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The Purrfect Murder (Mrs. Murphy Mysteries)

Формат:      Страниц 368
     мягкая обложка
Rita M.N.    
Random House USA    
254 руб
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Her four-legged partners — sleuthing cats Mrs. But no one could foresee that it would end with Mrs. Murphy and Pewter and corgi Tee Tucker — see it Harry’s way. Now Harry must solve what seems to everyone else an open-and-shut case. It’s autumn in cozy, idyllic Crozet, Virginia — a time for golden days, crisp nights…and murder. Mrs. Carla Paulson is one of the diamond-encrusted “come-here” set who has descended on Crozet with plenty of wealth and no feeling for country ways. She’s determined to make her new house the envy of all her well-heeled friends — and enemies — and she’s hired architect Tazio Chappers to build it. From the start, the project — and Mrs. Paulson — are a major headache for all involved. Paulson stabbed to death at a gala fund-raiser with Harry’s friend Tazio standing over her, holding the knife. But will they have to choose between catching the purrfect killer and saving Harry?
Дневник школьный "Пробка", цвет обложки бирюзовый.
Формат: А5+ (210х170 мм). Количество листов: 48. Внутренний блок: тонированный офсет 70 г/м2. Способ крепления блока:
362 руб
Раздел: Для младших классов
Игрушка деревянная ALATOYS "Сортер".
Оригинальная деревянная конструкция представляет собой яркий привлекающий детское внимание сортер, включающий в себя 12 разноцветных
443 руб
Раздел: Сортеры, логические игрушки
Набор для проведения раскопок "Dino Excavation. Динозавры".
Набор "Трицератопс и Брахиозавр" из серии Dino Excavation создан специально для детей, интересующихся палеонтологией. В
373 руб
Раздел: Археологические опыты

Адъективные ФЕ
I 's as large as life, a d wice as a ural" (L. Carroll). Позднее запятая уже не ставилась в этом сравнении, которое в конце XIX в. стало обычным шутливым расширением оборота (as) large as life. Mrs. Warre (swoppi g o he Revere d Samuel): Why, i 's Sam Gard er go e i o he Church! Well, I ever! Do ' you k ow us, Sam? his is George Crof s, as large as life a d wice as a ural (G.B. Shaw). Сравнение так прочно вошло в язык, что для создания комического эффекта понадобилось обновление оборота. Mabel Chiller : I assure you she is comi g ups airs as large as life a d o early so a ural (O. Wilde) (в натуральную величину, хотя и не совсем в натуральном виде). Вновь образованное сравнение дает дополнительную характеристику обозначаемого лица, но эта характеристика является устойчивой и не допускает изменений при нормативном употреблении. Оба сравнения существуют параллельно как разноструктурные фразеологические синонимы. Широким распространением подобных оборотов можно объяснить приводимое ниже окказиональное изменение сравнения. here she is - large as life a d wice as impude (R. Aldi g o ). Замена слова a ural словом impude придает сравнению саркастический характер.

Murder on the Orient Express (на английском языке) Classics Юпитер-Импэкс Christie
185 руб
Deadsoul Tribe'A murder of crows' [CD] { } ~25.00.00 05165 Союз-Мьюзик
139 руб
Langenscheidt Lekture 67: Murder ! Murder ? Murder !: Funf Mordgeschichten und funf ungewohnliche Tater (von Sayers D., Poe E.A., Browne K.R.G., Cole V.) (на англ.,нем.яз.) Langenscheidt
228 руб
Murder At Mortlock Hall Macmillan Publishers Donald D.
157 руб
Murder in Mesopotamia Penguin Group Christie A.
279 руб
Sleeping Murder Penguin Group Christie A.
231 руб
Oxford Bookworms Playscripts 1: The Murder of Mary Jones Oxford University Press Tim V.
Are you guilty of the murder of Mary Jones? ' ' Not guilty! ' they reply. But perhaps they are guilty. The police found the murder weapon in their stolen car, and there was blood on Simon' s face. If the court finds them guilty, they will go to prison for a very long time.
224 руб
Mary Queen of Scots: And the Murder of Lord Darnley Random House, Inc. Alison W.
Neither had died in the explosion, but both bodies bore marks of strangulation.
1281 руб
Murder on the Orient Express Agatha Christie paperbacks HarperCollins Publishers Christie A.
But by the morning there was one passengerwer.
531 руб
How Not to Murder Your Mother Macmillan Publishers Stephanie C.
Stephanie Calman moves on from bad motherhood, failed grown-upness to the ultimate in tricky relationships: that of mother and daughter.
375 руб
An Expert in Murder Faber and Faber Nicola U.
"An Expert in Murder" is the first in a brilliant and original new series which features crime writer Josephine Tey as its lead character.
364 руб
The Middle Temple Murder Книга по Требованию J. S. F.
All this led up to the appearance of Mr. Aylmore, M. P. , in the witness-box.
1145 руб
Murder Maker Level 6 (+ Audio CD; количество томов: 3) Cambridge University Press Margaret J.
Carla decides to rehearse her revenge on these men and starts by buying a ticket to Cuba.
1328 руб
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Daedalus Books Agatha C.
208 руб
House of Versace: The Untold Story of Genius, Murder, and Survival Random House USA Deborah B.
All of course true, but only half the story.
434 руб
Murder of George Tiller Книга по Требованию Timoteus E.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1395 руб
Murder of Imette St. Guillen Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Her gruesome murder, which captured national attention along with the later murder of Jennifer Moore, was to have a profound impact on New York City' s nightlife. St. Guillen was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She grew up and was educated in the Mission Hill section. In her adolescent years she lived with her mother, Maureen, and her sister, Alejandra, and had attended the Farragut School. She later attended Boston Latin School as a National Honor Society scholar before going on to college. St. Guillen and her sister, Alejandra were recipients of the Carol DiMaiti Stuart Foundation scholarship, which was set up by DiMaiti' s family after their daughter was murdered by Charles Stuart. St. Guillen was influenced by her deceased father, Seimundo, to pursue her college degree in criminal justice.
1395 руб
How to Murder Your Wife Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The film was directed by Richard Quine, who also directed Lemmon in My Sister Eileen, It Happened to Jane, Operation Mad Ball and Bell, Book and Candle.
1191 руб
Murder by Death Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
It also features a rare acting performance by In Cold Blood author Truman Capote.
1843 руб
Murder of Polly Klaas Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Polly Hannah Klaas (January 3, 1981 – October 1993) is an American murder victim whose case gained national attention.
1395 руб

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