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Jane Austen's Guide to Good Manners

Формат:      Страниц 144
     мягкая обложка
Henrietta W.    
Bloomsbury Publishing    
425 руб
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Today such social niceties are largely ignored or forgotten, but they underpin all of Jane Austen' s timeless novels and are explored and dealt with in this highly original book. Written as if intended for Austen' s original readers in the Regency era, and illustrated with exquisitely witty watercolours, Jane Austen' s Guide to Good Manners is a light-hearted, entertaining and instructive little handbook of etiquette as depicted in Jane' s novels and letters. It will not only offer sound wisdom and pearls of advice, but also encourage the modern-day reader to look back at Jane' s work with a new and deepened appreciation. How to pay and return formal ' calls' ; how to refuse a proposal of marriage; who should lead off the dancing at a country-house ball; what to wear for a morning walk.
Шкатулка для девочек "Принцесса фея".
Все мамы знают, как обожают маленькие принцессы шкатулочки, в которых они могли бы хранить свои игрушечные принадлежности, украшения и
382 руб
Раздел: Шкатулки
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Бумага для каллиграфических работ, под карандаш. Ширина: 840 мм. Длина намотки: 40 м. Плотность: 25 г/м2.
402 руб
Раздел: Калька, миллиметровка, копирка
Игровой набор "Мультифункциональный грузовик с мини-бульдозером и запчастями".
Игровой набор "Мультифункциональный грузовик" с целым чемоданом запасных частей станет отличным подарком любому мальчику.
1195 руб
Раздел: Самосвалы, грузовики

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Jane Austen's Guide to Modern Life's Dilemmas LBS Smith R.
Treat it like a new and sensible best friend, to turn to whenever you are confronting lifes dilemmas (how can I stop saying yes to everything, what do I wear to a society wedding, is internet dating just for the desperate, etc).
874 руб
Seven Novels Jane Austen: Sterling Publishing Jane A.
2613 руб
Jane Austen (box) (количество томов: 6) CollLibra CRW Publishing Austen J.
4499 руб
Jane Austen Bind Up Penguin Group Austen J.
Each of her novels is a love story and a story about marriage - marriage for love, for financial security, for social status.
1800 руб
A Memoir of Jane Austen and Other Family Recollections Oxford World's Classics Oxford University Press James E.A.
364 руб
The Jane Austen Book Club Penguin Group Karen J.F.
316 руб
Who's Afraid of Jane Austen? How to Really Talk About Books You Haven't Read Hodder&Stoughton Henry H.
Let Henry Hitchings educate you in the invaluable skill of literary bluffing in this survivor`s guide to talking about books you haven`t read.
675 руб
Representation de l'Angleterre Georgienne chez Jane Austen Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1531 руб
The Jane Austen Marriage Manual Hodder&Stoughton Izzo K.
So, with just Jane Austen' s advice for company, she sets off to see if Mr Rich can ever become Mr Right. Her mission takes her to Palm Beach, St Moritz and London. Where, in keeping company with the elite, she meets billionaires, oil tycoons, and generally men who make Mr Darcy look like an amateur. But will rubbing shoulders with men of good fortune ever actually lead her to love? In desperation she accepts a writing assignment to prove a theory that in the toughest economic times a wealthy man is the only must-have accessory. It' s a truth universally acknowledged that Jane Austen knew more about marriage than anyone else.
328 руб
The Real Jane Austen HarperCollins Publishers Byrne P.
1258 руб
Jane's Fame: How Jane Austen Conquered the World Daedalus Books Harman C.
274 руб
Jane Austen. Novel Notecards Chronicle Books
1006 руб
The Real Jane Austen. A Life in Small Things HarperCollins Publishers Byrne P.
Byrne uses a highly innovative technique whereby each chapter begins from an object that conjures up a key moment or theme in Austen' s life and work-a silhouette, a vellum notebook, a topaz cross, a laptop writing box, a royalty cheque, a bathing machine, and many more. The woman who emerges is far tougher, more socially and politically aware, and altogether more modern than the conventional picture of ' dear Aunt Jane' would allow. Published to coincide with the bicentenary of Pride and Prejudice, this lively and scholarly biography brings Austen dazzlingly into the twenty-first century. Who was the real Jane Austen? In this new biography, best-selling author Paula Byrne (Perdita, Mad World) explores the forces that shaped the interior life of Britain' s most beloved novelist: her father' s religious faith, her mother' s aristocratic pedigree, her eldest brother' s adoption, her other brothers' naval and military experiences, her relatives in the East and West Indies, her cousin who lived through the trauma of the French Revolution, the family' s amateur theatricals, the female novelists she admired, her residence in Bath, her love of the seaside, her travels around England and her long struggle to become a published author. A spinster who sat in a vicarage confining her novels to the small canvas of village life? Or a woman who knew the turbulent world around her and who took the bold decision to remain unmarried and fashion herself as a professional writer?
800 руб
Sense and Sensibility? , ? Pride and Prejudice? und ? Persuasion? Die Konstruktion von Weiblichkeit in der Anstandsliteratur und in Jane Austens ? Jane Austens Romane und das Frauenbild der zeitgenoessischen Anstandsliteratur. Книга по Требованию
Dabei werden neben den der Frau zugeschriebenen Rollen vor allem die Faehigkeiten und Fertigkeiten als Inhalte der Erziehung sowie die geistig-moralischen Eigenschaften des weiblichen Charakters beleuchtet.
2008 руб
Memories of Jane Cunningham Croly, "Jenny June" Книга по Требованию Croly J.C.
955 руб
Aunt Jane's verses for children Книга по Требованию Crewdson J.F.
500 руб
Buddha: A Graphic Guide Introducing Icon books ltd Hope J.
Superbly illustrated by Borin Van Loon, the book illuminates this process through a rich legacy of stories and explains the practices of meditation, Taoism and Zen.
625 руб
Good Reading Guide A&C Black Rennison N.
316 руб
Food and flavor, a gastronomic guide to health and good living Книга по Требованию Finck H.T.
955 руб
The Damn Good Resume Guide Random House, Inc. Parker
Advice for formatting, polishing, and proofing your resume so that it stands out in the right way.
743 руб

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