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Be Still My Vampire Heart

Формат:      Страниц 384
     мягкая обложка
Kerrelyn S.    
HarperCollins Publishers    
176 руб
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Angus MacKay has been undead for almost five hundred years and it' s not often something, or someone, surprises him. Until Emma Wallace. The sight of this luscious agent from the CIA' s elite Stake-Out team was enough to stop Angus in his tracks. But then he discovers that she' s a vampire slayer, intent on killing the "monsters" who killed her parents. And it' s Angus' s job to stop her. The only good vampire is a dead vampire. It' s been Emma' s motto since she committed her life to the destruction of these things. Now Angus MacKay wants to convince her differently. Sure, he' s a sexy Highland warrior who seems to have stepped off the cover of a romance novel, complete with brogue, kilt, and sword, but he' s also one of them. And it' s her job to kill him. If it was still beating. The war is on, but will it end in the destruction of one or both of them. . . or in total surrender to a passion for the ages?
Универсальный бокс, средний (3 секции).
Универсальные боксы прекрасно подходят для хранения любых мелочей: шурупов, гаек в мастерской, лекарств в домашней аптечке, маленьких
526 руб
Раздел: Более 10 литров
Карандаши цветные "Kores", 36 цветов, с точилкой.
Цветные карандаши имеют насыщенные цвета. Трехгранная форма корпуса снижает усталость и придает дополнительный комфорт. Грифель проклеен
586 руб
Раздел: Более 24 цветов
Конструктор LEGO "Juniors. Ветеринарная клиника Мии".
Помогай Оливии и Мие лечить заболевших животных в ветеринарной клинике LEGO® Juniors! Вместе с Мией открой клинику и приготовься к
808 руб
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Стратегический менеджмент
Министерство образования и науки Украины Национальный горный университет Кафедра менеджмента Индивидуальная работа по дисциплине "Компьютерные сети и коммуникации" "Стратегический менеджмент" Выполнила: ст. группы ЕМ-01-3 Мазина Мария Проверил: доц. Симоненко А.И. Днепропетровск 2002 Содержание:1. Введение 3 2. Анализ методов и средств поиска информации в I er e 4 2.1 www.rambler.ru 4 2.2 www.ya dex.ru 5 2.3 www.apor .ru 6 2.4 www.al avis a.com 7 2.5 www.me a-ukrai e.com 93. Способы сохранения найденной информации 10 3.1 Прямая печать 10 3.2 Сохранение файла как H ML-файла 10 3.3 Загрузка страниц с помощью специальных менеджеров загрузки 12 Dow load Speeder 12 Dow load Accelera or Plus 13 e Vampire 14 ReGe 15 Alliga or 16 3.4 Программы загрузки web-узлов 17 elepor Pro 174. Анализ I er e -ресурсов по вопросу «Стратегический менеджмент» 18 5. Заключение 29 6. Приложение 30 Введение Стратегический менеджмент - это неотъемлемая часть нашей сегодняшней жизни. Я считаю, что анализ Интернет-ресурсов по теме "Стратегический менеджмент" необходим для современных менеджеров, так как в будущем мы будем сталкиваться с этим вопросом очень часто.

Written in My Own Heart's Blood Orion Books Gabaldon D.
Her former husband, Jamie, has returned from the dead, demanding to know why in his absence she married his best friend, Lord John Grey. Lord John' s son, the ninth Earl of Ellesmere, is no less shocked to discover that his real father is actually the newly resurrected Jamie Fraser, and Jamie' s nephew Ian Murray discovers that his new-found cousin has an eye for the woman who has just agreed to marry him.
654 руб
Rod Stewart 'Every Picture Tells a Story&Every beat of my Heart' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 50214 СД-Максимум
109 руб
I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts On Being a Woman Transworld Publishers Nora E.
328 руб
Just Take My Heart Simon & Schuster Mary H.C.
Based on Easton' s testimony, Gregg is charged with the murder of his wife. Handling the case is Emily Wallace, an attractive thirty-two-year-old widowed assistant prosecutor. As Aldrich' s trial is making headlines, Emily' s boss, Ted Wesley, warns her that this high-profile case will reveal personal matters about her, such as the fact that she had a heart transplant. And, during the trial, Emily experiences sentiments which defy all reason and continue after Gregg Aldrich' s fate is decided by the jury.
316 руб
Open heart surgery and its consequences for well-being. the perspectives of patients, relatives and health care professionals Книга по Требованию Ann-Kristin K.
This book should be especially important to students and health care professionals in cardiac care but also in health care in general.
2008 руб
Don?t Phunk with My Heart Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
It is the first single from the Black Eyed Peas' fourth album, Monkey Business. The song is best known for its ambiguous and slightly controversial usage of the word "phunk" in its title. Some radio edits replace "phunk" with "mess". The song was written by will. i. am, Stacy Ferguson, Printz Board and Full Force, and produced by will. i. am. The melodies used in the song were taken from two Indian songs from two 1970s Bollywood/Indian movies: "Ye Mera Dil Pyaar Ka Diwana" from Don (1978) and "Ae Nujawan Hai Sub" from Apradh (1972). Both songs were originally composed by Kalyanji Anandji and sung by Asha Bhosle. This song was remixed for The Black Eyed Peas' fifth studio album The E. N. D. as "Don' t Phunk Around. " "Don? t Phunk with My Heart" is a 2005 single by the Black Eyed Peas.
1599 руб
My Heart and I, by Elinor Hume Книга по Требованию Huddart E.
1148 руб
Close to My Heart Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Close to My Heart is a 1951 Warner Bros. drama directed by William Keighley starring Ray Milland and Gene Tierney.
2117 руб
May a particular type of immune memory induced during vaccination still be maintained during infection? Modulation of immune responses to DNA vaccines in sheep. Книга по Требованию Hung-Hsun Y.
However, due to the natural differences between species, the efficacy of DNA vaccines achieved in mice has not been comparably reproduced in large mammals including sheep and humans.
2280 руб
Queen of My Heart Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. "Queen of My Heart" is the debut single released from Westlife' s third studio album, World of Our Own. It became the band' s ninth UK number #1 single, staying at the top of the charts for three weeks.
1123 руб
Тетрадь "My heart is...", 48 листов
22 руб
Audio CD. Spooky Tooth - You Broke My Heart So... I Busted Your Jaw
Spooky Tooth — британская рок-группа, образованная в 1967 году в Лондоне, Англия, участниками The VIPs, The Ramrods и Art.
768 руб
Ransom My Heart Macmillan Publishers Cabot M.
341 руб
Another Piece of My Heart Macmillan Publishers Green J.
When the dynamics between the two escalate, they threaten everything Andi believes about love, family, and motherhood - leaving both women standing at a crossroad in their lives and in their hearts.
703 руб
My New Roots: Irresistible, Natural Food That Happens to be Good for You Macmillan Publishers
1893 руб
Шапка для девочки "My heart", размер 48
488 руб
Ткань для пэчворка PEPPY "WITH ALL MY HEART PANEL", 60х110 см, арт. 24810 RED1
Ткань малоосыпаема на срезах, не линяет при стирке, почти не дает усадки. 100% качественный хлопок.
380 руб
Пижама Cornette "Be my star", розовый/серый, рост 110-116 см
968 руб
Кушон №21 "Be my cushion", spf 50/pa++
Отличное стойкое покрытие и активное увлажнение. Применение: нанести на кожу лица после ежедневного ухода.
1696 руб
Эстрада - Is My Love. Записки юмориста От смешного до серьезного. Юмор Центрполиграф Измайлов Л.
Это популярные артисты, писатели, режиссеры, а в главах "Высшие сценарные курсы", "Шоу-Досье", Обитатели "Аншлага" героями стали целые творческие группы.
302 руб

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