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Classroom Decision-Making

Формат:      Страниц 324
     мягкая обложка
Michael P.    
Cambridge University Press    
2029 руб
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This collection addresses these questions by bringing together for the first time accounts from teachers who have introduced shared decision-making with students. What benefits can be expected? How can one involve students in classroom decisions? What difficulties might arise?
Доска магнитно-маркерная, 60x90 см.
Доска с лакированной поверхностью позволяет размещать презентационную информацию как с помощью магнитов, так и с помощью маркеров для
1236 руб
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Мобиль музыкальный для кроватки "Жираф".
Музыкальный мобиль для детской кроватки "Жираф" предназначен для малышей возрастом до шести месяцев. Мобиль легко можно
500 руб
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556 руб
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Английский, практическая фонетика, билеты и...
2) Укажите разницу в артикуляции звуков ((( и (((. 3) Выберите слова, заканчивающиеся на глухой согласный: pass, please, cup, make, ame. 4) Напишите слово, соответствующее транскрипции: . 5) Напишите транскрипцию слова: „ or h“. 6) Сделайте интонационную разметку предложения: Wha are you doi g? 7) Выберите слова, где звук не произносится: piece, ki e , mea , ge , gree . 8) Напишите транскрипцию слова: hairless 9) Сделайте интонационную разметку предложения: he ovel had a mixed recep io . 10) Напишите слово, соответствующее транскрипции: Зав. кафедрой Экзаменационный билет по предмету ПКОЯз. АНГЛ. ПРАКТИЧЕСКАЯ ФОНЕТИКА Билет № 15 1) Выберите слова со «светлым» (мягким) : childre , small, class, pla e, bicycle. 2) Назовите звонкий парный звук звука . Приведите примеры. 3) Какой гласный звук встречается только в безударной позиции? Приведите примеры. 4) Напишите слово, соответствующее транскрипции: . 5) Напишите транскрипцию слова: „house“.

The Regulation of Decision Making Environmental Assessment: Oxford University Press Holder J.
1853 руб
Spatiotemporal Interpolation Methods in GIS. Exploring Data for Decision Making Книга по Требованию Lixin L.
Exploring large data sets with the aim of extracting useful information for decision making can be challenging.
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Representative Democracy in Europe. The Democratic Legitimacy of Decision-Making Institutions of the EU Книга по Требованию Andreas P.
Democratic legitimacy and efficiency in Council deliberations should not be treated as a zero-sum game, but as mutually complementing parameters of good governance.
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Data Analysis: Methods, Techniques and Applications A Roadmap to Better Decision-Making. Книга по Требованию Tal B.
This book provides an alternative approach and presents a novel framework to advance data analysis through the knowledge discovery process.
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Secular Parents' Choice of Ultra Orthodox Day-Care. A Grounded Theory Study of Parental Decision Making Книга по Требованию Gabriel B.
This book presents a theory, which uncovers that the decision-making process experienced by Israeli secular parents who choose Jewish ultra orthodox day-care goes beyond rational consideration of practical and pedagogic factors.
3215 руб
The Effects of Decision-Making Styles on Consumers’ Perceptions: The Moderating Effects of Religiosity and Type of Products The Effects of Decision-Making Styles on Consumers’ Perceptions. Книга по Требованию MUNGKI R.
Specifically, consumers’ with higher level of religiosity and buying utilitarian products tend to have higher purchase intention.
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The Impact of Interval Timing on Decision Making. How the brain computes time and its influence on our decisions Книга по Требованию Tobias O.
The timing process, from sensory recognition to the point of making a decision whether or how to react, is closely interrelated with attentional and inhibitory functions.
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Decision Making in Health Related Behaviors. A Comparison of Greek Women and American Women of Greek Descent Книга по Требованию
Cultural competency has become a prominent theme in nursing as a result.
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Incorporation of Environmental Risks into Corporate Financing. and its Influence on Corporate Decision-making with Regard to Environmental Investment Книга по Требованию
With the help of the shareholder value model, this study first reveals the interdependency between operation decision, investment decision and financing decision.
3234 руб
Faculty Decision-Making in Academic Departments of Two-Year Colleges. A Survey-Based Study of Faculty at Community Colleges in New York State Книга по Требованию John K.
It is likewise of interest to know whether involvement of faculty in decision- making in democratic fashion is related to departmental effectiveness.
2784 руб
Decision Making Best Practices. A case study of artificial reef decision making in the Florida Keys Книга по Требованию Thomas W. W.
The book acknowledges the limitations of proposals and realizes that many decisions in a political realm have variables not covered in this study.
2416 руб
The Decision Making Processes of Semi-commercial Farmers. A Case Study of Technology Adoption in Indonesia Книга по Требованию Leonardo S.
This book, therefore, offers an analysis using the Theory of Planned Behavior, Personal Construct Theory and Ethnographic Decision Tree Modeling to trace the origins of subsistence farmers' beliefs, and extract the critical elements and paths in their decision making systems. The analysis should help explain how farmers’ cognition and simple decision rules give rise to a particular decision or behavior, and provide a more realistic description of the farmers' decision-making process.
3234 руб
For-Profit Organizations For Social Change. Understanding Corporate Philanthropic Decision Making Книга по Требованию Karabi C. B.
A for-profit organization’s involvement in seemingly non-profit activities is, therefore, of significant interest for research.
2416 руб
Motivation and Decision Making in City Break Travel. The Case of Dublin Книга по Требованию Gerard D.
The city break product is generally considered to be different from other holiday products, particularly in a spatial and temporal context.
3234 руб
Affect, Cognition and Categories in Decision Making. Aspects of the Interplay of Cognition and Emotion and the Use of Verbal and Numerical Information in Choice Книга по Требованию
The work of Carlos A. Trujillo represents a bold attempt to illuminate the interplay between cognitive and emotional factors when people are involved in this important activity.
2008 руб
What do they need to make it   possible or desirable to attend school?
3234 руб
Take it or Leave it?. Parental Leave, Decision-Making and Gender Balanced Parenting Книга по Требованию Rachel D.
Sociologist Rachel Demerling investigates how male university professors negotiate parental leave with their spouses and what factors influence their decision in a culture that continuously questions the emergence of the “new father. ” By conducting interviews, Demerling first investigates factors that traditionally deter many men from taking parental leave.
2416 руб
The success or failure (bankruptcy) of a firm (enterprise), its current and future potential, its flexibility and adaptability on the market, depend to an overwhelming extent, on the decision making act and / or process in multidimensional conditions.
2008 руб
Case-Based Planning Adaptation, Using Epistemic Logic Revision for Robot' s Decision Making Epistemic Logic Planning. Книга по Требованию Shahin M.
Rules, decision trees and logical methods are more suitable for the first type.
2008 руб
Relativity in Judgements. The Implications of a Concern for Relative Position on Well-Being, Longevity and Decision-Making Книга по Требованию Matthew D.R.
For instance, why do we predominantly compare ourselves with other similar people?
2784 руб

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