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I am a Chechen!

Формат:      Страниц 256
     мягкая обложка
German S.    
Random House    
1331 руб
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I Am a Chechen! offers a lyrical fusion of exotic legends, stories and memories of Chechnya: a land of wondrous beauty, site of genocides past and present, and the author's ancestral home. Haunted by memories of the land he deserted, Sadulaev tells the stories of those who stayed behind. He brings to life his friends - now reduced to pieces of flesh - revisiting their first loves, their passion for rock music, their quests for martyrdom. And he immerses us in the intoxicating beauty of his homeland's mountains, blossoms and the flocks of migratory swallows that fill its skies. I Am a Chechen! is an intensely personal journey through the carnage of the war, exploring the pain, the challenge, and above all the meaning of being a Chechen.
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2176 руб
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Набор вакуумных пакетов для хранения с насосом "Спэйс Мастер".
Набор «Спэйс Мастер» предназначен для рационального и безопасного хранения текстильных вещей. За счет удаления воздуха из волокон ткани,
1120 руб
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