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The Truth About Melody Browne

Формат:      Страниц 432
     мягкая обложка
Lisa J.    
Random House    
305 руб
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When she was nine years old, Melody Browne's house burned down, taking every toy, every photograph, every item of clothing and old Christmas card with it. But not only did the fire destroy all her possessions, it took with it all her memories - Melody Browne can remember nothing before her ninth birthday. Now in her early thirties, Melody lives in a council flat in the middle of London with her seventeen-year-old son. She hasn't seen her parents since she left home at fifteen, but Melody doesn't mind, she's better off on her own. She's made a good life for herself and her son and she likes it that way. Until one night something extraordinary happens. Whilst attending a hypnotist show with her first date in years she faints - and when she comes round she starts to remember. At first her memories mean nothing to her but then slowly, day by day, she begins to piece together the real story of her childhood. Her journey takes her to the seaside town of Broadstairs, to oddly familiar houses in London backstreets and to meetings with strangers who love her like their own. But with every mystery she solves another one materialises, with every question she answers another appears. And Melody begins to wonder if she'll ever know the truth about her past...
Фоторамка (коллаж) на 4 фото (10х15 см), 18x2x55 см.
Фоторамка на 4 фото. Размер: 18x2x55 см. Размер фото: 10х15 см. Материал: пластик.
513 руб
Раздел: Мультирамки
Муфта для рук "Еду-Еду", на коляску, зимняя, цвет: темно-серый.
Муфта с надежными кнопками быстро и удобно надевается на ручку коляски или санок. Муфта позаботится о том, чтобы Ваши руки находились в
376 руб
Раздел: Муфты на ручку

Acous ically i o a io is a complex combi a io of varyi g fu dame al freque cy, i e si y a d dura io . Percep ually i `s a complex of speech melody, loud ess, empo a d imbre. Большинство исследователей считают, что основной функцией интонации является передача эмоционально-модального отношения говорящего к сообщаемому. И когда говорят, что какое нибудь предложение было произнесено "без всякой интонации", это означает в первом случае, что оно было сказано с монотонной интонацией, а во втором - что интонация была недостаточно выразительной. В.А.Артемов полагает, что основная функция интонации заключается в выражении чувств воли, без элементов которой не мыслима никакая жизненная коммуникация. Синтаксис почти не располагает средствами кодирования модальной эмоционально-волевой функции. Эту роль выполняет лексика и интонация. Артемов делит синтаксическое значение интонации на два типа: 1. членение предложений на синтагмы, соответствующие его осмыслению говорящим в зависимости от ситуации общения. 2. синтаксическая связь частей предложения - логические планы и логическая модальность мысли, выраженной во фразе (интонация причинно-следственной условной связи, интонация определенности, неопределенности, противопоставления, сравнения, вводности мысли и др.) Неопределенность в трактовке понятия "функция" привела к появлению разнородных по принципам и противоречивых по содержанию систем классификации функций и интонации.

The whole works of William Browne .. Книга по Требованию Browne W.
955 руб
Evergrey'In search for truth' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 85634 Союз-Мьюзик
139 руб
Hotel California: The true-life adventures of Crosby, Still, Nash, Young, Mitchell, Taylor, Browne, Ronstadt, Geffen, the Eagles and their many fiends нет серии ISBN 978-0-470-12777-3 John Wiley & Sons Hoskyns B.
503 руб
My Melody. Дневничок с наклейками Росмэн
Она живёт в лесу Мэри-Лэнд с семьёй и друзьями, любит печь печенье с миндалём и играть в весёлые игры. "My Melody" (Май Мелоди) - добрая, весёлая и нежная зайка.
128 руб
My Melody. Книжка-ростомер Росмэн
162 руб
Open World: The Truth About Globalisation Little, Brown and Company Philippe L.
472 руб
The Whole Truth Hachette Livre Baldacci D.
652 руб
Temple of the Winds (Sword of Truth 4) Macmillan Publishers Terry G.
713 руб
My Melody. Наклеивай и играй! Наклеивай и играй! Росмэн
Играй, придумывай и разыгрывай свои истории с участием очаровательной зайки Май Мелоди и ее друзей!
102 руб
Essays On Historical Truth Книга по Требованию Andrew B.
5 руб
Truth and Lies Brad and Angelina: Penguin Group Chas N.
When they got together in 2005 it made headlines worldwide - everyone wanted to know the full story of what had happened: had Brad cheated on Jen?
610 руб
Faith of the Fallen (Sword of Truth 6) Macmillan Publishers Terry G.
Terry Goodkind author of the enormously popular Sword of Truth novels, has forged perhaps his best novel yet, pitting Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell against threats to the freedom of the world that will take them to opposite ends of the world to defeat the forces of chaos and anarchy.
734 руб
Selected Dispatches Nothing But the Truth: Random House, Inc. Anna P.
She won international fame for her reporting on the Chechen wars and, more generally, on Russian state corruption.
772 руб
Unveiling the Truth of Hip Hop. The Connection Between African American Literature and Hip Hop Culture Книга по Требованию Tristin S.
It speaks out against the social conditions that today’s urban youth experience by capturing and explaining their struggles caused by the aftermath of slavery.
1997 руб
The Ministry of Reconciliation a Comparative Study. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)in South Africa and the Luena Memorandum in Angola, did they helped in healing the wounded people? Книга по Требованию Pedro L.
The Luena memorandum did not lead the country into national reconciliation or into the needed process of healing.
3234 руб
Transitional Justice and Conflict Transformation: A Tenable Nexus?. The Case of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission Книга по Требованию Emmanuel K.
On the tendency of other countries to treat the SA TRC as the standard practice to be followed, the study argues that it sometimes inappropriately skews the views of many in other distinctively different contexts, in a way that needs to be reconsidered.
3234 руб
Transitional Justice. Perspectives on Truth, Justice and Reconciliation in Postconflict Sierra Leone Книга по Требованию Lydia A.N.
This book examines the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and the Special Court for Sierra Leone, engaged by the government in collaboration with the UN in Sierra Leone' s peace building process. Operating in an environment of weak coordinating systems, the TRC and Special Court were pitched against each other,undermining their respective mandates and creating tensions in their efforts to implement their plans. Also, the populace, civil society groups, the government and the UN, were divided in their sentiments and support for the two mechanisms. The implication is that the policy choice, design and packaging of restorative and retributive mechanisms should link seamlessly to the strategic goal of peace and stability. This book will be useful for scholars, governments, policy makers, the UN and especially the International Criminal Court whose intervention in a country may run parallel to a restorative process. This raises issues regarding their compatibility, coordination and benefits derived from such an approach to transitional justice. In recent times, truth commissions and trials are being engaged concurrently for transitional justice in postconflict societies.
3234 руб
Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1843 руб
Library of Sir Thomas Browne Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
It also provides an insight into the proliferation, distribution and availability of books printed throughout 17th century Europe which were purchased in increasing numbers by the intelligentsia, aristocracy, priestly, physician or educated merchant-class.
1395 руб
Where the Truth Lies Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
It stars Kevin Bacon, Colin Firth and Alison Lohman and is based on the 2003 novel of the same name by Rupert Holmes.
1191 руб

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