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The Valley of Fear (+ Audio CD)

Формат:      Страниц 128
     мягкая обложка
Sir A.C.D.    
735 руб
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The answers to this mystery lie far away from the scene of the crime and across the Atlantic, in a place known as ‘The Valley of Fear’. The great detective Sherlock Holmes is needed to solve a murder in Sussex, England. A card with the initials VV 341 has been left by the body, and discovering the facts of the case gets ever more difficult.
Аэрозоль Gardex "Extreme" от кровососущих насекомых и клещей, 150 мл.
Уникальный продукт с самым широким спектром действия. От всех летающих кровососущих насекомых: комаров, москитов, слепней, мокрецов,
346 руб
Раздел: Аэрозоль, спрей
Подушка "Verossa. Бамбук", 50х70 см.
Подушки и одеяла Verossa Natural Line Bamboo с наполнителем из бамбукового волокна дарят непревзойденное ощущение комфорта в любое время
656 руб
Раздел: Размер 50х70 см, 40х60 см
Тарелка углубленная "Золото Востока" (27 см).
Диаметр тарелки: 27 см. Материал: фарфор.
375 руб
Раздел: Столовые тарелки

Вирус Эбола
Ткани животного, образцы крови двух взрослых самцов и одной самки, а также образцы сыворотки от двух членов группы этологов были отправлены для исследований во Францию, Институт Пастера. У 34-летней женщины, производившей вскрытие трупа шимпанзе, развился синдром, напоминавший тропическую лихорадку. Серологическое тестирование этих сывороток на антигены основ ных африканских вирусов геморрагической лихорадки (lgG и lgM ELISA на Конго-Крымскую лихорадку, желтую и лихорадку Rif Valley) дало отрицательный результат. Иммунофлюоресцентный анализ, выполненный в целях обнаружения вирусов Аасса, Эбола, и Марбурга, также не дал результатов. И только после запроса самой свежей сыворотки пациентки и проведения иммунофлюоресцентного анализа удалось выявить цитоплазматические включения, которые оказались вирусными антигенами, распознанными антителами пациента. Специфические реагенты, представленные Центром по контролю заболеваний, подтвердили идентификацию штамма вируса Эбола. Были выявлены большие антигенные различия между новым штаммом и тремя известными штаммами вируса Эбола.

The Hound of the Baskervilles & the Valley of Fear Wordsworth Classics Wordsworth Sir A.C.D.
It was clear that it had been fired at close range, and that he had received the whole charge in the face, blowing his head almost to pieces' . Sherlock Holmes' arch enemy, the criminal genius Professor Moriarty, is back!
185 руб
The Hound of the Baskervilles & The Valley of Fear Macmillan collector's library Macmillan Publishers Sir C.D.A.
Supernatural hounds, a family curse, a mysterious cipher and the return of a deadly enemy.
827 руб
Fear Factory'Archetype' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 87844 UniversalMusic
209 руб
Cold Fear [3 CDR] { } ~25.00.00 00956 Акелла
299 руб
Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail‘72 HarperCollins Publishers Thompson H.S.
375 руб
I Will Fear No Evil Penguin Group Heinlein R.A.
703 руб
The Ministry Of Fear Random House, Inc. Graham G.
1081 руб
Kingdom of Fear: Loathsome Secrets of a Star-Crossed Child in the Final Days of the American Century Simon & Schuster Hunter S. T.
And this boisterous, blistering ride illuminates as never before the professional and ideological risk taking of a literary genius and transgressive icon.
493 руб
New England, Hudson Valley (масштаб: 1 см = 5 км). Выпуск 581 Regional USA ABBYY Press (АБИ Пресс)
556 руб
History Of San Bernardino Valley From The Padres To The Pioneers, 1810-1851 Книга по Требованию Father J.C.
5 руб
What Angels Fear: A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery Penguin Group C. S. H.
A beautiful young woman is found savagely murdered on the altar steps of an ancient church near Westminster Abbey, and the dueling pistol found at the scene and the damning testimony of a witness both point to one man - Sebastian St. Cyr. It' s 1811, and the threat of revolution haunts the upper classes of King George Ill' s England.
558 руб
GIS and Remote Sensing Integrated Environmental Impact Assessment in Irrigation Development. A case study on Fincha Valley/Ethiopia Книга по Требованию Ahmed A.
It is found out that despite the many advantages of the irrigation project it has many negative impacts and implications on the environment.
2385 руб
The Bulkley Valley Community Resources Board Community Control in Resource Management. Книга по Требованию Kelly G.
Community support and community representation are central to the BVCRB' s influence in the development of the Bulkley LRMP. The goal of this work is to examine how a level of public input which went beyond tokenism was achieved and resulted in community control and community power. This provides insight into the legitimacy of community organization, community representation, and community support for public participation to influence resource management planning and decision making. This work explores the linkages between public participation, community conflict, community organization and community power. Traditional public participation in resource management planning and decision making processes in British Columbia has often resulted in little or no public influence in the process, or over the decisions made. This study of the Bulkley Valley Community Resources Board (BVCRB) explores how public input through this body was conceptualized and incorporated into the Bulkley Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP) process.
1997 руб
Late Quaternary environmental history of Taylor Valley,. southern Victorialand, Antarctica, reconstructed by a multidisciplinary study of lake sediments Книга по Требованию Sabrina O.
In the unglaciated areas of Antarctica, lake sediments act as archives of the regional environmental and climatic history.
2362 руб
Implications for Understanding Body Weight The Relationship of Fear of Intimacy, Body Image Avoidance and Body Mass Index: Intimacy, Body Image and Body Mass Index. Книга по Требованию Elliot S.
The underlying purpose of this research was to determine if avoidant attitudes and perceptions of one’s body may hold implications toward its use in intimate interactions, and if an above average body weight would tend to increase this avoidance.
2416 руб
Data analysis indicates that teaching for SD is complex and multifaceted.
2784 руб
SILICON VALLEY'S EMERGING MARKETS. Global Corporate Citizenship and Entrepreneurship in the IT Industry Книга по Требованию Anke S.
' Silicon Valley' s Emerging Markets' is an ethnographic study of corporate efforts to link the search for new markets with global poverty alleviation. Hewlett-Packard, a leading transnational IT company headquartered in California' s Silicon Valley, was at the forefront of these practices in the high-tech industry; its flagship Corporate Citizenship programs in Silicon Valley, Costa Rica and India are the focus of this book.
3234 руб
Economic value and conservation status of Plants of Shawar Valley, Hindu Raj Ranges, District Swat, Pakistan ECONOMIC AND FRUIT PLANTS OF SHAWAR VALLEY. Книга по Требованию Mohammad I.
Out of which, 4 major cash crops i. e. Diospyros kaki L (Persimmons) Malus pumila Mill (Apples) Prunus persica L (Peeches) and Pyrus commusis L (Pears) annually produce a total annual income of PK. Rs. 4, 10,20,600, (Rs. 41 millions,20 thousands and six hundreds ). Horticulture is commonly practiced in the area.
2008 руб
Chew Valley Lake Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Chew Valley Lake (grid reference ST5659) is a large reservoir in the Chew Valley, Somerset, England, and the fifth-largest artificial lake in the United Kingdom (the largest in south-west England), with an area of 1,200 acres (4. 9 km? ). The lake, created in the early 1950s and opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1956, provides much of the drinking water for the city of Bristol and surrounding area, taking its supply from the Mendip Hills.
1395 руб
Mid Valley Megamall Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
It has five anchor tenants; Carrefour, Jusco, Golden Screen Cinemas, Metrojaya and Harvey Norman.
1191 руб

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