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The New Salesmanship And How To Do Business

Формат:      Страниц 198
     мягкая обложка
Charles L.    
Книга по Требованию    
495 руб
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Книга представляет собой репринтное издание 1909 года (издательство "Chicago, Laird & Lee"). Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т.п.
Точилка механическая, синяя, 7-12 мм.
Точилка механическая с механизмом автоподачи карандаша, съемным боксом для стружки. Возможность крепления к столу. Острота заточки
1081 руб
Раздел: Точилки
Развивающая настольная игра "Читай-Хватай".
Как быстро научиться читать? Играя в новую игру на скорочтение! Просто знать буквы — это ещё не значит уметь читать! В
890 руб
Раздел: Русский язык, слова, речь
Поильник Happy Baby, с трубочкой и ручками (цвет: lime).
Поильник поможет ребёнку перейти от грудного вскармливания или бутылочки к обычной кружке. Отлично подойдёт малышу, когда у него уже
519 руб
Раздел: Поильники, непроливайки

Искусство принятия решений
По мере продвижения процесса принятия решения зачастую принимаются решения более низкого уровня; например, необходимость принятия решения по обеспечению инвестициями основного решения может стать причиной организации команды для осуществления этого подпроекта. Состав этой команды и круг ее полномочий может существенно повлиять на продвижение процесса решения основного вопроса. Таким образом, решения более низкого уровня также создают ограничения. Список литературы Ise berg, D.J.: How se ior ma agers hi k, Harvard Busi ess Review 62 ( ovember-December) Ja is, I.L. Bu ler, R.: Decisio Maki g Scie ce, U iversi y of Bradford Ma ageme Ce er.

How to do business as business is done in great commercial centers Книга по Требованию Eaton S.
955 руб
Business Resource Book New English File Elementary. New English File Oxford University Press Tracy B.
1385 руб
How Do You Do it Anyway?. A Longitudinal Study of Three Translator Students Translating from Russian into Swedish Книга по Требованию Morena A.S.
The results of the analysis show that the systematic differences in the languages involved are not as problematic as expected for the participants.
3215 руб
Rural Superintendents. How Do Wyoming Rural Superintendents View and Respond to the Challenges Brought about by External Demands on their Schools? Книга по Требованию
There are many misconceptions about rural schools by the general public and even less about the tremendous stress of being a superintendent in a rural school.
2008 руб
Nonverbal Cues on Impression Formation and Relational Development. How Do Frequency and Duration of Messaging Affect Impression Formation and Relational Development in Computer-Mediated Communication? Книга по Требованию Yuliang L.
Results indicated that duration and frequency had significant main effects on impression and relational development in CMC environments.
2416 руб
Meservey'S New Bookkeeping & Manual of Business Forms Книга по Требованию Meredith A.J.
957 руб
How do we stop the 'spiraling-out-of-hand'?. Understanding counter-productive effects that spiral out of hand, spread, drift, fragment or waste, by imaging their basic topologic properties Книга по Требованию marika b.
Natural and human sciences are plagued with fundamental problems, yet highly specialized information, interdisciplinary research and advanced models run into intractable problems.
3051 руб
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.
1123 руб
How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms? Scholastic Jane Y.
How do dinosaurs clean their rooms?
210 руб
How Do We Fix This Mess? The Economic Price of Having it All, and the Route to Lasting Prosperity Hodder&Stoughton Peston R.
The record-breaking unbroken growth between 1992 and 2008 wasn' t the economic miracle that it seemed. It was based on a number of dangerous illusions - most notably that it didn' t matter that the UK and US year after year consumed more than they earned. But we couldn' t go on increasing our indebtedness forever. The financial crash of 2007/8 and the subsequent economic slump in much of the west was the moment when we realised we had borrowed more than we could afford to repay. So who got it wrong? Banks, bankers, investors and regulators? And were those regulators stupid, or asleep? And what was the role of government? And what part did we, the consumers, play in all this? How do we get through this difficult period of transition to a more sustainable economy, one based on investment and exports, rather than on borrowing and consumption? With the same probing lucidity he brought to WHO RUNS BRITAIN? , Robert Peston takes us step-by-step towards a common sense way to fix this mess. In Robert Peston' s new book he explains in his characteristically straightforward way how the world got itself into the current economic mess - and how we might get out of it. How do we fix this mess? I don' t know. But don' t stop reading now. Perhaps if we have a clearer understanding of what went wrong, we' ll have a better idea of what needs to be done. This book is a map of what needs to be fixed.
843 руб
How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends? How Do Dinosaurs Scholastic Jane Y.
What if a dinosaur' s friends come to play? Does he mope, does he pout if he can' t get his way? Does he hide all his dump trucks, refusing to share?
514 руб
And It' s Implication on Doing Business in Japan ' Amakudari' - Descent from Heaven. Книга по Требованию Eva-Maria Z.
This book concludes by outlining the trends and outlooks in the continuance of Amakudari in Japan.
2008 руб
Theory and Design. A Sample Training Program for Americans Doing Business in Mexico Intercultural Training: Книга по Требованию Sandra L.
The growth of U. S. and Mexican business relations, particularly as the result of the NAFTA, have created the need for corporations to provide their business executives with intercultural knowledge and skills that will allow them to work and compete successfully in the international arena.
2626 руб
The Unauthorized Guide To Doing Business the Duncan Bannatyne Way: 10 Secrets of the Rags to Riches Dragon Wiley Barclay L.
The Unauthorized Guide to Doing Business the Duncan Bannatune Way draws out the universal lessons from Duncan Bannatyne' s remarkable success and identifies 10 strategies for running a business that can be applied to any business or career: Anyone can do it Know yourself and fill in the gaps The right ideas are everywhere you look Don' t skimp on the research Plan your enterprise Never mind the atrium!
343 руб
Doing Business Ethically Lessons Learned Harvard Business School Publishing
Now you can find out- with Lessons Learned.
478 руб
Accounting for Context and Lifetime Factors. A New Approach for Evaluating Regression Testing Techniques Книга по Требованию Hyunsook D.
This dissertation addresses these limitations to provide several important advantages for practitioners and researchers.
3215 руб
Manual and directory of the New England Church (Congregational) Книга по Требованию Church N.E.
500 руб
The minutes of the Orphanmasters of New Amsterdam, 1655 to 1663 Книга по Требованию Orphanmasters N.Y.
955 руб
By-laws of George Washington post, no. 103, Department of New York, G. A. R., and roster of members Книга по Требованию New R.D.
300 руб
Proceedings of the 1st New England conference called by the Governors of the New England states, Boston, Nov. 23-24, 1908 Книга по Требованию states N.E.
500 руб

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