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The Man in the Picture: A Ghost Story

Формат:      Страниц 160
     мягкая обложка
Susan H.    
Profile Books    
1061 руб
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This book offers the chilling tale of a painting so terrifying, its secrets will haunt those who see it. It is a ghost story by the author of The Woman in Black, to be read by the fire on a cold winter's night. A mysterious depiction of masked revellers at the Venice carnival hangs in the college rooms of Oliver's old professor in Cambridge. On this cold winter's night, its eerie secret is revealed by the ageing don. The dark art of the Venetian scene, instead of imitating life, has the power to entrap it. To stare into the painting is to play dangerously with the unseen demons it hides, and become the victim of its macabre beauty...
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Таблетки для посудомоечной машины "Clean&Fresh", 5 in1 (giga).
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The Picture and the Prosperous Man, by the Author of 'the Exile of Idria'. Книга по Требованию Bourne J.G.
2040 руб
The Picture of Dorian Grey Dover thrift editions Dover Publications Wilde O.
As Dorian Gray sinks into depravity, his body retains perfect youth and vigor while his recently painted portrait reflects the ravages of crime and sensuality.
315 руб
The Picture of Dorian Gray CollLibra CRW Publishing Wilde O.
1040 руб
Addison-Wesley The Picture Dictionary Skillsbook Pearson
300 руб
The Picture of Dorian Gray Macmillan Readers Elementary Macmillan Publishers Wilde O.
Дориан страстно желает, чтобы старился не он, а его портрет.
504 руб
Contemporary Illustration The Picture Book: Thames & Hudson Angus H.
1134 руб
The third man The Fallen Idol Random House, Inc. Graham G.
344 руб
Physical Flaws — Visible Vices?. Social Inquiries into Physicality and Personality in Oscar Wilde's 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' (1891) Книга по Требованию Paul -.C.T.
It offers additional insights for scholars interested in O. Wilde’s work, the cultural landscape of the late nineteenth century and anti-discrimination or gender debates.
2008 руб
Natural history of man, the globe, and of quadrupeds, with additions from Cuvi Книга по Требованию
1147 руб
Short Stories Рассказы = The Picture of Dorian Gray. Портрет Дориана Грея. Английский клуб Айрис-Пресс Уайльд О.
Тексты произведений, вошедших в книгу, адаптированы с учетом уровня владения языком учащихся 7— 9 классов.
5 руб
The Invincible Iron Man the Rise of Iron Man Dorling Kindersley
Watch as your child discovers how a scientific genius overcame terrible injury to become the secret super-powered law enforcer he is today.
318 руб
The Amazing Spider-man: The Sandman Young Readers Novel Marvel Caramagna J.
310 руб
Audio CD. Black Sabbath - Iron Man - The Best Of
448 руб
Портрет Дориана Грея / The Picture of Dorian Gray Легко читаем по-английски АСТ Уайльд О.
Несмотря на то, что роман написан в конце 19 в. , по своей пробле­матике он остро современен, потому что его тема - Личность, мораль, ответственность, вседозволенность - вечна.
76 руб
The Picture of Dorian Gray Penguin Group Wilde O.
The novel was a success de scandale and the book was later used as evidence against Wilde at the Old Bailey in 1895.
444 руб
The Picture of Dorian Gray (+ Audio CD) Oxford Bookworms Library Oxford University Press Nevile J.
646 руб
Page Turners 6: 0 The Picture in the Attic: Cengage Learning
As the noises get worse, it becomes clear that the house is hiding a horrible secret. . . Everything seems perfect at first, until she hears strange noises coming from the attic.
566 руб
Marvel's Ant-Man: The Art of the Movie Slipcase Hachette Book Group Johnston J.
3573 руб
The Picture of Dorian Gray Macmillan Publishers Wilde O.
A perfect depiction of fin-de-siè cle decadence, Oscar Wilde' s only novel highlights the tension between the polished surface and murky depths of Victorian high society.
858 руб
Don't Eat the Pictures (Special) Книга по Требованию Frederic P. M.
Snuffy also appears, however at this point in the show' s history he is still the ' imaginary' friend of Big Bird, never seen by the other characters. The special features the regular human cast of Sesame Street along with several of the Muppet characters, including Cookie Monster, Telly, Bert and Ernie, the Count, Grover, and Oscar. The special has the regular cast of Sesame Street getting locked in the Metropolitan Museum of Art overnight as they search for Big Bird, who has gotten lost looking for Snuffy. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Don' t Eat the Pictures: Sesame Street at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a one-hour Sesame Street special that aired on PBS on November 16, 1983.
1395 руб

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