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Lex Trent Versus the Gods

Формат:      Страниц 352
     мягкая обложка
Alex B.    
Headline Publishing    
568 руб
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A quirky and original comic fantasy from talented Gollancz author Alex Bell Law student Lex Trent's world is inhabited by fearsome magicians, ageing crones and a menagerie of Gods and Goddesses. And while Lex is seemingly dedicated to his legal studies he's always enjoyed a challenge - which is why he leads a double life as the notorious cat burglar 'The Shadowman' who has been (luckily) evading capture for years. But Lex's luck is about to run out because the Goddess of Fortune has selected him to be her player in the highly dangerous Games. Losing is not an option for Lex (particularly as it so often involves dying) but can he really win each of the perilous rounds? Given that the reward for doing so is money, fame and glory - all things that Lex is quite keen on - he's going to do whatever it takes to make sure he will... and he's certainly got good experience of cheating.
Электрический подогреватель бутылочек и детского питания Philips "Avent SCF255/57".
Электрический подогреватель для бутылочек и детского питания упрощает подготовку к кормлению. Просто налейте воду и установите режим.
1581 руб
Раздел: Подогреватели, термоконтейнеры
Тетрадь на резинке "Elements", А5, 120 листов, клетка, черная.
Тетрадь общая на резинке. Формат: А5. Количество листов: 120, в клетку. Бумага: офсет. Цвет обложки: черный.
328 руб
Раздел: Прочие
Зажигалка с пьезоэлементом, арт. 40557.
Очень оригинальный, необычный и солидный подарок для любого охотника, рыболова и просто жителя современного мегаполиса! Избегать попадания
575 руб
Раздел: Зажигалки

И буддизм, и даосизм имели много поклонников и в верхах общества, и особенно в народной среде, однако никогда не вытесняли конфуцианства полностью. Скорее, они дополняли это рационалистическое, исполненное практицизма учение мистическим осмыслением мира и человека. Конфуцианство выдержало и борьбу с политической школой легистов (от слова lex — закон), которые претендовали на ведущую роль в управлении страной. Легисты видели основу благополучия государства в строгом, суровом культе закона. Выполнение законов поощрялось, малейшее отступление от них преследовалось. Во времена Конфуция политика китайских правителей почти целиком находилась под влиянием легистов. Но в конце концов (и это очень примечательный факт) власть сделала ставку на конфуцианство, пророчески оценив это гуманное учение как цементирующую цивилизацию силу. Циклы китайской истории Государственность конфуцианского Китая является своего рода образцом долголетия и устойчивости: ведь на протяжении почти двух тысячелетий она сохранялась практически в неизменном виде.

Семейное право: Учебник для вузов (под ред. Бондова С.Н.) - 319 с. {Dura lex, sed lex} ISBN 5-238-00356-0 ~92.03.29 716 М: ЮНИТИ-ДАНА /Закон и право
96 руб
Текилладжаз 'Virus, Versus,Virus' [CD] { } ~54.00.00 66316 X
119 руб
Омар Хайям versus Эдуард Фитцджеральд и Томас Стернз Элиот: Диссонанс культуры и его гримаса Олма медиа групп Арабаджян А.З.
Если созданный Фитцджеральдом Робаят породил своеобразный диссонанс культуры, то мятущееся воображение Элиота превратило упомянутый диссонанс в гримасу.
229 руб
Egypt. People. Gods. Pharaons Taschen Hagen R.,Hagen R.
Who would have guessed for example that the first strike i\ n recorded history took place i\ n 1152 BC duri\ ng work o\ n the \ necropolis i\ n the Valley of the Ki\ ngs, a protest by co\ nstructio\ n workers agai\ nst delayed deliveries of oil a\ nd flour. Two fairly ba\ nal commodities maybe, but esse\ ntial: Oil protected the ski\ n agai\ nst the savage desert climate, whilst flour was the base i\ ngredie\ nt for thirty differe\ nt ki\ nds of \ nutritio\ nal cake. It is this detailed exami\ natio\ n of the evide\ nce that disti\ nguishes this volume, with chapters (all u\ niquely headed i\ n the correspo\ ndi\ ng hieroglyphs) o\ n everythi\ ng from relatio\ nships to leisure activities, the role of wome\ n to the ma\ nufacture of mummies. A\ nd just like the mummies, fragile as eggshell but solid as a statue, magically able to tra\ nsce\ nd death, so both people a\ nd cou\ ntry are brought alive for us agai\ n. Everyday life i\ n the Egypt of the Pharaohs.
840 руб
Императорская конституция в системе источников греко-римского права V-X вв. н. э. Lex generalis. Индрик Сильвестрова Е.В.
5 руб
Small Gods Transworld Publishers Terry P.
481 руб
Egypt. People - Gods - Pharaohs Taschen Rose-Marie H.
And just like the mummies, "fragile as eggshell but solid as a statue" and magically able to transcend death, both people and country are brought alive for us again.
5 руб
Bird Gods Книга по Требованию Charles d.K.
Douve with her Eyen Meeke; Picus the Woodpecker; Cuckoo Gods; Couvade in Ireland and Persia; Paan the Peacock; ' Tis nothing but a little Downy Owl; I swear by the Swan; Bird of Fire and Lightning. Illustrated. Found in this book are essays on birds entitled: 1898. Birds have been idolized, worshipped, hunted, and protected throughout time. They fascinate us. We want for their feathers, wish we could fly and joy fills our hearts with their song.
5 руб
When Gods Die Penguin Group C. S. H.
558 руб
A discursive analysis of a struggle for hegemony in Mexico. The Zapatista movement versus President Salinas de Gortari Книга по Требованию Nicolina M.M.
This study assumed that these political narratives played a strategic role in a struggle to gain hegemonic acceptance in Mexico for the respective national projects which each side envisioned.
3191 руб
Overlapping Confidence Intervals Versus One Confidence Interval. Comparing the Overlapping of Two Independent Confidence Intervals with a Single Confidence Interval for Two Normal Population Parameters Книга по Требованию Saeed M.
Two overlapping confidence intervals have been used in the past to conduct statistical inferences about two normal population means.
2403 руб
Traditional versus Reform. Measuring Student Performance in Mathematics Книга по Требованию Kyndall B.
An analysis of test scores found no significant difference between students who were taught using a traditional mathematics curriculum and students who were taught using a reform curriculum.
1997 руб
Pioneering versus Following in Emerging Markets. The Case of the Automotive Industry in China and Brazil Книга по Требованию Oliver K.
Conventional literature on management claims that it pays to be first in a new market.
5206 руб
Der angestrebte chinesische Volkswohlstand - versus Okologie! ? Umweltschutz in China. Книга по Требованию Cyril P.
Im Zeitalter des Klimawandels ist es von grossem Interesse, wie China sich gegenwaertig und zukuenftig in dem Umweltschutz angagieren wird.
1997 руб
Interacting with Decision Support Systems. Empirical Studies of User Trust in Technology versus Trust in Human Teammates Книга по Требованию
This topic is relevant to professionals in the fields of Human Factors, Human-Computer Interaction, Applied Psychology, Cognitive Science, Industrial and Systems Engineering, and Ergonomics.
1997 руб
Direkte versus indirekte Praeferenzmessung. Ein Vergleich des Analytic Hierarchy Process mit der Conjoint Analyse Книга по Требованию
Als Meilenstein im Bereich der Messung von Konsumentenpraeferenzen gilt die Conjoint-Messung und deren Ubertragung auf die Praeferenzmessung im Jahre 1971.
2008 руб
Consumer Perception of eCommerce Risks, U.S.A. versus Nigeria. Perceptual Organization Using the Psychometric Paradigm Approach Книга по Требованию Monica U.
Electronic Commerce (eCommerce) related risks are new to the typical consumer, so, it was not yet known how consumers judged the risks.
2784 руб
Readers' Responses versus Reader-response Theories. An Empirical Study Книга по Требованию Cecilia T.
The empirical analysis gives rise to three main conclusions. 1) Readers tend to agree in their interpretations much more than the conventional idiosyncrasy thesis suggests. 2) Parties with opposing interpretations often pay attention to the same passages and acknowledge the possibility of an alternative interpretation. 3) Situations where memories of personal experiences seem to influence an interpretation are rare, and in such cases the memory has a strong emotional charge. This book offers teachers, students, researchers and literary enthusiasts reasons to re-examine common assumptions related to literary interpretation and to broaden their understanding of how readers make sense of texts. This book examines how well their theories explain tendencies found in readers’ responses to short fiction. How do people interpret literary texts? A critical analysis of the theories reveals that they rely on problematic assumptions about language – assumptions that Ludwig Wittgenstein questioned in his late works. Reader- response theorists David Bleich, Norman Holland, Stanley Fish and Wolfgang Iser have suggested different ways of conceptualising literary reading.
2416 руб
The Role of PYY in Regulating Appetite. PYY 1-36 versus PYY 3-36 Книга по Требованию Isabella K.
PYY3-36 inhibits feeding in rodents, non-human primates and humans.
2008 руб
Gender and the Written Word in Recent Art. Language versus Politics Книга по Требованию Melanie V.
Words began to be used extensively by artists in the 1960s.
2008 руб

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