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Modern Aspects Of The Circulation In Health And Disease

Формат:      Страниц 372
     мягкая обложка
Carl J.W.    
Книга по Требованию    
5 руб
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Фартук "Посуда", 70х80 см.
Материал: 100% хлопок. Размер: 70х80 см.
581 руб
Раздел: Фартуки
Настольная игра "Спящие королевы".
Проснитесь и играйте! Королева Роз, Королева Тортов и десять их ближайших подруг заснули, поддавшись сонным чарам и именно вам предстоит
606 руб
Раздел: Карточные игры
Набор детской складной мебели "Первоклашка".
Комплект складной. Подходит для кормления, игр и обучения. Поверхность столешницы ламинированная с нанесением ярких познавательных
2105 руб
Раздел: Наборы детской мебели

Марсельская лихорадка
Марсельская лихорадка Синонимы: марсельский риккетсиоз, прыщевидная лихорадка, папулезная лихорадка, болезнь Кардуччи-Ольмера, тунисская сыпнотифозная лихорадка, инфекционная экзантема Средиземного моря, собачья болезнь; ickbi e fever, marseilles fever, medi erra ea fever, erup ive fever, Carducci-Olmefs disease - англ.; Marseill fieber, Zecke bissfieber - нем.; fievre bou o ese, fievreexa hema ique - франц.; escarr odulaire fievre de Marsella-wca. В качестве варианта марсельской лихорадки можно рассматривать южно-африканский клещевой тиф (лихорадка клещевого укуса) и восточно-африканский риккетсиоз (кенийский клещевой тиф). Марсельская лихорадка - острая риккетсиозная болезнь, которая характеризуется доброкачественным течением, наличием первичного аффекта и распространенной макуло-папулезной сыпью. Этиология. Возбудитель - Ricke sia co ori был открыт в 1932 г. и назван в честь Конора, который впервые описал марсельскую лихорадку в 1910 г. Обладает свойствами, общими и для других риккетсий. Как и возбудитель лихорадки Скалистых гор, может паразитировать и в цитоплазме, и в ядрах клеток хозяина.

The Nature and Modern Treatment of Deafness and Disease of the Ear Книга по Требованию Downing M.
595 руб
Current challenges linked to the EU health claim Regulation. Regulatory aspects, nutritional questions regarding cholesterol lowering health claims, and economical perspectives of functional food Книга по Требованию Angela K.
Today' s Europe is confronted with a growing problem of nutrition related disease patterns. In this context, Functional Foods are presented as a new perspective to improve the main state of health within the European Union. But this approach may be criticised due to several reasons: The Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006, which shall control the use of health claims on functional products shows several uncertainties. In the past, that lead to problems caused by individual interpretations and unsolved distribution of responsibility. But also the financial dimension of this food segment is difficult. It is questionable, whether Functional Foods and thereby the beneficial health effects are affordable for every consumer in the European Union. A for the purpose of this thesis constructed calculation' s results support the assumption that functional products are mainly aimed at higher-income households – by now.
1923 руб
Modern Talking 'The Very best' [CD] { } ~93.12.25 078 BMG Russia
219 руб
Retention of Volunteers. A study in antecedents to volunteers' intention to leave in the Australian health sector Книга по Требованию Valerie v.L.
There is a general scarcity of research concerning volunteer work, and understanding health sector volunteers is particularly important due to the significance of their contribution in Australia.
3191 руб
Organ and Tissue Donation. Intensive Care Unit Practices in the Calgary Health Region Книга по Требованию
An examination of these individual steps allows not only for the identification of any possible shortcomings within a process, but provides a base on which comparisons to other systems can be made.
2416 руб
EFFECT OF PM ON THE RESPIRATORY HEALTH OF POWERLOOM WORKERS. Correlation of the intensity of health impairments and the particulate matter concentration of power looms Книга по Требованию SUMERA A.
No effective cures for diseases caused by PM are known yet; it is only through prevention that their burden on society can be lessened.
2008 руб
STRUCTURAL VIOLENCE, POPULATION HEALTH AND HEALTH EQUITY. Preferential option for the poor and the bioethics health equity in sub-Saharan Africa Книга по Требованию JACQUINEAU A.
The author uses Johan Galtung' s approach to structural violence, Paul Farmer' s appropriation of the concept in the world of biomedicine and public health, Amartya Sen' s capability approach, the Christian option for the poor, Jean-Marc Ela' s foundations for a theology that places the needs of the poor at the center of ecclesial thinking, and Meredith Minkler' s approach to community organizing for health. This book is intended for senior undergraduate and graduate students interested in bioethics, theology, philosophy, and international health. The book aims to create a dialogue between epidemiologists, public health scholars, medical sociologists and anthropologists, public policymakers, philosophers, theologians, and scholars in African studies. The need to address the determinants of material deprivation goes hand in hand with the necessity for tackling the social roots of poor health. The approach used by the author of the book is multidisciplinary, analytical, and critical. This book attempts to lay down the foundation for a socially relevant approach to bioethics in Africa where poor health and material deprivation are rooted in social structures.
3234 руб
The "Wills-O'-The-Wisp" of Disease Книга по Требованию Fellows J.I.
601 руб
Of Nature and Art in the Cure of Disease Книга по Требованию Forbes J.
1145 руб
The Influence of the Sympathetic On Disease Книга по Требованию Fox E.L.
1157 руб
A catalogue with explanatory notes of the exhibits from the Department of Education, Empire of Japan, in the International Health and Education Exhibition, held in London, 1884 Книга по Требованию
363 руб
A history of the discovery of the circulation of the blood Книга по Требованию Flourens P.
604 руб
An open ended survey questionnaire has been designed to gather data for analysis by surveying physicians from the Bangladeshi public hospitals.
2280 руб
Modern Gothic. The Revival of Medieval Art Yale University Press Matheson S.
125 руб
Practical Observations On the Preservation of Health, and the Prevention of Diseases Книга по Требованию Carlisle A.
1142 руб
A practical treatise on the management and diseases of children Книга по Требованию Maunsell H.
1153 руб
Dental Anomalies and Their Influence Upon the Production of Diseases of the Maxillary Bones Книга по Требованию Forget A.
601 руб
The Diagnosis of Diseases of the Nervous System Книга по Требованию Herter C.A.
1158 руб
Catalogue of the Circulating Department Книга по Требованию
2110 руб
Nabokov and his Books: Between Late Modernism and the Literary Marketplace Oxford English Monographs Oxford University Press
Using previously unpublished and neglected material, White tells the story of Nabokov the professional writer and how he sought to balance his late modernist aesthetics with the demands of a booming American literary marketplace. As Nabokov' s reputation grew so he took greater and greater control of how his books were produced, making the material form of the book--including forewords, blurbs, covers--part of the novel. In his later novels, including Pale Fire, Ada, and Transparent Things, the idea of the novelist losing control of his work became the subject of the novels themselves. These plots were replicated in Nabokov' s own biography, as he discovered his inability to control the forces the market success of Lolita had unleashed.
7355 руб

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