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Ancient Gonzo Wisdom

Формат:      Страниц 412
     мягкая обложка
Hunter S. T.    
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Ancient Gonzo Wisdom features classic HST interviews' - GQ. Fearless and unsparing, the interviews detail some of the most storied episodes of Thompson' s life: his savage beating at the hands of the Hell' s Angels, his talking football with Nixon on the 1972 Campaign Trail (' the only time in twenty years of listening to the treacherous bastard that I knew he wasn' t lying' ); his razor-sharp insight into the Bush-Cheney administration, his unlikely run for Sheriff of Aspen, and his successful public battle, during the last years of his life, to free an innocent woman from prison. In addition, Hunter Thompson' s passionate tirades about journalism, culture, drugs, guns, and the law showcase his singular voice at its fiercest. Bristling with inspired observations and wild anecdotes, this collection offers unique insight into the voice and mind of the inimitable Hunter S. Thompson, as recorded over the decades in the pages of Playboy, the Paris Review, Esquire, in various lectures, and in television appearances, many in print for the first time. Complete with an exclusive introduction by author, journalist, and cultural critic Christopher Hitchens, Ancient Gonzo Wisdom genuinely embraces the brilliance of Hunter S. Thompson - his life, his voice, and his legacy - to provide an enduring portrait of the great gonzo journalist. ' Four years after his death, the rapid-fire wit and venom of Thompson' s writing is undiminished.
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Карандаши цветные, трехгранные, заточенные. Длина карандаша: 175 мм Толщина грифеля: 5 мм. Количество цветов: 12.
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Количество цветов: 42 ярких цвета. Эргономичная форма для удобного и легкого письма. Пишущий узел завальцован в металл. Защита от
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Зеркало Шекспира
Шекспир в своих произведениях. При этом они указали, что знакомство только с какими-то отдельными произведениями В. Шекспира ничего не дает в плане их понимания. Отголосок этого указания можно найти в словах Г. Брандеса в цитировавшейся книге: «У Шекспира каждое позднейшее произведение всегда связано с предыдущим, подобно тому, как звенья цепи сомкнуты между собою». Точнее это указание можно некоторым образом пояснить словами О. Уайльда: «Тот, кто знает только настоящее, ничего не знает о времени, в котором живет». Кстати, О. Уайльд, писавший о В. Шекспире в нескольких своих произведениях, тоже ничего в Шекспире не понял. При этом не понял самого главного – сонеты В. Шекспира рождены не просто любовью, а любовью к человеку, а потому – мудростью и честью (Wisdom a d Ho our). И ведь, наверное, до сих пор есть энтузиасты, желающие проникнуть в тайну инициалов W.H., несмотря на прямое и ясное указание сонета 26. Lord of my love, o whom i vassalage hy meri ha h my du y s ro gly k i ; o hee I se d his wri e embassage o wi ess du y, o o show my wi .

Offices of a Lodge of Sorrow and Ring Service of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Книга по Требованию Ancient a.A.S.R.
1428 руб
A Contemporary Quest for Ancient Wisdom The Pilgrimage: HarperCollins Publishers Coelho P.
316 руб
River God: A Novel of Ancient Egypt (на англ.яз.) St.Martin'S Press Smith W.
349 руб
The SHAMAN`s wisdom of Altay Агаркова Л.
Жизненный путь и приобщение к тайнам алтайского шамана, «великое учение Шамбала» и др. This book narrates the difficult life of one of our fellow man who was summoned by Higher Powers of the planet to deliver this world and who became Guru Shri Dzhnan Avatar Muni.
217 руб
Ancient Greece Eyewitness Dorling Kindersley Anne P.
Starting with Minoan and Mycenaean cultures, the book goes on to look at the siege of Troy, the Golden Age of Athens, the warlike Spartans, and the campaigns of Alexander the Great.
413 руб
Ancient Rome - The Republic Geddes & Grosset
269 руб
Gonzo: The Life of Hunter S. Thompson Hachette Livre Seymour C.
525 руб
Infinite Spaces: The Art and Wisdom of the Japanese Garden Tuttle Publishing Julie M.M.
Infinite Spaces is a remarkable reflection of the Japanese garden, drawing on extracts from the Sakuteiki - an eleventh-century text that distills centuries of garden design - and pairing them with inspiring images from Sadao Hibi, one of Japan' s best-known photographers. Japanese gardens have long been admired for their capacity to improve on nature through impeccable design, detail and composition, properties that elevate them from mere gardens to sacred spaces.
1800 руб
A Novel of Ancient Greece The Ten Thousand: Macmillan Publishers Michael C.F.
By the time it was over, some would be alive, others dead, and one among them would emerge and the greatest hero of all. . . In a novel of high adventure and riveting historical drama, Michael Curtis Ford brings to life an amazing true story from Greek antiquity - Xenophon' s march of the ten Thousand. A tale of war and peace, of loyalties and betrayals, and of a soldier' s love for a mysterious and dangerous woman, "The Ten Thousand" captures the eternal spirit of courage - in the face of impossible odds.
231 руб
Ancient American Art in Detail Thames & Hudson Colin M.
The most striking aspects of craftsmanship, materials and design are highlighted here in exquisite works of jade, turquoise, textiles, feather work, gold, wood, stone, ceramics and painted books, all drawn from the British Museumas outstanding collections.
879 руб
Seven Ancient Wonders Macmillan Publishers Matthew R.
It is the biggest treasure hunt in history with contesting nations involved in a headlong race to locate the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. 4500 years ago, a magnificent golden capstone sat at the peak of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
280 руб
A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil Книга по Требованию Jane A.
5 руб
Ancient Calendars and Constellations Книга по Требованию Emmeline M. P.
The author gives explanations of ancient myths which have occurred to her in the course of studying the position of zodiacal and extra-zodiacal constellations at different ages of the world' s history. Книга представляет собой репринтное издание 1903 года (издательство "London, J. Murray"). Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т. п. 1903. The study of calendars marked by zodiacal constellations necessitates an acquaintance with the position of those constellations as they were to be observed through the many ages during which they held the important office of presiding over the year and its changing seasons.
1546 руб
Ancient, Curious and Famous Wills Книга по Требованию Virgil M. H.
5 руб
History Of Ancient Philosophy Книга по Требованию Windelband W.
5 руб
Local Government In Ancient India (1919) Книга по Требованию Radhakumud M.
1148 руб
Public Libraries And Literary Culture In Ancient Rome Книга по Требованию Clarence E.B.
5 руб
The Ancient Egyptian Doctrine Of The Immortality Of The Soul (1895) Книга по Требованию Alfred W.
1213 руб
The Home Life Of The Ancient Greeks Книга по Требованию Hugo B.
5 руб
The Philosophy Of Ancient India Книга по Требованию Richard G.
5 руб

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