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Fashion of the 70s

Формат:      Страниц 191
     твердый переплет + суперобложка
Heimann J.    
656 руб
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From hippie to disco to punk, this look book relives 1970s fashion via clothing advertisements from the decade. In between its covers youll find bell-bottoms and feathered hair mingling with platform shoes, Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses and endless amounts of polyester (what were they thinking?).
Поильник–непроливайка Lubby "Русские мотивы" с трубочкой, 240 мл.
Мягкая силиконовая трубочка поильника нежно соприкасается с ртом Малыша. Оптимальная длина трубочки позволяет выпить все содержимое
376 руб
Раздел: Поильники, непроливайки
Набор подарочный для новорождённого "Моя малышка".
Запечатлите мимолетные мгновения жизни Вашего ребенка с помощью необычного набора для новорождённого «Моя малышка». Рамка для
1211 руб
Раздел: Прочие
Кастрюля с носиком для слива BE-135/2 "Webber", 2,4 л.
Объем: 2,4 л. Диаметр: 18 см. Высота: 9,5 см. Толщина стали: 0,5 мм. Кастрюля из высококачественной нержавеющей стали. Комбинированная
775 руб
Раздел: До 3 литров

Аминокислоты и РНК
РНК рибосом принято называть рибосомным и обозначать рРНК. Как 80S, так и 70S рибосомы состоят из двух субчастиц; это можно при помощи электронной микроскопии или путем обработки рибосом растворами, содержащими низкие концентрации ионов Mg2 . При этих условиях рибосомы диссоциируют на субчастицы; последние могут быть отделены друг от друга методом ультрацентрифугирования. Одна из субчастиц по размерам в 2 раза превышает размер второй; так, у 70S рибосом величины S для субчастиц равны 50S и 30S, у 80S рибосом, соответственно 60S и 40S. Субчастицы рибосом клеток эукариот устроены более сложно: более 70 разных белков в обеих субчастицах, при этом большая субчастица содержит 28S, 5,8S и 5S рРНК, а малая содержит 18S рРНК (К настоящему времени полностью расшифрована первичная структура всех рРНК в 70S и 80S рибосомах и аминокислотная последовательность всех 55 белков 70S рибосом и частично белков 80S рибосом.). Для выяснения тонких молекулярных механизмов синтеза белка в рибосомах необходимы сведения о структуре и функциях рибосом.

Rare Bird of Fashion: The Irreverent Iris Apfel Thames&Hudson Eric B.
Combining genres, colours, textures and patterns without regard to period, provenance or, ultimately, aesthetic convention, she is one of the few style icons of our time.
3013 руб
Pattern-drafting for Fashion: The Basics A&C Black Gilewska T.
2387 руб
Flip Fashion. The mix and mstch lookbook Laurence King Publishing
From grunge and pirate to disco queen and street style, create over 100,000 of your own fashion fantasies (and nightmares) with this colourfully illustrated and carefully researched flipbook.
1230 руб
Fabric for Fashion. The Swatch Book Laurence King Publishing Hallett C.
With stunning color photographs that show how fashion designers, both past and present, have worked with fabrics, the books prime objective is to stimulate creative exploration of the relationship of fabrics to fashion.
6299 руб
Best Movies of the 70's Taschen Muller J.
5 руб
CD-ROM (MP3). 100 Hits. She's A Lady. Top Of The Pop's of the 70's
79 руб
The Memoirs of Catherine the Great Random House, Inc. Catherine t.G.
Fluent in French, Russian, and German, Catherine published political theory, journalism, comedies, operas, and history, while writing thousands of letters as she corresponded with Voltaire and other public figures.
1172 руб
The Tainted Relic Simon & Schuster The M.M.
In 1323, in Exeter, Michael Jecks' Sir Baldwin has reason to suspect its involvement in at least five violent deaths. Thirty years later, several suspicious deaths occur in Cambridge - and, once again, the tainted relic has a crucial part to play. Finally, it' s despatched to London, where Philip Gooden' s Nick Revill will determine its ultimate fate. Several decades later, the Cross turns up in the possession of a dealer, robbed and murdered en route to Glastonbury. It was July, 1100. Jerusalem lies ransacked. The relic is said to be cursed: anyone who touches it will meet an untimely and gruesome end. Amidst the chaos, an English knight is entrusted with a valuable religious relic: a fragment of the True Cross, allegedly stained with the blood of Christ. Investigating the death, Bernard Knight' s protagonist, Crowner John learns of its dark history.
375 руб
Estracts from address of department commander Samuel S. Burdett, at the 15th annual encampment of the Department of the Potomac, Grand Army of the Republic, ... at Washingington, D.C., January 30, 1883 Книга по Требованию the r.D.
1427 руб
The Sacred Stone Simon & Schuster The M.M.
But the villagers are soon cursed with violence and murder as they fight to gain control of the precious object.
316 руб
The Greatest Hits of 60-70-s: Лучшие зарубежные песни 60-70 гг.: Золотая коллекция рок-н-ролла и диско (на англ.яз.) Песни ISBN 5-222-02393-1 Песни Феникс
64 руб
The Party Dress: A History of Fashionable Occasions Thames & Hudson Alexandra B.
1853 руб
In Vogue: The Illustrated History of the World's Most Famous Fashion Magazine Rizzoli (RCS MediaGroup) Alberto O.
3001 руб
Dangerous Liaisons: Fashion and Furniture in the Eighteenth Century Yale University Press Harold K.
Featuring beautiful color photographs of the exhibition’s installation, details of the garments, and supplementary historical material, the book demonstrates how the extravagant clothing of the period reiterated the splendor of Rococo and Neoclassical interiors.
1281 руб
The Fabulous Story of Fashion: Gift Edition Usborne Katie D.
481 руб
Fashion from the Inside Out Isabel Toledo: Yale University Press Valerie S.
Patricia Mears investigates the artistic and cultural influences on Toledo' s work and analyzes her unusual methods of construction, noting that she designs in three dimensions in her mind and then begins working directly with fabric. Displaying garments Toledo has created since her first show in 1985, this book is a revelatory exploration of a fashion innovator in a mass-market industry. This ravishing book brings Toledo' s creations to a wider audience, places them within the context of contemporary fashion, and examines her creative process.
1833 руб
Stock Repurchases – A Sustainable Fashion?. A Financial Analysis of the Swedish Market Книга по Требованию Leander P.J. S.
After announcing buybacks, companies are subject to uncertainty concerning investor? s reaction and economic consequences.
1981 руб
Dress Me Up!. The Use of Fashion in Identity Formation Книга по Требованию
Do we ever stop playing dress-up?
2416 руб
A Case Study of Laguna del Encanyado (33°S/70°W). Palaeolimnological Analysis of Lakes in the South Central Andes in Chile Книга по Требованию Christina S.
The climate in this region is Meditteranean with dry summers and humid winters.
2416 руб
Fair in the Fearless Old Fashion Книга по Требованию Farmlet C.
1145 руб

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