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History Of Discovery And Exploration On The Coasts Of The United States

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Johann G.K.    
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Discovery of the New World
Vocabulary saga - увлекательная история ew World - Новый Свет successive - последующий Caribbea - карибский, относящийся к Карибскому морю explora io - исследование Age of Discovery - Age of Explora io - эпоха Великих географических открытий P olemy - Птолемей accura ely - точно Columbus - Колумб radi g rou e - торговый путь subseque - последующий voyage - морское путешествие explorer - исследователь reveal - показать simul a eously - одновременно Bar olomeu Dias - Бартоломеу Диаш Cape of Good Hope - мыс Доброй Надежды vessel - судно wa e - уменьшиться bela ed -запоздалый claim - притязание Ferdi a d Magella - Фернандо Магеллан garriso - гарнизон Ques io s 1. Wha was he ge eral pa er of explora io i he ew World? 2. Wha fac ors made he Age of Explora io possible? 3. Why did Columbus sail wes wards? 4. Wha did Bar olomeu Dias do? 5. Wha discoveries did Magella a d Drake make? 6. Wha followed explora io ? 7. Wha i spired explorers?

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A Socialist History of the NHS. The economic and social forces that have shaped the National Health Service Книга по Требованию Ciaran M.
The real creators of the NHS were tens of thousands of unsung working class activists.
1981 руб
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It concludes that the constructions of the British Self and the Russian Other are parts of the same process, that of creation of the modern national consciousness.
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History, Migration Trends, Language, and Cultural Maintenance among Second Generation Iranian Immigrants Iranian Immigrants in the United States. Книга по Требованию Shahab D.A.
It further illustrates the hardships and adjustments Iranians have had to endure to assimilate and acculturate to their new host country, the United States.
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History of Street Lighting in the United States Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
The colonial-era streetlights were lit by candles placed inside a glass vessel, which kept the candle from being blown out by wind. Franklin' s design was four-sided, with four separate panes of glass, so that if one pane of glass was broken, the lamp did not need to be entirely replaced, and might not even blow out. After the invention of gas light by William Murdoch in 1792, cities in Britain began to light their streets using gas. The United States followed suit shortly afterwards with the introduction of gas lighting to the streets of Baltimore in 1816. Because of this, many regard Philadelphia as the birthplace of street lighting in the United States. The use of street lighting was first recorded in the Arab Empire from the 9th-10th centuries, especially in Cordova, and then in London from 1417 when Henry Barton, the mayor, ordered "lanterns with lights to be hanged out on the winter evenings between Hallowtide and Candlemasse. " However it was introduced to the United States by famed inventor Benjamin Franklin, who was the postmaster of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
1395 руб

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