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Ready to Write 3: From Paragraph to Essay

Формат:      Страниц 200
     мягкая обложка
Karen L.    
Pearson UK    
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Ready to Write 1 Ready to Write 2 Click on the links for the Answer Keys (PDF format): *Ready to Write 1 Answer Key*Ready to Write 2 Answer Key*Ready to Write 3 Answer Key. A fresh new design, updated content throughout, and a host of new activities reinforce the approach that has made the Ready to Write series a classroom favorite for more than two decades. Features: *Updated examples and model paragraphs illustrate organizing elements such as topic sentences, supporting details, and signal words. *Step-by-step activities guide students in comparing and contrasting, describing, analyzing data, writing test answers, and summarizing. *Varied, contextualized writing tasks help students with real-life tasks. *Editing and proofreading exercises encourage students to refine their writing skills. *New Grammar Guide section presents important grammar points and practice items to boost accuracy. Ready to Write also includes:
Звуковой плакат "Учимся читать - читаем по слогам".
Размер плаката: 50х76 см. Плакат работает от 3 батареек типа "ААА".
819 руб
Раздел: Электронные и звуковые плакаты
Этот деревянный "калькулятор" помогает развивать математические навыки, навыки моделирования и распознавания цветов. Сдвигайте и
1170 руб
Раздел: Счетные наборы, веера
Корзина для игрушек Bony "Клубничка".
Красочная и вместительная корзина для хранения игрушек украсит интерьер детской комнаты. Корзина прочная, легко моется. Размер: 43х60 см.
507 руб
Раздел: Корзины, контейнеры для игрушек

Обекты контроля в тестах по чтению
Навыки рационального восприятия и понимания языкового материала в пределах текста являются обязательными объектами контроля в тестах по чтению научно-популярной и специальной литературы (co e readi g). Контроль направлен на восприятие и понимание тех языковых средств, которые помогают при чтении ориентироваться в структуре текста, определять взаимосвязь абзацев в тексте и их функции. С целью проверки ориентации в структуре текста и определения взаимосвязи абзацев контролю в тестах подвергаются умения: 1) находить в тексте: а) вводный абзац (i roduc ory paragraph), б) заключительный абзац (co cludi g paragraph), в) промежуточные абзацы ( ra si io al paragraphs), посредством которых осуществляется переход от изложения одной мысли к другой, г) абзацы, содержащие основную фактическую информацию текста (subs a ial paragraphs); 2) ориентироваться на слова — сигналы порядка изложения содержания текста; 3) ориентироваться на заголовки и подзаголовки; 4) различать дедуктивный и индуктивный способы изложения содержания текста.

Ready to Write More 2Ed Pearson
523 руб
Get Ready for Writing. Age 3-4 I Can Learn Egmont
Each book comes with over 100 gold stickers to reward children' s progress and effort. The 24 titles have been updated with attractive new cover designs, which will strengthen the series' track record of success.
490 руб
Let`s Read and Write in English 3: High Beginner (Сборник рассказов на английском языке: Кн. 3) - 48 с. ISBN 5-86866-194-Х ~92.11.22 667 Обнинск:Титул Methold K., Flaherty G.
Сборник рассказов на английском языке состоит из четырех книг.
71 руб
Whitesnake'Ready An` Willing' Japan [CD] { } ~54.00.00 88997 Бомба-М
939 руб
Get Ready! 1. Handwriting Book Oxford University Press Felicity H.
Finally, a full Teachers Book explains how to use each step and gives full guidance on the general course approach.
565 руб
Get Ready! 1. Activity Book Oxford University Press Felicity H.
Pupils are introduced to English through a variety of songs and activities.
634 руб
A guide to reading and essay writing for undergraduates and taught postgraduates Write Great Essays! Students-friendly guides Open University Press Levin P.
5 руб
Inspired to Write Student's Book Cambridge University Press Withrow
The readings in the Student' s Book provide students with models of good writing, stimuli for discussion, and inspiration for their own writing. This text is written by the same authors as Changes, which this volume now replaces. It includes 15 of the most popular readings from that text and maintains the same student-centered and collaborative approach. The new book has three units, divided into four thematic subsections. It features Toolboxes and Writer' s tip boxes that are woven throughout the text, each presenting essential skill strategies.
5 руб
New Ready For FCE (First Certificate in English) Student's Book Macmillan Publishers Norris R.
452 руб
New Ready for PET (Preliminary English Test) 2Ed Student's Book with key Macmillan Publishers Kenny N.
775 руб
Ready For CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) Teacher's Book Macmillan Publishers Sunderland P.
2092 руб
Get Ready to Read Answer Key Pearson
116 руб
Ready to Order. Student's Book Pearson Baude
Ready to Order presents and practises the relevant language and skills work in context by focusing on typical situations in a hotel restaurant. Features: - Simple real-life dialogues and texts present key language. - Systematic introduction, practice and recycling of core topic vocabulary. - Functional language and grammatical structures develop essential communication skills. - Comprehensive pronunciation syllabus builds confidence and professionalism. - Tip boxes give extra help with learning skills and cultural awareness. - Glossary and grammar reference section provide extra support. - Workbook includes further essential vocabulary and language work. - Teacher' s Book provides step-by-step guidance, extra activities, photocopiable resources and tips for mixed ability groups. Aimed at elementary level, Ready to Order also caters for the needs of mixed ability groups. It provides the language training they need to be operational in the fast-moving food and beverage industry. Ready to Order is for students training to become or working as chefs, bartenders or waiting staff.
1177 руб
Ready to Read More Test Booklet Pearson
300 руб
Talk Your Head Off ...& Write, Too Teacher’s Manual Pearson
269 руб
How to Write Effective Emails Penguin Group Trask R.L.
755 руб
Ready for PET. Student's Book without Key (+ CD-ROM) Macmillan Publishers Kenny N.
Ideal for use in class and at home.
2262 руб
Ready for FCE. Workbook With Key (updated for the revised FCE exam) Macmillan Publishers Roy N.
1067 руб
Get Ready! 2. Numbers Book Oxford University Press Felicity H.
529 руб
Match, Trace and Write the Alphabet (mats & cards set) Scholastic Karen S.
Children match, trace and write the letters of the alphabet and some simple words that correspond to the picture card for each letter on side 1 and 2 of the wipe-off learning mats.
527 руб

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