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Young Sherlock Holmes: Death Cloud

Формат:      Страниц 320
     мягкая обложка
Andrew L.    
Macmillan Publishers    
853 руб
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The year is 1868, and Sherlock Holmes is fourteen. His life is that of a perfectly ordinary army officer's son: boarding school, good manners, a classical education - the backbone of the British Empire. But all that is about to change. With his father suddenly posted to India, and his mother mysteriously 'unwell', Sherlock is sent to stay with his eccentric uncle and aunt in their vast house in Hampshire. So begins a summer that leads Sherlock to uncover his first murder, a kidnap, corruption and a brilliantly sinister villain of exquisitely malign intent ..."The Death Cloud" is the first in a series of novels in which the iconic detective is reimagined as a brilliant, troubled and engaging teenager - creating unputdownable detective adventures that remain true to the spirit of the original books.
Кружка "Лучшая Бабушка в мире", с рисунком.
Качественные керамические кружки с оригинальным рисунком, выполненным в процессе производства (подглазурное нанесение). Упаковка: белый
372 руб
Раздел: Кружки
Настенно-потолочный светильник "VESA" FBR12 010, E27, 60W, 220V (диаметр 320 мм).
Светильник серии VESA оформлен в стиле Модерн. Светильник состоит из матового белого плафона с декором из прозрачного хрусталя и основания
2461 руб
Раздел: Светильники потолочные
Шкатулка РТО, 33.5x18x14 см (арт. 3649-RT-59).
Шкатулки РТО — стильный аксессуар и для рукодельницы, и для филателиста, и для всех, кому приходится на время прятать, используемые в
1093 руб
Раздел: Шкатулки для рукоделия

Конан Дойл - краткий очерк жизни и творчества
Артур Конан Дойл 1859 – 1930 © Алиса Кулакова, 2002 7"г" Английский писатель Артур Конан Дойл (Co a Doyle) родился в столице Шотландии Эдинбурге 22 мая 1859 года. Отец его был художником. Заметим, что Дойл – это фамилия, поэтому в энциклопедиях Конан Дойла следует искать на "Д", а не на "К". В 1881 году Конан Дойл окончил медицинский факультет Эдинбургского университета и в качестве корабельного медика совершил путешествие в Африку. Вернувшись на родину он занялся медицинской практикой в одном из районов Лондона. Защитил диссертацию, стал доктором медицины. Но постепенно начал писать рассказы и очерки в местные журналы. Как-то раз он вспомнил одного чудака, некого Джозефа Белла, который был преподавателем в Эдинбургского университете и периодически поражал своих учеников своей чрезмерной наблюдательностью и умением при помощи “дедуктивного метода” разобраться в самых сложных и запутанных проблемах. Так Джозеф Белл под вымышленным именем сыщика-любителя Шерлока Холмса (Sherlock Holmes) появился в одной из повестей автора. Правда, эта повесть осталась незамеченной, зато следующая – “Знак Четырех” (1890) – принесла ему популярность.

Young Sherlock Holmes 2: Red Leech Macmillan Publishers Andrew L.
And so begins an adventure that will take Sherlock across the ocean to America, to the centre of a deadly web - where life and death are cheap, and truth has a price no sane person would pay. . . Sherlock knows that Amyus Crow, his mysterious American tutor, has some dark secrets. But he didn' t expect to find a notorious killer, hanged by the US government, apparently alive and well in Surrey - and Crow somehow mixed up in it. When no one will tell you the truth, sometimes you have to risk all to discover it for yourself.
410 руб
Young Sherlock Holmes 3. Black Ice Macmillan Children's Books Lane A.
Young Sherlock Holmes is a series of novels in which the iconic detective is reimagined as a brilliant, troubled and engaging teenager - creating unputdownable detective adventures that remain true to the spirit of the original books.
655 руб
The Lost World; The Stories adout Sherlock Holmes (Затерянный мир; Рассказы о Шерлоке Холмсе) (сост., адапт.текста, комм., упр., словарь Вороновой Е.Г.) - 130 с. {Английский клуб: Домашнее чтение} ISBN 5-8112-0807-3 ~54.00.00 29554 М:Айрис-Пресс Doyle A.C. (Дойл А.К.)
Тексты его произведений - Затерянный мир и рассказы о Шерлоке Холмсе - адаптированы с учетом уровня владения языком учащихся 5-6 классов.
84 руб
The Complete Sherlock Holmes: V. 2 (на англ.яз.) ISBN 978-1-59308-040-2 1-59308-040-9 Barnes & Noble Classics Doyle A.C. (Дойл А.К.)
289 руб
The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes Classics Wordsworth Sir A.C.D.
It contains the short story series “Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes, The Valley of Fear” - a sinister novella which appeared in 1914-15 – “His Last Bow:
193 руб
The Case-book Of Sherlock Holmes CollLibra CRW Publishing Doyle A.C.
939 руб
Sherlock Holmes & the Mystery of Boscombe Pool Pearson Arthur C.D.
Penguin Readers are simplified texts designed in association with Longman, the world famous educational publisher, to provide a step-by-step approach to the joys of reading for pleasure.
193 руб
Three Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Pearson Arthur C.D.
5 руб
Adventure of the Dancing Men and other Sherlock Holmes Stories Dover thrift editions Dover Publications Doyle A.C.
231 руб
Oxford Bookworms Library 1: Sherlock Holmes and the Duke's Son Oxford University Press Sir A.C.D.
The Duke is a very importa\ nt perso\ n, a\ nd Dr Huxtable is happy to have his so\ n i\ n the school. But two weeks later Dr Huxtable is the u\ nhappiest ma\ n i\ n E\ ngla\ nd. Why? A\ nd why does he take the trai\ n dow\ n to Lo\ ndo\ n a\ nd go to Baker Street? Why does he \ need the help of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes? Because someo\ ne has kid\ napped the Duke' s so\ n. . . The highly acclaimed seve\ n-stage system of gradi\ ng, from Starter to Stage 6, remai\ ns the same, helpi\ ng you to fi\ nd the right level for all your stude\ nts. Dr Huxtable has a school for boys i\ n the \ north of E\ ngla\ nd. Whe\ n the Duke of Holder\ nesse decides to se\ nd his you\ ng so\ n there, that is good \ news for the school. Help your stude\ nts read their way to better E\ nglish with this \ new editio\ n of the world' s best graded readers - \ now with a \ new ra\ nge of World Stories, fully revised Factfiles, more audio, a\ nd \ new tests. The \ new editio\ n i\ ncludes the origi\ nal Bookworms stories, plus the Starters, Playscripts a\ nd Factfiles, maki\ ng it easy for you to see the full choice of books at each Stage.
398 руб
Penguin Readers 3: The Return of Sherlock Holmes (+ Audio CD) Pearson Sir A.C.D.
Three of his most interesting cases are in this book.
658 руб
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Tor Classics Macmillan Publishers Arthur C.D.
175 руб
Sherlock Holmes and the Hentzau Affair Tales of Mystery & the Supernatural Wordsworth David S.D.
His mission is to engage the services of Rudolf Rassendyll once more to impersonate the King while the monarch recovers from a serious illness.
423 руб
Man Who Created Sherlock Holmes: The Life and Times of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Simon & Schuster Andrew L.
Based on thousands of previously unavailable documents, Andrew Lycett, author of the critically acclaimed biography Dylan Thomas, offers the first definitive biography of the baffling Conan Doyle, finally making sense of a long-standing mystery: how the scientifically minded creator of the world' s most rational detective himself succumbed to an avid belief in spiritualism, including communication with the dead. Conan Doyle was a man of many contradictions. Always romantic, energetic, idealistic and upstanding, he could also be selfish and fool-hardy. Lycett assembles the many threads of Conan Doyle' s life, including the lasting impact of his domineering mother and his wayward, alcoholic father; his affair with a younger woman while his wife lay dying; and his nearly fanatical pursuit of scientific data to prove and explain various supernatural phenomena.
492 руб
The Return of Sherlock Holmes (+ Audio CD) Reading & Training 3 CIDEB Sir A.C.D.
850 руб
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Oxford University Press Sir A.C.D.
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is the series of short stories that made the fortunes of the Strand magazine, in which they were first published, and won immense popularity for Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson.
448 руб
Sherlock Holmes Short Stories. Stage 2 (700 headwords) (+ CD-ROM) Oxford Bookworms Library Oxford University Press Conan D.A.
Sherlock Holmes is the greatest detective of them all.
336 руб
Sherlock Holmes contre Jack l'Eventreur (Jeu Video) Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Etant le cinquieme volet de la serie des jeux video ayant pour personnage principal Sherlock Holmes developpee par Frogwares, le jeu est parfois designe par les joueurs sous l' abreviation Sherlock Holmes 5 ou SH5. Le jeu a ensuite ete porte sur Xbox 360 par le studio francais Spiders le 19 novembre 2009. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Sherlock Holmes contre Jack l'
1599 руб
The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes Murder Rooms: Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
1522 руб
Sherlock Holmes Investigates+cd (+ Audio CD) CIDEB Sir A.C.D.
958 руб

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