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Kaplan GMAT Math Foundations

Формат:      Страниц 408
     мягкая обложка
Kaplan R.M.    
Kaplan Publishing    
820 руб
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This valuable guide includes: Comprehensive coverage of the arithmetic, algebra, and geometry concepts tested by the GMAT An intensive, back-to-basics, tutor-led approach to math review Hundreds of practice exercises to increase speed and accuracy ABOUT THE GMAT * Approximately 37% of test takers are from outside the U.S. * The number of tests taken increased by 7% from 2006 (204,509) to 2007 (219,077). * Of the test-takers in 2007, 60% were men, 40% were women. * Thousands of graduate management programs around the world use the GMAT in their admissions process. * The GMAT is a computerized test offered year-round by appointment.
Рюкзак подростковый MadCat "Акула".
Стильный подростковый рюкзак из искусственной кожи подойдет для настоящих пиратов, которые не боятся носить на спине трофей. Рюкзак
1004 руб
Раздел: Без наполнения
Очки-массажёр для глаз "Взор".
Очки-массажёр для глаз «Взор» восстанавливает эластичность кожи в области глазниц в результате давления на биологически активные точки.
434 руб
Раздел: Массажеры
Стержень шариковый Parker. Арт. 170078.
Цвет чернил - синий. Ширина линии письма - 0,8 мм. Длина стержня - 98 мм.
381 руб
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Kaplan GMAT. Math Foundations Kaplan Publishing
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Strategies, Practice, and Review Kaplan GMAT 2012: Kaplan Publishing Kaplan
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Academic support from Kaplan faculty via our Facebook® page: facebook. com/KaplanGMAT -Strategies and practice sets for all GMAT question types -Integrated Reasoning strategies and practice questions. Kaplan guarantees that if you study with our book and online resources, you will score higher on the GMAT—or you' ll receive a full refund.
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This complete SAT guide offers features that no other guide on the market can match including: Live Online: A state-of-the-art online event in real time that lets students interact with and have their test questions answered by a Kaplan SAT expert, complete with audio, video, instant chat, whiteboards and screen sharing Fast Fact Videos: Kaplan' s best tutors review the most important concepts from each chapter in 4-minute video presentations SmartPoints: A Kaplan exclusive strategy based on years of analyzing actual SAT exams, Smart Points identify the topics and question types that are tested most often, allowing students to focus their test prep time appropriately to yield the best possible score Premier Tutor test tips lets self-study students benefit from the Kaplan classroom advantage Perfect score tips: Test advice and strategies from an actual Kaplan student who earned a perfect score on the SAT A parent guide An SAT study-group guide helps students prepare with their peers 10 full-length practice tests Diagnostic test with targeted feedback A personalized online study plan with syllabus and progress report Six months of new quizzes delivered monthly via email for extra practice A progress report so students can track their performance as they utilize the program. Kaplan SAT 2011 Premier with CD-ROM is a complete test preparation program that provides students with all the expert strategies, practice, and review needed to insure a high score.
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Kaplan New GRE 2011-2012 Kaplan Publishing Kaplan
The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is taken by college graduates looking to gain entrance to graduate school in business, the arts, sciences, and humanities.
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Kaplan SAT Score-raising Math Dictionary Kaplan Publishing Jeanine L.N.
333 руб
Компьютерные технологии в науке. Учебное пособие Практика применения систем Math CAD Pro. Высшая школа Ивановский
Основное внимание уделено изложению. . . Учебное пособие посвящено описанию программных систем компьютерной математики MathCAD 7. 0 Pro, MathCAD 2000 Pro и MathCAD 2001 Pro, практике их использования при решении учебных, научных и прикладных задач.
498 руб
How to Prepare for the GMAT test 13th ed. (+ CD-ROM) Barron's Educational Series Hilbert
Subject review sections concentrate on essay writing, reading comprehension, sentence correction, and critical reasoning in math.
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The 2006-2007 edition features additional diagrams and flowcharts on EC law.
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