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The Banana Machine

Формат:      Страниц 96
     мягкая обложка
Alexander M.S.    
Bloomsbury Publishing    
430 руб
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All she needs to do is invent a machine - a banana machine. Will Patty' s mechanical wizardry help the plantation out of its crisis? Or, like the bananas, are her ideas round the bend? Patty lives with her Aunt Bat on a banana plantation in Jamaica. Unfortunately, as it' s such a small plantation, they' re having trouble keeping up with the competition, and Aunt Bat is worried they' ll have to sell up. Patty needs to think of an idea to turn things around, and fast! Inspiration comes to her as she' s digging into a chocolate banana special at her local ice-cream parlour.
Сменный фильтр "Аквафор В-100-5", 2 штуки.
Модуль В100-5 содержит в оптимальном соотношении гранулы кокосового угля, ионообменные смолы и "ноу-хау" АКВАФОР - волокна
397 руб
Раздел: Фильтры для воды
Пазл "Лесные животные".
Пазлы Ларсен - это прежде всего обучающие пазлы. На красочной картинке пазла изображены животные на лесной полянке. Собирая пазл, малыш
548 руб
Раздел: Пазлы (5-53 элементов)
Циркуль для класса, деревянный.
Циркуль классный изготовлен из твердолиственных пород древесины. Лакированная поверхность. Незаменимый помощник учителя геометрии,
1147 руб
Раздел: Циркули, чертежные инструменты
The time machine Stories (Машина времени: Рассказы): Книга для чтения на английском языке: Адаптированные тексты с комментариями, упражнения, вопросы и задания, учебный словарь (адапт. , упр. , словарь Евдокимовой И. В. ) (на англ. яз. ) - 80 с. {Учебная книга для чтения на английском языке} Intermediate Level: М:АСТ/Астрель Wells H.G. (Уэллс Г.Дж.)
50 руб
The Soft Machine [MP3] { } ~54.00.00 08366 RMG
119 руб
VanDerGraafGener'Aerosol Grey Machine' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 87633 SomeWax
109 руб
U.D.O Accept 'Mean machine&Eat the heat' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 54043 СД-Максимум
109 руб
Kraftwerk'Man Machine' Japan [CD] { } ~54.00.00 88952 Бомба-М
939 руб
The Time Machine Pearson
5 руб
The Time Machine. Книга для чтения Reader (Illustrated). Illustrated Readers Express Publishing H G.W.
106 руб
Machine-Building Engineering. Учебное пособие Флинта Кистол Л.П.
Первая часть заключает в себе тексты по специальности с рядом предтекстовых и послетекстовых закрепительных лексических упражнений для аудиторных занятий.
251 руб
The Accidental Time Machine Penguin Group Joe H.
266 руб
The Muscle Machine Bloomsbury Publishing Alexander M.S.
231 руб
HUMAN-TO-MACHINE INTERACTION. Historical and contemporary applications of a proposed general model with comparisons to the Human Interpersonal Communications model Книга по Требованию Rodger M.
This project contains an outline of the basic rhetoric for human interpersonal communication and for human-to-machine interaction.
2403 руб
A open community based registry Reasoner Based Ontology Query Machine. Книга по Требованию
The ontology query machine is an existing (already implementing and working) solution to search and update ontology' s using the reasoned Pellet. The user does not have to know - though it' s also possible to indicate complete, user defined SPARQL and RDQL queries - the query language but the keywords (properties, etc. ) and their possible value of the ontology and basic functionality of the ' simple search' . For the update a complete and sound new or updated definition of the stored entities must be provided (OWL).
1997 руб
A Multiple Perspective Analysis of Intelligent Artificial Systems Including Educational Technology Machine Intelligence Quotient. Книга по Требованию V. C. I.U.
Many of the problems that machine intelligence (MI) is expected to solve require extensive knowledge about the world.
3234 руб
Research on the Methodologies to Predict Micro- grinding and Design Meso-machine Tools Micro Grinding Mechanics and Machine Tools. Книга по Требованию Hyung W.P.
Then, on the basis of this predictive model, the comparison between experimental data and analytical predictions was conducted in view of the overall micro-grinding forces.
2784 руб
Cost Prediction by Machine Learning. Using Machine Learning Techniques for Early Cost Prediction of Structural Systems of Buildings Книга по Требованию Sevgi Z.D.E.
An investigation of the impacts of weight generation methods on the ANN and CBR models was conducted.
2416 руб
The Case of the Windward Islands Banana Industry Caribbean-European International Economic Relations. Книга по Требованию Ramona S.
The main issues discussed in this research are the future of the Windward Islands’ banana industry, the implications of an erosion of its market share in a liberalised EU banana market; challenges to the new banana regime; diversification of the banana industry and search for alternatives and lastly, the issue of the Windward Islands’ commodity dependence on Europe.
3234 руб
Improving reordering and modeling in statistical machine translation. Survey and new proposals Книга по Требованию Marta R.C.
3234 руб
Living the "Somehow Life". Tanaka Yasuo, Banana Yoshimoto and Postmodern Japan Книга по Требованию
I argue that if such strategies are not immediately apparent, it is because they hold to what critic Fredric Jameson, in his discussion of the requisites for a “new political art,” calls “the truth of postmodernism. ” This work will interest those concerned with postwar and contemporary Japanese culture, society and literature, as well as those engaged in the study of “global culture. ” Tanaka Yasuo’s Nantonaku, kurisutaru (Somehow, Crystal, 1980) and Yoshimoto Banana’s Kitchin (Kitchen, 1987) have been denigrated as emblematic of a so-called “bastardized line” of Japanese literature, characterized by an unabashed celebration of a “late-capitalist” consumerist ethos.
2008 руб
Design and Implementation of a State Machine Framework. A State Machine Framework Optimised for Telecommunication Protocol Software Applications Книга по Требованию Dietmar S.
Within this book, we are going to consider this and try to find the best possible technique in software engineering for designing and developing a C++ state machine framework optimised for telecommunication protocol software applications.
2416 руб
Recognizing Intentions. Improving Human-Machine Collaboration by Recognizing Intentions Книга по Требованию Daniel A.
Most of the currently deployed automation systems are limited in that the tasks they can solve are required to be repetitive and predicable.
2008 руб

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