itself within.
2008 руб
Place Attachment and Spiritual Well-Being Across the Lifespan. The Importance of Place and Home to Quality of Life Книга по Требованию Carol C.M.
The theory of attachment has been an area of great interest and experimentation in the field of psychology.
2008 руб
Census-designated place Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
CDPs are delineated for each decennial census as the statistical counterparts of incorporated places such as cities, towns and villages.
1599 руб
Braeswood Place, Houston Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Braeswood Place is a mainly single-family neighborhood inside the 610 Loop, east of the city of Bellaire, south of the cities of Southside Place and West University Place, west of the Texas Medical Center and the neighborhood of Old Braeswood, and north of the neighborhoods of Linkwood and Knollwood Village.
1395 руб
Echo Arena Liverpool Книга по Требованию Norton F.G.
The convention centre has a 3,725 square metre multipurpose hall on the ground floor, with a 1,350 capacity auditorium and eighteen break out rooms above.
1395 руб

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