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In Her Shoes

Формат:      Страниц 432
     мягкая обложка
Jennifer W.    
Simon & Schuster    
375 руб
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These two women with nothing in common but a childhood tragedy, shared DNA, and the same size feet, are about to learn that their family is different than they ever imagined, and that they' re more alike than they' d ever believe. Funny and poignant, richly detailed and wrenchingly real, In Her Shoes will speak to anyone who' s endured the bonds of sisterhood, and to everyone who' s dreamed of trying something else on for size. She dreams of fame and fortune - and of getting her dowdy big sister to stick to a skin-care regime. You fell in love with Cannie Shapiro, now meet Rose Feller in Jennifer Weiner' s follow-up to the greatly loved Good In Bed! Rose Feller is thirty years old, a high-powered attorney, with a secret passion for romance novels, an exercise regime she' s going to start next week, and dreams of a man who will slide off her glasses, gaze into her eyes, and tell her that she' s beautiful. Meet Rose' s sister Maggie. Twenty-eight years old, drop-dead gorgeous and only occasionally employed, Maggie is a backing singer in a band called Whiskered Biscuit.
Кукла "Принцесса Золушка" с развевающейся юбкой.
Кукла-принцесса Золушка с развевающейся юбкой - невероятно интересная и эффектная игрушка для всех поклонниц знаменитых Disney Princess!
1148 руб
Раздел: Золушка
Ручка капиллярная "Triplus" (10+3 цвета).
Эргономичный корпус, обеспечивающий комфортное письмо без усилий и усталости. Тонкий и особо прочный металлический наконечник, идеально
866 руб
Раздел: Капиллярные
Головоломка Кубик Рубика "3х3".
Головоломка Кубик Рубика "3х3" - это: - Улучшенный механизм на базе шара, кубик крутится плавнее, мягче и при этом точнее.
1100 руб
Раздел: Головоломки

Английский, практическая фонетика, билеты и...
We’ve go a lo of shoes. 7) Выберите слова, где звук не произносится: shor , rai , clever, shir , hair. 8) Напишите транскрипцию слова: labour 9) Сделайте интонационную разметку предложения: he ma y grace o es were “u able o ge era e a y arra ive mome um”. 10) Напишите слово, соответствующее транскрипции: Зав. кафедрой Экзаменационный билет по предмету ПКОЯз. АНГЛ. ПРАКТИЧЕСКАЯ ФОНЕТИКА Билет № 11 1) Выберите слова, где звук не произносится: lear , carpe , Mary, carry, drive. 2) Укажите разницу в артикуляции звуков русского (п( и английского (p(. 3) Выберите слово с тем же гласным звуком, что и в слове «warm»: card, church, shor , worm, rose. 4) Напишите слово, соответствующее транскрипции: . 5) Напишите транскрипцию слова: „usually“. 6) Сделайте интонационную разметку предложения: Is Fred be er ha Be y? 7) Выберите слова, где “ h” читается как : sou h, here, bro her, bo h. 8) Напишите транскрипцию слова: cruise 9)

CD-ROM. In Her Shoes Movie Tie-In (количество CD дисков: 5)
527 руб
Melanie Thornton 'Memories-Her Most Beaut' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 50763 Sony
229 руб
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411 руб
The Other Woman's Shoes Penguin Group Parks A.
When Eliza ditches Greg and turns up on her sister’s doorstep, she expects to be swallowed into the sanctuary of Martha’s warm loving home.
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Mary Queen of Scots and Her Hopeless Husbands Dead Famous Scholastic Margaret S.
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There are her nieces (sexy Nike and shy Masha), her nephew Georgii (who shares Medea’s devotion to the Crimea), and their friends.
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Her designs are still setting trends today and in photographs look as fresh now as when they were first produced.
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Why Men Don't Have a Clue and Women Always Need More Shoes Orion Books Allan P.
Do you know the top seven things that drive women mad?
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1 уровень. Гусеница Алина и ее друзья. Aline-Caterpillar and Her Friends (на английском языке) Читаем вместе Айрис-Пресс Благовещенская Т.А.
В конце книги даны занимательные упражнения и словарь, в котором собраны все новые слова с транскрипцией.
54 руб
"My Mom Said She Wanted Me to Grow up Better than Her". A Multi-Sited Exploration of the Social Capital and Support of Three Pre-Adolescent, African American Girls Striving for Success Книга по Требованию Natalie N.
This study is broadly situated in social reproduction theory, but rather than studying the generational reproduction of low socio-economic standing, Dr. Nielsen concentrated on mechanisms that might aid urban youth of color in improving their standing in life--a process she calls social (non)reproduction.
3234 руб
The Prostitute and Her Headdress. Mitra, Sakkos and Kekryphalos in Attic Red-figure Vase-painting ca. 550-450 BCE Книга по Требованию Marina F.
The book provides much-needed data for identifying prostitutes, as their personal histories were not clearly documented; still today, not much is known about these women.
3234 руб
The ghosts in the nursery. The maternal representations of a woman who killed her baby Книга по Требованию Ansie G.
The work of Winnicott (1965a) and Bion (1988) put the mother’s fantasy life about her infant as one of the major building blocks of the infant’s construction of a sense of identity (Stern, 1995).
3234 руб
Hannah and Her Sisters Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Sullivan, Lloyd Nolan, Max von Sydow, and Julie Kavner.
1843 руб
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Carl replied, "I don' t know anything about shoes.
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They Call Her Cleopatra Wong Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
1599 руб
To Save Her Soul Книга по Требованию Lambert M. S.
A drama film is a film genre that depends mostly on in-depth development of realistic characters dealing with emotional themes.
1387 руб

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