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Дизайн дома, квартиры

Healthcare Spaces 4

Формат:      Страниц 256
     твердый переплет
Yakeley D.    
HarperCollins Publishers    
2263 руб
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"Healthcare Spaces 4" showcases impressive new work by some of the leading architects and interior designers serving the nation' s health care institutions. More than 40 design firms present 150-plus projects with over 700 color images in this 300-page book. Health care administrators, physicians, medical planners, and their architects and interior designers will find this an excellent way to assess how public and private institutions are coping with the opportunities and challenges of managed care, advances in medical sciences and technology, aging populations and the drive towards patient-focused care. A profound change in the delivery of health care is revealed in projects ranging from neighborhood clinics, surgery centers and medical offices to replace hospitals and vast medical campuses. America' s determination to contain health care costs is hastening the shift from inpatient care to ambulatory services, specialization to target specific needs of services area populations, and consolidation by independent institutions into regional networks. Organized alphabetically by design firm, "Healthcare Spaces 4" is user friendly, with each project indexed for easy reference. In this book, health care professionals as well as architects and interior designers serving public and private health care institutions will find exciting new approaches to their work. In this volume are revealed the most current examples of this trend.
Каска с подставкой под банки, черная.
Не дай себе засохнуть! На стадионе или в парке, на дискотеке или вечеринке, в жаркий полдень или среди ночи, если с Вами пивная каска,
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Раздел: Прочее
Конструктор "Цветной" (43 детали).
Конструктор - это игра развивающая кругозор, знакомящая с различными формами и цветами, а также развивающая воображение Вашего ребёнка.
479 руб
Раздел: Деревянные конструкторы
Мышь для ПК "Машина", синяя.
Оригинальная тематическая компьютерная мышь.
494 руб
Раздел: Компьютерные клавиатуры, мыши и коврики

Разнообразие метрических средств характеризации шекспировского героя (Марк Антоний в трагедии...
Однако, разбирая последовательность монологов, мы видим, разница между канонизированным и деканонизированным стихом становится более очевидной. Как уже отмечалось выше, все зависит от ситуации, в которой находится Антоний. Поскольку драма "Антоний и Клеопатра" относится к более позднему периоду творчества Шекспира, и в большей степени является образцом деканонизированного стиха, метрическая правильность речи Антония, ее изменение и приближение к классическому профилю, являются, в данном случае достаточно относительными. Мы не можем говорить о резкой смене профилей ударности, а всего лишь об отдельных отклонениях от нормы. Но следует отметить, что в данной пьесе присутствуют и случаи практически классического канонизированного стиха. Например в I акте, сцене 1 Антоний пытается доказать Клеопатре и всем присутствующим, что не боится Цезаря и ему не важно, что происходит в Риме. Он стремится завоевать внимание Клеопатры. Его речь целенаправленна, немного пафосна – это речь оратора. Четкость мысли здесь определяет четкость речи: I икт II икт III икт IV икт V икт Le Rome i i- ber mel , a d he wide arch Of he ra - ged emp- ire fall! Here is my space.

New Trends in Commercial Spaces
2180 руб
Workplace Plus Healthcare Job Pack Pearson
300 руб
Ideas: Spaces Macmillan Publishers F. D.H.
1620 руб
Infinite Spaces: The Art and Wisdom of the Japanese Garden Tuttle Publishing Julie M.M.
Infinite Spaces is a remarkable reflection of the Japanese garden, drawing on extracts from the Sakuteiki - an eleventh-century text that distills centuries of garden design - and pairing them with inspiring images from Sadao Hibi, one of Japan' s best-known photographers. Japanese gardens have long been admired for their capacity to improve on nature through impeccable design, detail and composition, properties that elevate them from mere gardens to sacred spaces.
1800 руб
Cooking Spaces / Кухни Rockport Publishers
5 руб
Office Spaces 2: A Pictoral Review Images Publishing Group
1906 руб
Architecture for Healthcare Images Publishing Group
5 руб
Educational Spaces - Volume II: A Pictorial Review Images Publishing Group
The planning and design of educational institutions is the most socially responsive design that an architect can pursue and doubtless the most difficult to perform well.
5 руб
500 Color Ideas for Small Spaces Taschen Quartino D.S.
Concentrated on small spaces, the ideas presented in this book offer practical solutions for visually enlarging spaces and also demonstrate that 3 contemporary, stylish house is not necessarily a matter of size.
5 руб
Hotel Spaces / Интерьеры отелей Page One Borras M.
It is beautifully illustrated, and presents an array of some of the most recently built and inventive hotels in the world.
5 руб
New Small Spaces: Good Ideas HarperCollins Publishers
It includes tips on how to personalize the unique dimensions and style of your space to become a more fluent part of your home.
1873 руб
Computerization of Healthcare Communication:. On applying information technology to improve healthcare communication and concerns for patient safety Книга по Требованию Habibollah P.
Such transition has fundamental impact on the way healthcare professionals communicate and coordinate their practices within and between healthcare organizations.
2385 руб
Mobile Web Services. Feasibility and Application for Healthcare Enterprise Книга по Требованию
The feasibility and appropriateness of the developed top-down approach is proven considering an implementation of a semi-mobile demonstrator HL7 Web Service.
2385 руб
Clustering in non-metric spaces. From the Euclidean to the conceptual similarity Книга по Требованию Mario G.C. A. C.
The application of such methods is also discussed in detail, with a series of experiments.
1997 руб
Nursing Bricolage in Twenty-First Century Tanzania. How Two New Healthcare Programs Incorporate Tribal Culture, Western Medicine and Evangelism Книга по Требованию Magdeline A.
Combining these methods allowed for increasing our understanding of the development by one individual of two healthcare programs within a specific cultural context.
1997 руб
Sparse Grids for the Electronic Schroedinger Equation. Construction and Application of Sparse Tensor Product Multiscale Many-Particle Spaces with Finite-Order Weights for Schroedinger's Equation Книга по Требованию Jan H.
In this work we construct, study and apply novel sparse tensor product multiscale many-particle spaces with finite-order weights for the electronic Schoedinger equation.
3621 руб
The Importance of Urban Green Spaces Biodiversity and Green Infrastructure in Urban Landscapes. Книга по Требованию
As it can be expected urban populations will increase even further in the future, the importance of urban nature will thus increase.
2008 руб
Design, Implementation, Perspectives Realization of the Retrieve Information for Display Profile Shown Upon the Clinical Multimedia Archive DOMAIN. IHE - Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise. Книга по Требованию
During the last few years the medical IT infrastructure within clinical environments has changed dramatically by introducing a multiplicity of department-specific information systems.
2008 руб
Time, Memory and the Liminal Experience of Painting Ancestral Spaces. Книга по Требованию Marisa P.
Thus, the meeting of audience and art object is transitory, ephemeral and temporal by nature and will be discussed in relation to the artwork as a vehicle to foster subjective perception.
2008 руб
Digital Urban Spaces . net. Repraesentation, Struktur, Nutzung und soziale Zusammensetzung computergenerierter urbaner Raeume im Internet Книга по Требованию
Ein Schluesselelement stellt hierbei mit Sicherheit der vernetzte Computer dar.
3234 руб

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