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The Grandmothers

Формат:      Страниц 320
     мягкая обложка
Doris L.    
HarperCollins Publishers    
780 руб
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A chance meeting introduces her to the world of the Staveneys – a liberal white middle-class family – and, seduced, she falls pregnant by one of the sons. Written with a keen cinematic eye, the story is a ruthless dissection of the veneer of middle-class morality and convention which manages to be at once universal and desperately, heartbreakingly personal. The title story, ‘The Grandmothers’, is an astonishing tour de force, a shockingly intimate portrait of an unconventional extended family and the lengths to which they will go to find happiness and love. An honest and often uncomfortable look at race relations in London over the past few decades, Lessing reaffirms her brilliance at demonstrating the effect of society on the individual. With these and two other equally brilliant novellas, Lessing has proven With the four short novels in this collection, Doris Lessing once again proves that she is unequalled in her ability to capture the truth of the human condition. A second story, ‘Victoria and the Staveneys’, takes us through 20 years of the life of a young underprivilged black girl in London. As her young daughter grows up, Victoria feels her parental control diminishing as the attractions of the Staveney’s world exert themselves.
Набор фломастеров "Noris Club", 24 цвета.
В наборе: 24 цвета.
424 руб
Раздел: 13-24 цвета
"Творчество" стикеры "Среда Обитания".
Удивительный набор стикеров "Среда Обитания" Melissa & Doug, познакомит вашего малыша с различными животными, а также со средой
455 руб
Раздел: Альбомы, коллекции наклеек
Бабушка, Grand-mere, Grandmother...: Воспоминания внуков и внучек о бабушках, знаменитых и не очень Этерна Лаврентьева Е.В.
Авторов объединяет "память сердца" и благодарность к тем, кто сумел передать внукам творческое отношение к жизни, сострадание к людям, любовь к искусству и природе.
370 руб
Dotty Dimple at her grandmother's Книга по Требованию May S.
955 руб
A Well Kept Home. Household Traditions and Simple Secrets from a French Grandmother Rizzoli (RCS MediaGroup) Fronty L.
A Well-Kept Home revives the more natural methods used by our forebears to run their homes, reflecting on the traditional way that earlier generations cooked, cleaned, decorated, groomed, and gardened.
1934 руб

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