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Jane Eyre

Формат:      Страниц 48
     мягкая обложка
Charlotte B.    
Barron's Ed    
333 руб
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Set in nineteenth-century England is this story of Jane Eyre, the governess at Thornfield Manor, and Rochester, lord of the manor. Presented in graphic novel format, each title tells an absorbing, fast-paced story dramatized with high-quality color illustrations. Graphic Classics titles are available in both paperback and hardcover editions. After delving into any of these stimulating titles, many boys and girls will feel encouraged to discover the joy of reading the masterworks in their original form. Elementary and secondary school teachers will value these books as a way to make great novels and plays accessible to their students especially to those students who resist reading. A classic English novel is retold here in graphic novel format. Barrons popular and growing series of Graphic Classics titles introduce many of the worlds literary masterpieces to young readers. Each Graphic Classics title includes a thumbnail biography of the author, a list of his or her important works, a timeline of historic events that helped inspire the story, general notes, and an index. They haven fallen in love, but Rochester harbors a tragic secret that threatens to keep them apart.
Глобус Земли физический, рельефный, 300 мм.
Глобус Земли физический, рельефный. Диаметр: 300 мм. Масштаб: 1:40000000. Материал подставки: пластик.
1223 руб
Раздел: Глобусы
Калькулятор настольный "STF-8318", 8 разрядов, зеленый.
8 разрядов. Прочные кнопки. Яркий дизайн. Питание - гальваническая батарея + светочувствительный элемент. Размер - 145х103 мм.
382 руб
Раздел: Калькуляторы
Ванна детская Tega "Кролики", со сливом (белая).
Ванночка для купания понравится вам с первого взгляда и сделает купание малыша приятной и легкой процедурой! Сделана из прочного и
685 руб
Раздел: Ванночки

Артериальная гипертензия: этиология и патогенез, клиника, диагностика и дифференциальная...
Значительное снижение АД при наличии ИБС может вызвать ухудшение коронарного кровообращения. Риск ИМ ниже при ДАД в пределах 90 мм. рт. ст. 2) Каков должен быть темп снижения АД у пожилых с ИСГ? . При неотложных состояниях следует снижать АД в течение 24 часов; . В остальных случаях нет оснований принимать экстренные меры – в течение нескольких недель – месяцев (быстрое снижение АД – ОНМК).Особенности медикаментозной терапии ИСГ Диуретики V В низких дозах (12,5-25 мг гидрохлортиазида однократно утром ежедневно или через день); V Индапамид 2,5 мг/сутки. Уступает ИАПФ и БКК по способности вызывать регресс гипертрофии левого желудочка. В терапевтической дозе диуретические эффекты субклинические. Усиливает защитную функцию эндотелия, предупреждает агрегацию тромбоцитов, снижает чувствительность сосудистой стенки к прессорным агентам. Не снижает толерантности к глюкозе, в том числе у больных СД.БКК Исследование Sys Eyr продемонстрировало способность дигидропиридиновых антагонистов кальция длительного действия предупреждать развитие инсультов в группе пожилых пациентов с изолированной систолической гипертензией.

Jane Eyre Неадаптированные издания на языке оригинала АСТ Bronte Ch.
449 руб
Jane Eyre CollLibra CRW Publishing Bronte C.
But her plain appearance belies her indomitable spirit, sharp wit and great courage.
939 руб
Jane Eyre Pearson Charlotte B.
5 руб
Jane Eyre. Teacher's Book. Книга для учителя Classic Readers Express Publishing Charlotte B.
201 руб
Jane Eyre Wordsworth Classics Wordsworth Charlotte B.
She is forced to battle against the exigencies of a cruel guardian, a harsh employer and a rigid social order.
185 руб
Jane Eyre (+ Audio CD) Reading & Training 3 CIDEB Charlotte B.
But she soon discovers that he is hiding a terrible secret… Jane Eyre, a penniless and unattractive orphan, becomes a governess at Thornfield Hall and falls in love with Edward Rochester, the guardian of her ward.
843 руб
The struggle of passion and mind FIRE AND WATER AS SYMBOLICAL ELEMENTS IN JANE EYRE. Книга по Требованию Timea F.
This summery depicts a psychological insight of her individuals indicating the characters’ spiritual and emotional development with fire and water elements.
1997 руб
Audio CD. Jane Eyre
188 руб
Jane Eyre Penguin Group Bronte C.
It remains a novel of unparalleled narrative grip, vivid imagery and naked emotional power.
478 руб
Jane Eyre Laid Bare Macmillan Publishers Sinclair E.
Jane Eyre may have arrived at Thornfield an unfulfilled and tentative woman, but she will leave a very different person. . . Who is the enigmatic Rochester whom she instantly feels attracted to, what are the strange and yet captivating noises coming from the attic, and why does the very air she breathes feel heavy with passion?
921 руб
Jane Eyre Daedalus Books Bronte C.
364 руб
Jane Eyre Vintage Bronte C.
231 руб
Oxford Bookworms Library. Level 6. Jane Eyre Oxford Bookworms Library Oxford University Press
Classics, modern fiction, non-fiction and more.
598 руб
Jane Austen (box) (количество томов: 6) CollLibra CRW Publishing Austen J.
4499 руб
Complete Novels of Jane Austen CRW Publishing Jane A.
Her teasing novels of gentle worldliness have been brought to new audiences by modern film and television productions, and this complete edition of her novels with its charmingly evocative illustrations by Hugh Thomson will be a welcome addition to any library or collection of books.
1112 руб
Letters and memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle Книга по Требованию Carlyle J.W.
955 руб
Favorite Jane Austen Novels Dover Publications Austen J.
805 руб
Jane Austen. Sense and Sensibility, Emma and Northanger Abbey. Volume 2 Conran Octopus Austen J.
Her novels sparkle with wit and humour; she lightly but tellingly satirizes the vanity, selfishness and pretension of mankind while creating a splendid gallery of living characters. Jane Austen' s novels are all set in the narrow world of eighteenth-century society, but her deep understanding of human nature and her penetrating observation of its follies and absurdities are timeless. Her work is as funny and fascinating as when it first appeared, and she is deservedly ranked among the classic authors. This volume, delightfully illustrated with Hugh Thompson' s delicate drawings, contains three of Jane Austen' s classic novels: Sense and Sensibility, Emma and Northanger Abbey. Jane Austen is undoubtedly one of the finest English novelists: she paints on a small canvas, but with the most exquisitely detailed touch.
1518 руб
Naughty Amelia Jane! Эгмонт Россия Blyton E.
The other toys try to teach her to be good. Ages 5+. In this book, she snips the tail off the pink rabbit, squirts Tom the soldier with water and gets up to mischief at the beach.
354 руб
Jane Austen Orion Books Carol S.
Jane Austen spent the first 25 years of her life in Steventon and the last eight in nearby Chawton, and did most of her writing in these two places.
457 руб

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