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The Death of Ivan Ilyich & Other Stories

Формат:      Страниц 288
     мягкая обложка
Leo T.    
193 руб
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He also, however, wrote many masterly short stories, and this volume contains four of the longest and best in distinguished translations that have stood the test of time. Count Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910) is best known for "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina", commonly regarded as amongst the greatest novels ever written. In the early story ' Family Happiness' , Tolstoy explores courtship and marriage from the point of view of a young wife. In ' The Kreutzer Sonata' he gives us a terrifying study of marital breakdown, in ' The Devil' a powerful depiction of the power of sexual temptation, and, in perhaps the finest of all, ' The Death of Ivan Ilyich' , he portrays the long agony of a man gradually coming to terms with his own mortality.
Таблетки для посудомоечных машин "Paclan Brileo. Classic", 110 штук.
Таблетки обладают отличным моющим действием за счет входящих в состав "умных" энзимов (амилазы и протеазы). Отлично моют посуду,
695 руб
Раздел: Для посудомоечных машин
Статуэтка "Римская богиня счастья и удачи - Фортуна", 20 см, арт. 127548.
Статуэтка "Римская богиня счастья и удачи - Фортуна" - это отличный вариант подарка. Красивый продуманный дизайн и высокое
696 руб
Раздел: Статуэтки интерьерные
Настольная игра "Собери урожай".
Игра на развитие познавательных способностей, зрительно-моторной координации движений. Познакомит с ролевой игрой и укрепит социальное
581 руб
Раздел: Классические игры
First Love and Other Stories Oxford World's Classics Oxford University Press Ivan T.
548 руб
The Jew and Other Stories Faber and Faber Turgenev I.
The Jew, An Unhappy Girl, The Duellist, Three Portraits and Enough, in Constance Garnett' s classic 1900 translation. Five short tales by Turgenev include: This title includes The Duellist, an early (1846) study of contrasting characters which clearly demonstrates his movement away from the romantic and melodramatic tradition in Russian literature, and towards his unerringly realistic portraiture of individual lives, a skill that is perhaps most perfectly expressed in his short works. The Jew and Other Stories contains a difficult and uncompromising short tale by the Russian master Turgenev, and four additional tales.
937 руб
The Death of Ivan Ilyich and Other Stories Oxford World's Classics Oxford University Press Tolstoy L.
In his Introduction Andrew Kahn explores Tolstoy' s moral concerns and the stylistic features of these late stories, sensitively translated by Nicolas Pasternak Slater. Two vivid parables and '
614 руб
Death in Venice and Other Stories Random House UK Mann T.
375 руб
Death in Venice and Other Stories Random House UK Thomas M.
Italian director Luchino Visconti also wrote the screenplay for his 1971 adaptation of Mann' s novella and travelled all over the world in search of a suitable actor for the role of Tadzio. Dirk Bogarde considered retiring after playing the part of Aschenbach, believing he could never hope to give a better performance in a better film. One day, at dinner in his hotel, Aschenbach notices an exceptionally beautiful young boy. Gustav von Aschenbach, a successful ageing writer, travels to Venice for a holiday. Soon his days begin to revolve around seeing this boy and he is too distracted to pay attention to the ominous rumours that have begun to circulate about disease spreading through the city.
280 руб
Death Wears a Beauty Mask and Other Stories Fiction Simon & Schuster Mary H.C.
In 1974, master storyteller Mary Higgins Clark began writing a novella inspired by the dark side of the New York City fashion world.
579 руб
Владимир Маковский: Альбом (текст Ненарокомовой И.) - 48 с. {Мастера живописи} ISBN 5-7793-0462-9 ~92.04.29 669 М: Белый Город
520 руб
The Fall of the House of Usher and other stories: Level 3: Retold by Adrian Kelly (на англ.яз.) - 56 с. {Penguin readers} ISBN 0-582-42128-4 ~92.04.10 742 London: Penguin Books Poe E.A. (По Э.А.)
450 руб
Magician of Karakosk and Other Stories (на англ.яз.) Souvenir Press Бигл П.
1570 руб
Broken Glass and Other Stories Easy Readers Aschehoug Highsmith P.
129 руб
The Canterville Ghost and Other Stories Exercises (+ Audio CD) Macmillan Publishers Wilde O.
765 руб
The Speckled Band and Other Stories Exercises with 2 CD Pack (+ Audio CD) Macmillan Publishers Conan D.A.
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843 руб
The Black Cat & Other Stories Pearson
5 руб
The Dream & Other Stories Pearson G. T.
5 руб
Lost Love and Other Stories Pearson Jan C.
79 руб
The Snow Goose and Other Stories Pearson Paul G.
207 руб
The Call Of Cthulhu & Other Stories Penguin Group Lovecraft H.P.
This selection of stories ranges from early tales of nightmares and insanity such as ‘The Outsider’ and ‘Rats in the Walls’, through the grotesquely comic ‘Herbert West – Reanimator’ and ‘The Hound’, to the extra-terrestrial terror of ‘The Call of Cthulhu’, which fuses traditional supernaturalism with science fiction.
860 руб
Popular Classics The Happy Prince and Other Stories Penguin Group Wilde O.
114 руб
Murder in Mews and Other Stories Penguin Group Christie A.
231 руб
Underdog and Other Stories Penguin Group Christie A.
248 руб

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