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Формат:      Страниц 448
     мягкая обложка
James P.D.    
Headline Publishing    
447 руб
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Alex Cross was a rising star in Washington, DC, Police Department when an unknown shooter killed his wife, Maria, in front of him. Years later, having left the FBI and returned to practising psychology, Alex finally feels his life is in order. . . Until his former partner, John Sampson, calls in a favour. John is tracking a serial rapist in Georgetown and he needs Alex to help find this brutal predator. Or the endgame in his own deadly obsession. From the man the Sunday Telegraph called ‘the master of the suspense genre’, CROSS is the ultimate, high-velocity, high-emotion thriller, and the one Alex Cross’s fans waited years to read. When the case triggers a connection to Maria’s death, could Alex have a chance to catch his wife’s murderer? Will this be justice at long last?
Набор для шоколадного фондю "Chocolate".
Набор для шоколадного фондю (7 предметов). Диаметр: 30,5/14 см. Высота: 18 см. Материал: фарфор.
557 руб
Раздел: Кухонные наборы
Королевские питомцы "Модель для создания причесок". Котенок "Жемчужинка", питомец.
В наборе: питомец, 10 предметов. Материал: пластмасса. Возраст: 4+.
472 руб
Раздел: Кошечки

Структурно - семантические особеннности спортивной фразеологии современного английского...
Пример: Co sola io race – утешительный заезд. Фразеологические выражения – это только обороты с буквальным значением компонентов. Включение образных пословиц в состав фразеологических выражений Н.М. Шанский считал нецелесообразным, так как в таком случае состав фразеологических выражений будет таким же разнородным, как и состав фразеологических единств. А.И. Смирницкий различает фразеологические единицы и идиомы . Фразеологические единицы – это обороты типа a clea sweep – полное избавление, победа спортивной команды, политической партии и др., shadow boxi g – «бой с тенью», борьба с воображаемым противником, ba i g average – личные достижения, успехи. Идиомы основаны на переносе значения, метафоре, ясно осознающейся говорящим. Их характерной чертой является яркая стилистическая окраска, отход от обычного нейтрального стиля. Примеры: Double cross – обман, надувательство (этимологически – состязание, в котором оба участника применяют запрещённые приёмы). Make a come back – оправляться после неудачи, взять реванш, обрести былую популярность.

Cross's Eclectic Short-Hand Книга по Требованию Cross J.G.
1147 руб
Enigma 'The Cross of Chenges' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 74613 X
229 руб
CER (Cambridge English Readers) 3 Double Cross Cambridge English Readers 3 Cambridge University Press Prowse
A politician survives an attempted assassination in Stockholm, and secret agent Monika Lundgren is instructed to find the people responsible.
549 руб
Double Cross Blind Random House, Inc. Joel R.
Now Tom has to pretend to be his brother, and try to force Sondegger to reveal what he knows about the Twenty Committee.
558 руб
Family and Childrearing: The Russian-American Project A Cross-Cultural Analysis. Russia and the USA. Российский государственный социальный университет (РГСУ)
The specifics of the book is that the problem of research is considered in a wide interdisciplinary context.
672 руб
The American Red Cross In The Great War Книга по Требованию Henry P.D.
5 руб
Cross Channel Random House, Inc. Julian B.
No one has a better perspective on life on both sides of the channel than Julian Barnes.
759 руб
Alex Cross's Trial Random House, Inc. James P.
But can one man fight an entire town, an entire state that is stuck in the past and willing to go to any lengths to halt change and the coming of a future that they desperately fear?
1001 руб
Work Ethos Dimensions. A framework to understand cross-cultural differences at the organization level Книга по Требованию Ajay N.
This work presents a framework - the Work Ethos Dimensions - to understand culture at an organizational level.
2385 руб
The Use of Interpersonal Ressources in Argumentative/Persuasive Essays. Cross-cultural and Grade-based Differences in Academic Essays by East-Asian ESL and Australian Tertiary Students Книга по Требованию Sook H.L.
The linguistic evidence for exploring these issues is based mainly on interpersonal systems of interaction, which draws on work dealing with the metaphorical realization of commands, and evaluation termed ' appraisal theory' . Appraisal theory is concerned with the linguistic inflection of subjective attitudes of writers (ATTITUDE) and also their scaling up and down of evaluation (GRADUATION) and intersubjective positioning (ENGAGEMENT).
3191 руб
Universalistic Models of Managerial and Leadership Effectiveness. A cumulative and multiple cross-case empirical study of effective and ineffective managerial behaviour Книга по Требованию Bob H.
2403 руб
Cross-Cultural Adaptation and Second Language Acquisition. A Study of International Students in Universities of the People’s Republic of China Книга по Требованию Baohua Y.
In the past decade, studying Chinese as a second language has prospered, which has attracted a large influx of international students from all over the world into China.
3215 руб
Cross-National Analysis of Teacher Quality. Measurement, Determinants, Distribution, and Effects upon Mathematics Achievement Книга по Требованию Susan C.
Policymakers have been concerned with improving student achievement.
3215 руб
Cross-Cultural Dimensions Globalized eLearning. Книга по Требованию
However, to do so, we must investigate the differences that may affect the achievement of equitable learning outcomes.
2784 руб
Effective Expatriate Selection and Cross-cultural Assistance Procedures for MNCs. A Systematic, Integrative Approach Книга по Требованию
The first part demonstrates how to use the contingency factors to determine the requirements of an IA, presents a set of validated selection criteria, and provides a guideline for developing a selection process that effectively identifies candidates matching these requirements.
2008 руб
Cross-Cultural Leadership. (XLQ) Книга по Требованию Thomas G.
It is common today to have virtual teams working in numerous countries from many different personal, societal, and business cultures.
3234 руб
"Everyone Speaks English, Right?". A Cross-Cultural Postmodern Perspective on Language in Business Книга по Требованию Karin S.
Using Jean Baudrillard' s theory of the cyclic superposition of the singular, universal and global as a framework and applying it to the case of New Zealand-French business communications, this book questions the beliefs underpinning Anglophone reliance on English in the postmodern business world. Examining historical shifts in attitudes to language, it argues that the universal ideals of unity and openness popularly associated with globalisation are myths. It shows that foreign languages receive little attention in the international business literature and that much of the cross-cultural advice for France is outdated and misleading. This book also offers a diachronic and synchronic view of the use of and attitudes to foreign languages in New Zealand business and provides, as a counterpoint, the views of French customers. It will interest people in Communications, Business, Foreign Languages and Linguistics. In international business, notions of homogeneity and standardisation are seen as synonymous with globalisation. One world is equated with one language and English, portrayed as the global lingua franca, is promoted as the language of business.
3234 руб
What Motivates Students to Perform Community Service?. A Cross Sectional Study on High School Students' Preferences and Attitudes towards Community Service Книга по Требованию Karen W.
Historical and research reviews guided the development of questions aimed at better understanding volunteerism by high school students.
2008 руб
Cross-linguistic effects on the acquisition of L2 aspect. a bi-directional investigation Книга по Требованию Diana H.C.
The results revealed that learners were sensitive to the aspectual contrasts that are instantiated in their L1. On the other hand, they were unable to detect the aspectual constrast if the semantic interpretation is different between their L1 and L2, which indicates L1 influence.
2784 руб
Cross-Layer Design for Cooperative Wireless Networks. Emerging Techniques for Improving Network Performance Книга по Требованию Lun D.
Finally, a multi-channel and cross-layer extension of a cooperative collision resolution scheme (named ALLIANCES) is proposed for broadband wireless networks.
2416 руб

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