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Musical Instruments

Формат:      Страниц 258
     мягкая обложка
Carl E.    
Книга по Требованию    
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Светильник-ночник Старт NL LED "Волшебный лес".
Плавно изменяющий цвета ночник создаст яркое и красочное освещение Вашего дома. Интересный и необычный элемент декора не только создаст
366 руб
Раздел: Ночники
Зеркало увеличительное "Raiber", настольное, арт. RMM-1116.
Удобное и качественное увеличительное зеркало, настольное изготовлено из высокопрочных материалов, обладающих особой стойкостью и
1770 руб
Раздел: Зеркала, расчески, заколки
Подстаканник для прогулочных колясок Peg-Perego Cup holder.
Держатель для бутылочки Peg-Perego Cup Holder - удобный подстаканник для прогулочных колясок фирмы Peg-Perego. Легко подойдет к коляскам
884 руб
Раздел: Прочие

Обычаи и традиции Шотландии
День 1 августа пастухи проводили в обороне своей башни и атаках-вылазках на соседнюю. Все сражающиеся были вооружены дубинками и между ними разгорались настоящие битвы, очень шумные и грубые. Цель битвы заключалась в том, чтобы снять с верха башни флаг противника и поставить на его место свой. После окончания игры парни по-жимали друг другу руки, целовались и мир полностью восстанавливался. Позднее эти летние обычаи воплотились в Highla d Ga heri gs (Highla d Games) — традиционных ежегодных фестивалях шотландских игр и музыки  (Sco ish Spor s a d Music), проводимых в центре Хайленда. Самыми извест-ными Highla d Ga heri gs являются те, что проводятся в г. Брейма (Braemar) и традиционно посещаются членами королевской семьи. Август и сентябрь являлись основными месяцами уборки зерновых на Британских островах. Тяжёлая, многочасовая работа почти не оставляла вре-мени для отдыха. Всё благополучие семьи во многом зависело от того, насколько быстро удавалось собрать и заложить в хранилище хлеб до наступ-ления дождливых осенних дней.

Traditional Thai Musical Instruments Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
They comprise a wide range of wind, string, and percussion instruments played by both the Thai majority as well as the nation' s ethnic minorities. In the traditional Thai system of organology, they are classified into four categories, by the action used in playing: Blowing, Plucking, Bowing, Striking Traditional Thai musical instruments are the musical instruments used in the traditional and classical musics of Thailand. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1395 руб
The music of the Bible, with some account of the development of modern musical instruments from ancient types Книга по Требованию Galpin F.W.
955 руб
An enactive approach to digital musical instrument design. Theory, Models, Techniques Книга по Требованию
Digital musical instruments bring about new problems and prospects for musical performance.
2416 руб
The Musical Guide for Singing and the Piano-Forte Книга по Требованию Guide M.
497 руб
Chicago the Musical Чикаго мюзикл Саундтрек [CD] { } ~94.02.27 126 BMG Russia
209 руб
Rock & Roll Heaven: A Fascinating Guide to 200 Musical Icons Who Have Joined the Great Gig in the Sky Barron's Educational Series Robert D.
Rock & Roll Heaven is an eminently browsable book, filled with absorbing facts about music legends, and supplemented with a selection of memorable photos. Here too are stories behind the headlines for trivia fans, details of each artist’s career highlights, and a handy fast-reference index for serious music history researchers. Rock & Roll Heaven is must-reading for everyone interested in rock history.
921 руб
Lessons In Musical History (1888) Книга по Требованию John C.F.
Эта книга будет изготовлена в соответствии с Вашим заказом по технологии Print-on-Demand.
955 руб
My Musical Experiences (1890) Книга по Требованию Bettina W.
955 руб
Studies In Musical History (1887) Книга по Требованию Louis S. D.
500 руб
Community Informatics and Community Networking Textbook: Prospects. Approaches. Instruments Эдиториал УРСС Gurstein M.
361 руб
Building a Musical Information System: Digital Music Processing Experiments. Tool Development in MATLAB Книга по Требованию Gergely S.
It is not a science book with hard mathematics but a documentation of interesting experiments on note, chord and beat detection, supported with figures and source codes. The author' s aim is to arouse the interest in musical processing with computers and help to take the first steps to make further work. For the sake of simplicity the experiments were done in MATLAB, the popular mathematical environment. This environment makes hard calculations and tasks easier such as Fast Fourier Transform, vector operations or wave plotting. The author used real songs for this thesis, you can find a complete list of them in the appendix. There can be also found the source codes of developed algorithms and methods. If you like music and interested in digital signal processing, this book is for you. The author experimented with digital music processing in his diploma thesis that you, dear Reader, can read in this book.
1997 руб
Vivid Moments Long Remembered. The Lifetime Impact of Elementary School Musical Theatre Книга по Требованию Holly O.
Suggestions for future research on other salient aspects of elementary school are offered to shed further light on this phenomenon, which appears to have life-long and deep effects on those who are able to participate in elementary school musical theatre.
2403 руб
Aeroacoustics of Wind Instruments. Investigations and Numerical Methods Книга по Требованию Andrey R.d.S.
This book addresses the major aspects of the sound production mechanism in single-reed woodwind instruments and provides an extensive review of the theories related to flow-induced vibration and aerodynamic sound generation in internal flows at low Mach numbers and high acoustic amplitudes.
3215 руб
FDI Trends and Characteristics - Incentive System, Instruments Used to Stimulate Investments with Special Regard to Italian Investors Foreign Direct Investment and Investment Stimulation in Hungary. Книга по Требованию
This work not only describes how Hungary, as an outstanding and for years a leading country in the CEE region, chose a new path of development in the 1990`s, hallmarked by the predominant role of FDI but it also provides detailed answers to the above questions which should be especially useful to those intending to invest in Hungary.
2008 руб
Stockhausen’s Musical Shapes. How a Master Composer Moves Sound Книга по Требованию Sara O.
This book should be especially interesting to music theorists, composers, guitarists, those who enjoy post-tonal music or code breaking, and anyone who follows the career of the great German master composer Karlheinz Stockhausen.
2784 руб
Music Style Preference. A Ranking of Musical Styles and Comparison by Age; Gender; Music Training; and Rural, Suburban, or Urban Upbringing Книга по Требованию John G.
2008 руб
Construct Validity of Instruments Assessing Clinical Competence. Multitrait Multimethod Matrix for Construct Validation of Clinical Competence of Physicians Книга по Требованию Lubna B.
Three traits, doctor-patient relationship, clinical competence, and communication skills were assessed in OSCEs, ITERs and clinical assessments.
2784 руб
Explorations of a musical process A Rhetorical Guide to Ebb. Книга по Требованию Daniel Z.
2008 руб
Rainfall and Weak Instruments. Validity and Refinement of Rainfall Variables as Instruments for Transitory Income Книга по Требованию Surach T.
This book examines the validity and refinement of the use of rainfall variables as instruments for transitory income in the context of weak instruments.
2416 руб
Regional business networks. Instruments for the development of regional business networks Книга по Требованию Gerhard S.
This hypothesis is illustrated through several practical examples.
2008 руб

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