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The Funeral Party

Формат:      Страниц 160
     мягкая обложка
Ludmila U.    
Random House    
1218 руб
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August 1991. In a sweltering New York City apartment, a group of Russian é migré s gathers round the deathbed of an artist named Alik, a charismatic character beloved by them all, especially the women who take turns nursing him as he fades from this world. And what will be the meaning for them of the Yeltsin putsch, which is happening across the world in their long-lost Moscow but also right before their eyes on CNN? Their reminiscences of the dying man and of their lives in Russia are punctuated by debates and squabbles: Whom did Alik love most? Simultaneously funny and sad, lyrical in its Russian sorrow and devastatingly keen in its observation of character, "The Funeral Party" introduces to our shores a wonderful writer who captures, wryly and tenderly, our complex thoughts and emotions confronting life and death, love and loss, homeland and exile. Should he be baptized before he dies, as his alcoholic wife, Nina, desperately wishes, or be reconciled to the faith of his birth by a rabbi who happens to be on hand? This marvelous group of individuals inhabits the first novel by Ludmila Ulitskaya to be published in English, a book that was shortlisted for the Russian Booker Prize and has been praised wherever translated editions have appeared.
Точилка электрическая Attache, 4хАА.
Точилка электрическая. Работает от 4х батареек типа АА, цвет: черный. Предназначена для заточки карандашей диаметром 6-8 мм.
489 руб
Раздел: Точилки
Игровой надувной центр Upright "Пожарная машина" с шарами (50 штук).
Сухой бассейн Upright "Пожарная машина" + 50 шаров отлично подойдет как для игр на свежем воздухе, так и дома! Сухие бассейны
1605 руб
Раздел: Батуты, надувные центры
Набор для ванной комнаты Bayerhoff-125 (5 предметов).
В комплект входят: 1 шт. - Туалетный ёрш с подставкой (10.4x10.4x24.8 см); 1 шт. - Стакан для зубных щёток (7x7x11 см); 1 шт. - Стакан
1007 руб
Раздел: Наборы для ванной комнаты
Proceedings of the convention of the Republican Party of Louisiana held at Economy Hall, New Orleans, September 25, 1865, and of the Central Executive ... now the Central Executive Committee of the Книга по Требованию Convention R.P.
599 руб
Мастер 'Maniac Party' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 66196 X
119 руб
Autopsy'Mental funeral' [CD] { } ~25.00.00 05269 Союз-Мьюзик
139 руб
Magic Party [CD] { } ~54.00.00 40816 Поставщик
119 руб
ТанцРай 'RNB Party' III [CD] { } ~54.00.00 47103 X
119 руб
ТанцРай 'RNB Party' II [CD] { } ~54.00.00 20021 CD-Land
119 руб
Club Party вып.2 04 [CD] { } ~94.02.09 112 Квадро
109 руб
Big Party Book, или Как развлечь своих гостей и при этом не ударить лицом в салат Подарочные издания. Досуг Эксмо
5 руб
Four Weddings & a Funeral Pearson Patricia H.
5 руб
The Party Dress Rizzoli (RCS MediaGroup) Alexandra B.
Every major designer has catered to the well-heeled woman’s desire and ability to wear the most flattering frock at the most public occasions, whether for summer afternoon parties, cocktails, or formal balls.
2075 руб
Halloween Party Agatha Christie paperbacks HarperCollins Publishers Christie A.
That night, Hercule Poirot is called in to find the evil presence.
456 руб
Political Parties And Party Policies In Germany (1903) Книга по Требованию James H.G.
363 руб
The Pyjama Party ELT Edition Cambridge Storybooks Cambridge University Press June C.
817 руб
EXPLORING MODES OF PARTICIPATION National political parties control and support a federation of local parties in all American states.
1997 руб
Essays on the World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement Understanding. How (Not) to Sell the Right to Retaliate - The Effects of Interested Third Party Participation in WTO Disputes Книга по Требованию Henric A. A.
Especially in the ongoing dispute settlement understanding (DSU) review, WTO member countries have raised many issues, suggestions, and requests that promise to further improve the functioning of the dispute settlement system.
2416 руб
An approach to e-contracting that enables pro-active and reactive monitoring Monitoring Multi-party Contracts for E-business. Книга по Требованию Lai X.
Under our monitoring mechanism, a multi-party contract can be dynamically monitored during the contract execution, and all responsible parties for a contract violation under execution of a multi-party contract can be detected.
2784 руб
"Spaniards do not want immigration and La Falange will fight for this". A Critical Discourse Analysis of a Spanish Extreme-right Political Party Книга по Требованию Gema R.C.
In an attempt to produce a multimethodical and multitheoretical view, it combines the most relevant theories of CDA (Van Dijk? ' s socio-cognitive approach, Wodak and Reisigl? ' s argumentation theory, and Grice? ' s theory of the Cooperative Principle) to critically analyze the most prominent ideological structures underlying a negative attitude towards immigrants or immigration and the discourse strategies used to promote them. The work is meant for anyone with an interest in political discourse and immigration as well as for an academic audience. Immigration has become in the recent years a major concern for politicians in Spain; very conservative political parties, as the one studied in this paper, have projected a negative image of it. One of the general aims of Critical Discourse Analysis is to critically analyze the use of language of those who employ their socio-political position in order to impose their own ideologies and opinions to a general audience. This paper looks at the political discourse produced by Fernando Cantalapiedra, National Head of a very conservative Spanish political party, called La Falange.
2008 руб
Federalism and party politics in Ethiopia. Federalism, party system institutionalisation, and democratic consolidation Книга по Требованию Alefe A.B.
2416 руб
Post-Marxism and Politics. The Case of the Brazilian Workers' Party Книга по Требованию Carlos P.
3234 руб
Charter Party Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1191 руб

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